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Lincoln Town Car Audio Questions



  • I have 2000 TC with the Alpine Premium Sound. Does anyone know if a newer unit with the indash 6 CD changer can be swapped with out major modifications?
  • What is the model number of the Bazooka tube you are using? I running old school a/d/s amp 6 channel and have used and abused Bazooka tubes before and think they are awesome. I have a 99 Town car I would like to put one in to go with my 6 X 8 Boston Acoustics. Can you send me any pics of your set up?? My email adress is rchapa1992 at yahoo Thanks for any help you can give me.. My factory stuff sounds ok right now, but only up to a certain volume. Thanks again! Stonehenge2k7
  • I have the same problem with the Town Car I just inherited from my father. Have you found the solution?
  • the person next door she has a problem with here radio she put it on the other day it says bad on the display does this mean the radio is no good or is ther away to reprogram it thank you if any one can help you can contact me at
  • I have the same problem with my 93 towncar. Have you had any luck in fixing this issue?
  • lad5lad5 Posts: 1
    cd, casset, everything plays fine but the radio,nothing but static, checker antenna ok sub woffer and amp ok, what els can I do?
  • blgmferblgmfer Posts: 1
    hey, i just bought a cd player for my 89' lincoln town car. It turns on and everything but there's no sound coming form the speakers, i know they work cause i was listening to the stock radio earlier that day.
  • kingjraykingjray Posts: 3
    The car pulls hard to the right at normal speeds and slightly at highway speeds. Ive had it checked out and had an alignment done. Everything is fine. They reccomended in having the Speed Sensitive Steering checked.
  • jrwijrwi Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    AM/fm works when it wants to. Cassette player works all the time. 2003 towncar,alpine radio
  • i have a 98 TC w/ a JBL premium sound system and i'm trying to install an after-market head unit. almost all wiring kits i have tried do not fit. i am trying to find a wiring diagram for the TC. please help. thnx
  • What was the answer to you 2003 Lincoln towncar radio issue (everything worked wxcept for static on the radio?
  • adougadoug Posts: 6
    I believe on the 2002 it is located to the right of the spare tire and is in plain sight. Upon research I have discovered that possibly we have to take the car into a dealer to have it hooked up properly, is that so?
  • fltcfltc Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 town car with a cell phone in the center console (disposed of last year). I recently disconnected my battery for another problem and now the word 'phone" appears in my radio display and I can't get the am/fm to display and work. Anybody have any ideas?
  • Did you ever get a response? I want to replace my JBL TC stereo as well? Were you able to change it? If so, please post installation steps.
  • 99towncarexec99towncarexec Posts: 159
    Have a 96 town car sig w/JBL stereo.The cassette player playes on side 2,but side one get all crackly and I can't use it.2 RADIOS,,same results.Any body have any ideas.The cassette is actually the one connected to my sirius tuner on the floor.
  • 99towncarexec99towncarexec Posts: 159
    If you get static on the radio when you turn on the rear defogger,that's a Ford issue and the have a fix.I forget what it is,but I think it means replacing the rear window!
  • 99towncarexec99towncarexec Posts: 159
    edited May 2011
    My auto function on the heater/ac works in auto function on the A/C,but not the heater.Is this the relay going bad or what??
  • bigthunkbigthunk Posts: 1
    I recently inherited a 2001 Lincoln Executive Town Car from my Great Grandfather's passing. It's a magnificent car but I can not find the cd changer. My manual says in the trunk or under the driver's seat (or maybe passenger). But I'm not seeing it. There's also a button on my radio that says "cd". Is it possible the car just didn't even come with a cd changer? Or am I overlooking something?
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,321
    Just because it may be pre wired for a CD doesn't mean there is one. The Executive would have one in the trunk.
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