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Honda Odyssey Paint Problems



  • jgp9jgp9 Posts: 8
    The local body shop in Tampa Fl; you know the one that fixes the pain problems told me that certain colors of Honda Vans, specifically dark metallic blue has had problems since like 2001; no matter what year. I have had my van in the shop three different times to fix pain peeling. My suggestion is to push the dealership for the repair, if they don't budge go to the district manager. Good luck.
  • gup900rrgup900rr Posts: 1
    I have a 2010 oddesy and it is maroon. in January i found a spot on the hood where something ate through the clearcoat, dealer said too bad you or on your own. well lesson learned, i have been very good to make sure that when ever i see something on the car i clean it off. Well last saturday i washed it offf and parked it in the garage. my wife goes to school on monday where she volunteers. i come home from work and see 3 or 4 bird poops on the roof, and guess what it ate right throught the clear coat. so what am i to do stop every 2 hours and wash the car. we had a GM mini van that sat outside every day for 5 years and never had an issue. I told the service girl at the dealer to buy the car back we are done, so now we are going to see the district manager.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,742
    Have you waxed it? Unfortunately, bird droppings are very acidic and will cause paint damage.
  • phoebehphoebeh Posts: 1
    While on vacation in Yosemite in a foot of snow, a strip of paint the size of a football peeled away from the roof just behind the windshield, leaving bare metal. I took the car in to Spreen Honda in California and they fixed it at no cost to me. They repainted the entire front half of the car and roof. Colors matched, could not be happier with the results.
  • hondafan1990hondafan1990 Posts: 8
    edited July 2011
    I just discovered paint peeling off one of my sliding doors ... upon checking, some paint also has come off on the roof as well. I wonder if anyone has been successful in getting Honda to pay for fixing this problem. After reading posts on forums such as this, I gather this is a widespread problem but the 2 local dealerships I'd called responded like they had never heard of it and promptly referred me to their affiliated body shop. Any information and tips will be much appreciated. I am in the Silicon Valley, if that helps. Thanks!
  • May I ask where you are? I have a 2004 Odyssey (Midnight Blue) and have not found a dealer who is helpful ... they have acted like they had never heard of the paint problem I am describing to them! Does Honda have any official note on their website about this problem and ways by which they are fixing this for car owners? I am so glad and encouraged that you had a positive experience with getting them to re-paint your van for you.
  • brozybrozy Posts: 1
    The paint on my passenger sliding door has slowly been peeling over the last 4 or five months. In addition, peeling on the bottom half of the tailgate has been going on for over 6 months. Attempts to have this situation remedied with both Honda Hqtrs and the local dealership have been fruitless. They won't even admit there's a problem. I'll be writing a letter to the Honda VP of Quality Assurance along with pictures of their lousy paint job and their anemic efforts in resolving legitimate customer complaints. Also, the local Better Business Bureau will also be getting a heads up on this matter. In some 40 years of owning various cars, I've never had anything happen like this before. The good news is, the van is going back in for a third paint job to fix previous paint issues not done correctly.
  • xluxlu Posts: 457
    edited August 2011
    Recently I started paying attention to the cars' paint quality and discovered that Honda cars have the most paint peeling off problems by far than any other brands of cars. Sometime I can see 4 Honda cars with very bad paint in a short 5 minutes drive. Nissan is the 2nd worst.

    Here's a link to many complaints against Honda paint problems: Honda paint
  • hondafan1990hondafan1990 Posts: 8
    edited September 2011
    Larry Hopkins Honda in Sunnyvale authorized to repair peeling paint on my Midnight Blue 2004 Odyssey, but they didn't paint everything (as the dealership thought the body shop would) ... they might have done the entire roof and the entire hood, but they only did the top rim of the sliding doors. After I picked up the car, I noticed a couple more spots of peeled paint on the back side of the car. I am sure they won't fix those for free again since the earlier ones were done on a goodwill basis, extended warranty just expired. I am thankful that they fixed the paint for free but I am afraid this is not the end yet and at some point, I'll be seeing a lot of peeling in other parts of the van. How disappointing I am with this Honda! If Honda doesn't fix these paint problems in their cars, I'd seriously hesitate buying another one! I had a 1990 Accord for 14 years and never had any paint problems like this!
  • jgp9jgp9 Posts: 8
    It is a known problem throughout the auto world that Honda has a problem with their midnight Blue paint. It is not just 2004 year, either. I've had the same issues you have had. You need to ask to speak to the regional manager of Honda in your area, who usually comes by on scheduled appearances once a month or so to each dealer. Go out of your way to meet him/her and discuss the fact that you know of this problem, even in the areas that are not "covered". I did this and had success with the fixing the issue, even in the uncovered areas. Good Luck.
  • Thanks, jqp9. They covered your paint repair even after the extended warranty?? What year is your Odyssey? It really is worth multiple attempts to get to the "right" persons ... took me three tries, twice at the dealership that actually authorized to cover the work (Honda headquarters told me that since it's just out of warranty, it's a case-by-case decision whether they would cover). I will start working on getting information on the regional manager's area visit! Did you have your entire vehicle repainted? If not, would other areas peel at a later time? That's what I am concerned about. I want to get it all fixed at once. They cover the paint job but not the rental car. Thanks so much for your comment and advise.
  • twoplanekidtwoplanekid Posts: 1
    edited March 2012
    I own a 2008 Maroon Odyssey that has paint chipping on all sides of the vehicle. The Honda dealer tells me that the car has been hit by a lot of objects and “also can see spots on car and roof where paint is damaged from an outside source like acid rain. Honda feels this is not a paint defect problem and will not assist in any repairs.” When I called Honda America, the rep tells me that the local dealer and District Manager don’t have access to paint issue records that Corporate Honda or the manufacturing plant might keep. So, how in the world do the local Honda people know that it isn’t a paint defect problem when they can’t check the factory records?

    My previous Honda was a 2005 Odyssey that didn’t have this issue. My driving habits and the roads in Ohio have not changed since 2005. I am not a happy Honda owner.
  • Worst car and service ever! Not only did we have peeling around the sliding door that the dealer repaired for us fall of 2011 we have now peeling in the hatch area, on the entire roof top and around all windows as noted in the service report from Honda on this issue. After speaking with Simon Eng at Honda and stating that we were never notified of the recall and that all our paint issues are exactly as posted on Honda's service site, Simon will not take care of our issue. After having two previous great experiences with Honda, this car has truly been a lemon. Electrical issues, sliding door issues and now paint that continues to peel. Colleagues in the automotive industry are aware of the primer issue and poor paint with Honda and now we will also spread the word. Poor customer service, not standing behind their own service report and snotty attitude from their staff. NEVER buy another Honda.
  • jgp9jgp9 Posts: 8

    I would push the issue further than you have thus far and ask to talk with the regional service manager. They come around to the dealerships about once per month and you need to make an appointment with them. I, too, have a metallic Blue Honda Odyssey and have had similar paint issues including the areas you mention. I asked to speak to the reg. service manager and pushed the issues. He had them repainted for me at no cost. PUSH THE ISSUE!! Worst thing they could say is "no" but I think they won't since they know this color has been a problem EVERY year they have released it.
  • yvesjcyvesjc Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with my 2011 Odyssey, chips of paints are coming off on the roofs and sides of my car. How did your case end?
  • I would think this paint problem should still be covered in the 2011 warranty?? I had just missed my warranty (even though it was extended for the paint problem, but I didn't discover the problem till it was just passed and I wasn't notified by Honda of the extended warranty) ... I was lucky to have found a great service manager who took care of filing paperwork with Honda headquarters and did the job at no charge to me. But of course, no more than a few weeks after the work was done, I saw other spots of peeled paint ... at this point if I want those to be fixed, I would need to follow the advice of a previous post to get in touch with their regional manager. This is disturbing to me to find that Honda is still having this problem in their 2011 model. I had expected them to have this fixed by now :( I love Honda cars, but ...
  • rudy386rudy386 Posts: 5
    From what I've been reading, paint is a real problem with Odysseys. My 2006 Odyssey white paint just began peeling on the roof between the sunroof and windshield. The primer looks fine, which implies there is an issue with the paint bonding to the primer. The dealer says there have been many such paint issues but Honda America will not acknowledge the issue. Honda America took my complaint but they refuse to say how many people have complained of the same issue. Anybody else with a paint problem not covered by the extended warranty afforded the 2003-2005 blue paint Odysseys?
  • rudy386: Wonder if enough Honda owners voicing our dissatisfaction can make Honda fix this problem for good. Honda makes reliable cars, but I'd be reluctant to buy another if there will still be this paint problem to deal with. I tend to keep my cars for a long time, so I wouldn't like to have paint issues prematurely :(
  • I have complained to American Honda and think we should all do the same. Although the district manager for our region seems to be arrogant and rude, Mr. Ng, we should all continue as Honda does not want our voice to be heard by the public. This was an error with their supplier and process and the primer adherence is the main issue. My van has been garaged and maintained and my local dealer has been accomodating in the past. Honda has had a great product, but this is not acceptable. :lemon:
  • I, too have complained to Honda America. They'd be happy to help me get a paint quote - higher than what i could get for myself! I asked for them to cover a fixed amount for re painting and they declined.

    I asked for coverage under the now expired recall and again they declined.

    It stinks! I offered to convert my peeling van to a rolling billboard announcing Honda's failure.
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