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Honda Odyssey Paint Problems



  • Honda had a recall on the 2004 paint. Our dealership claimed to know nothing and by the time we found it online, it was too late. Honda America wouldn't make an exception for us. Definately thumbs down.
  • poocatpoocat Posts: 35
    I'm having the same problem with Honda Canada. They don't want to cover it under any warranty. Worst paint job of any vehicle I have ever bought. This will be my last Honda, I'll never buy another one or recommend it to anyone.
  • Because my car is outside the warranty, Honda will not assume full responsibility for my peeling paint even though it is peeling in the warranty areas. I have preformed every maintainance - even the recommended maintainance. It is upsetting to me that Honda thought that a fair offer would be to pay for 35% of the repair for only the areas that are causing me problems right now. Honda is not willing to assume responsibility even though it is a known issue - "sorry you have been advised that it is out of the warranty". At times, all Honda representatives that I spoke to even used pressure and threatening tactics for me to take their puny offer - "if you keep moving up through the chain this offer will be taken off the table and you will get no offer". Horrible customer service! I intially started at the dealership, who spoke to the regional representative for me. I then called customer service and asked to speak to the supervisor - as I tried to move further, they would not move my call on - basically, take it or leave it. Honda did not seem to care about my financial burden for their product that had know issues to keep my car in good repair. Since I also had the transmission problem also with the same argument and dissappointment, I find their customer service and willingness to stand by their product disappointing. Horribly disappointed in my Honda!
  • drm6drm6 Posts: 3
    Sounds like our situation exactly! I took their puny offer and went to the body shop they said I had to go to. The regional manager did her notes on one day and I went to the body shop the next day. The person at the body shop found tons more places that were peeling, but Honda refused to cover anything but what the regional manager had noted the previous day. They only paid 50% of the job for only the few places where the regional manager had noted. Fast forward a few years later and the Honda in my driveway is a peeling mess of a car. There are places on each part of the car that are bubbling or have bubbled and peeled off. One reason we bought a Honda was for the resale value. No one is going to buy this used car with paint peeling off. Never buying a Honda again and I can't believe they are continuing to get away with this with all the new people who have posted here.
  • drm6drm6 Posts: 3
    The way I found out about the peeling problem was an employee in the service department who showed me an internal service bulletin about paint peeling (on midnight blue odysseys) while I was there for service. You could ask about that service bulletin at your dealership. That didn't help us at all but maybe they will be more helpful at your dealership.
  • rudy386rudy386 Posts: 5
    When I asked about an extended warranty for my 2006 Odyssey I was told "there is no warranty extension at this time". Perhaps the only way to get Honda to stand behind their product is a class action lawsuit. They will just roll over individuals but there is strength in numbers and publicity.
  • My 2004 started peeling a few months after the extended warranty ran out. My car only has 70,000 on it and I really don't want a new car. New spots keep appearing and I just found a huge patch on the roof that came off, is that what the rest of the car will look like?? I was told that I needed to get an estimate and maybe they would pay for a portion of the paint job. It was implied that only the patches that are peeling "may" be covered right now. I see midnight blue vans EVERYWHERE with huge patches coming off. I have driven my cars for years well beyond the 100,00 mark and have never had this happen. How do you start a class action suit?
  • jgp9jgp9 Posts: 8
    Make an appt with your regional service manager and gather as much info as you can about your recall online. Find out the body shop that your local Honda dealer uses and talk with them directly (don't make it known to Honda what you want to do; just that you'd like the # of the paint shop) Take your car to the paint shop and talk with the paint shop and they will tell you what they have been seeing as compared to your car. They won't want you to use their name directly (and I wouldn't) with Honda as a "witness" but when I did this, they told me all "Midnight Blue" Honda paints were bad; not just 2004; but each year after it and the cars peel like crazy. When you meet with the service manager back at Honda; stay organized and under control; with some backing and solid information. When I did this; he agreed to repaint areas in and out of warranty for me. Good luck.
  • kissmokissmo Posts: 1
    I'm in the same situation. I saw a few bubbles forming 2-3 months ago but did not care too much. Last Sunday, during my care wash big chuck of paint just "smoothly" came off from the body. Mine is also the famous "Midnight Blue 2004". I am wondering whether I still try to get the partial discount for repair from Honda.
  • kruddykruddy Posts: 1
    Hi. We have a 2005 with the exact same problem. How do you get in touch with Honda other than through the dealer?
  • rudy386rudy386 Posts: 5
    I called Honda America just to report the problem. They'll tell you to go see a dealer. Then go ahead and take the Odyssey to a dealer and ask what they can do for you. Describe the problem as a paint to primer adherence issue. Also ask what Honda's regional manager's name is. My Honda dealer said they would paint the roof for $650 and the regional manager in my area agreed to pay all but $156 of that. The amount a regional manager might agree to depends on the condition of the Odyssey. Honda has several paint issues right now. Honda America is in denial and won't admit or acknowledge anything but call them anyway. The more complaints and publicity they get can only help nudge them to do what's right.

    Honda America

    Honda Automobile Customer Service
    1919 Torrance Blvd.
    Mail Stop: 500-2N-7D
    Torrance, CA 90501-2746
  • ps909ps909 Posts: 1
    This is definitely an issue that American Honda needs to fix! A few years back they did recall the paint problem but they said it was only for the roof area and I had it fixed. But now the blue paint is peeling all over the van, from the front, back side.. I think there are more issues to the 2004 midnight blue model besides the paint. The vent windows in the back don't open when the weather is hot and when changing the radio station on the steering wheel it would turn up the volume instead of changing the station. I had this fix on my own expense but still the same problem. I am or I was a loyal Honda customer but if they are not acknowledging this problem then I loss me as a customer!!!
  • I hope that enough people will complain to Honda because I too was a loyal Honda fan and WOULD like to continue getting Hondas in the future (having the best Honda/Acura mechanic helps ... not one at the dealers) ... but with this paint problem and how they are not acknowledging it at all really bothers me and worries me for future purchases. Maybe someone can start a website or blog posting pictures of various paint problems ... get more publicity on this to affect Honda sales enough that they might have to fix this for good!
  • jgp9jgp9 Posts: 8
    As far as I know; this peeling problem is unique to the midnight blue Honda's. I may be wrong in my assumption? I would not buy a midnight Blue Honda (any make) in the future. I agree with you about putting pressure on Honda. As I write this; I'm getting peeling on my front quarter panel. In the past, they have painted the rear gate, roof, parts of the sliding door, hood over the years due to this pealing.
  • I have a 2003 Midnight Blue Oddessy. In August of 2011 I discovered that the paint was peeling above the passanger side sliding door. I contacted Honda Motors to complain, but they indicated that the warranty had been extended already for 7 years for this issue that I should contact the local dealer here in NJ. Well, the dealer called me before I had the chance to call them. They had me bring the car in as the regional service manager was coming into their dealership that week. He wouldn't cover the cost of repainting the small panel, but would cover 50% of it. Well it cost me around $125.

    Now a year later, I'm discovering that the paint is now peeling from the roof and around the rear windows (also driver side). Not sure if it's worth going after them again as the van is approaching 10 years. It only has about 68K miles on it and was garage kept for all but the last year or so.
    I'm very disappointed in Honda in how they handled this. They had a problem and should just repaint at their expense the entire vehicle. I've owned other Honda's in the past including a present 2011 CRV. I may not by any other Honda's after this.
  • I guess your CRV is still very new ... wondering if Honda's paint problem goes beyond Odysseys. The right thing to do is for them to pay for repainting the whole car and fix the problem in their factory for good. Seeing that so many years of Odysseys have this problem, I am not encouraged that they have done anything to fix this manufacturing problem. Maybe we can all submit reviews of our Odysseys everywhere we can find ... these days most car buyers would consult some kind of online reviews as part of their research before buying a car, right??
  • jgp9jgp9 Posts: 8
    I don't think it is anything but a midnight blue paint problem. My daughter has a 1998 GREY civic with zero paint problems. The local body shop tells me it is the color; regardless of year or model. Stay away from the Midnight Blue.
  • WHITE PAINT PEELING ALSO... Very disappointed with Honda. The dealer tells me that the regional manager will not honor the recall for white paint. Started with small bubbles. I thought it was not a big deal, but now it is coming off in LARGE bubbles/sections - off the hood, around the windows and off of the roof....EXACTLY like the blue paint issue. Our non-Honda vehicles are holding up...the Honda Odyssey looks AWFUL. Want a new vehicle, but don't know if I'm willing to take a chance with another Honda, especially with the lack of accountability for their poor paint job....Come on Honda, own up! Do the right thing!
  • tim1963tim1963 Posts: 3
    My Odyssey has the midnight blue. I discovered it peeling after 8 years. Of course it was one year out of the paint warranty extension. The Honda regional service manager agreed to split the cost of painting the one small section that was peeling. A few months later I discovered additional areas peeling. Now 10 years after the fact the roof is even peeling. Further calls to just feel on deaf ears. I'm very disappointed on how Honda has delt with this known issue.
  • rudy386rudy386 Posts: 5
    It's not the paint, it's the primer. I understand that Honda used different primers for different paint color runs. According to what I have heard from auto paint professionals, the primer was of low quality and applied in such a way that resulted in poor adherence to the paint.
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