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2008 Lexus LS 460/460L



  • mr. stackemhigh :
    friday . september 28 - 2007 , lexus of cherry hill received theirfirst 2008 ls . it was a ls460 swb ,
    mercury silver with light grey leather , and grey wood .
    i drove the car extensively , and found NO WIND NOISE ,
    i bought the car on the spot , the first ls 460 at cherry hill . Yes : i am back in the fold for another round .
    i am in atlantic city right now , after driving 60 miles
    from camden county , and ENJOYED EVERY MINUTE OF THE DRIVE .
    the 2008 is claimed to have no changes , but : it is truly a different machine for the better . i believe LEXUS will be # 1 again . this car has magic .
    mitchell rowe
  • Congratulations Mitchell on your new LS460. I hope you tested the electronic brake which wasn't working for you last time. Sounds like it is time for tricky73 to give it another chance too.

    Best regards -- Renny
  • atlas7atlas7 Posts: 126
    interesting contrast. you really "feel" there is a difference between the 2007 and 2008 LS460 SWB? How much time have you spent driving the 2007 model. Interested since I have a 2008 SWB on order.
  • mr. rennybosch :
    happy to be conversing with you again . hope you are well .
    answer : YES .... i tried the brake in the hot position 50 times ... with no failures .
    the automobile is flawless , like a beautiful painting .
    probably the late "07's are also , as the factory claims
    there is no difference in the '08's . however , i myself tend to feel there is a build difference . i tried a couple '07's and they had slow to respond steering , and quicker action brakes .
    one can get used to anything , except failure that results in damage .
    i' m happy .
    the price of an "08 460 swb is $ 550 more on the monroney sticker .
    best to you
    mitchell rowe
  • mr. atlas7 :
    i spent 2000 miles on my 2007 ls 460 swb last november ( 1 year ago ) . i was a lexus fan and collector . i had a mishap in the '07 , and blamed the shortcoming of the car . it was one of very early builds .
    yes , i really "feel " there is a difference between the early '07 and the '08 . major difference .
    ordering cars from lexus is like going to the dentist .
    if you want a car , go pick out the one that thrills you when you drive her . you can wait till xxxx freezes over before an ordered lexus comes in . and when it does , you have to hope the codes were placed correctly or the car won't be what you ordered . then frustration sets in .
    then there are no cars to choose from . then you start on the kleenex for the tears ... and on and on and on .
    you want one ... just go buy one .
    nice tomeet you , best of luck
    mitchell rowe
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,662
    What this may prove is that even Lexus is no longer a lock on an early build of a major model. I did notice that Consumers scored the LS460L a 99 (out of 100) though in it's latest testing but gave the car a half red box on expected reliability. I think the digital electronics is getting to be too much - even for Lexus - if one is in the business of predicting future reliability. I just had a two week old Thermador double oven fail me because of a communicaion error in it's internal electronics. Can't they even make ovens that don't rely on computer chips these days? My LS460L is flawless and I expect it will continue the Lexus run of flawless vehicles for me. Even the GX, which at average for one year may have been the most unreliable Lexus ever built, has been flawless over 40,ooo miles of driving so far. Next up is the LX570 late next year but I do have an MB SL in my sights after that. My long-term strategic car planning is buy the LS460L on lease buyout (I expect this car will be worth a lot more than the buyout price at that time), lease an LX570 for family needs and get an SL as a toy when my son goes off to college in a few years.
  • cyclone4cyclone4 Posts: 2,259
    Mr. mitchellrowe,

    What you state above is music to my ears. I expect my 2008 LS460L to arrive sometime in November. Even though you have concerns that a special ordered LS may not arrive the way you want it, I think I will be fine. I special ordered mine with basically the exact specs as ljflx did and he had no trouble getting the car exactly as he ordered it. Both of us want the full trunk capacity so we ordered it without the rear seat upgrade. I loaded mine with every other option available.

    Please let us know how the driving goes for you on your 2008 LS460 SWB during the next few days or weeks. I'm sure everyone is interested to know of your experiences.
  • mr. cyclone4 : happy to hear from you .
    re : the LS 460 swb : no problems , complaints ,
    or dissapointments . this model ( 2008 ) is
    as perfect as could be created . i just love it .
    they must be whipping those auto workers on the line
    as the cars come down and accross . ( or they take away their sake if they don't behave ) ...
    i do hope your car is everything you are expecting .
    if it's a november delivery , it could be on the water already .
    mitchell rowe
  • sysweisyswei Posts: 1,804
    Has anyone heard any reliable info regarding when the LS460 might get an AWD option?
  • cyclone4cyclone4 Posts: 2,259
    I asked my dealer that question before I ordered the 2008 model. They do not even think 2009 will be available for 2009. But then again, sometimes we (on the forums) know more than does the dealer.
  • mr. syswei & mr. cyclone4 :
    my sources which are as good as any , say :
    please take into account this comes from a source considered reliable . ???????
    mitchell rowe
  • cyclone4cyclone4 Posts: 2,259
    Oops! I just realized that I had a real stupid typo above. Obviously, what I was trying to say is they do not even think that LWB will be available for 2009.
  • sysweisyswei Posts: 1,804
    Thanks for the info. I guess I shouldn't hold my breath for a LS460L AWD. If I see aggressive lease deals from MB for an S550 4matic or from Audi on the A8L, that's probably where I'll end up.

    I wish Lexus would get its act together on this.
  • mr. cyclone4 :
    i was asked about all wheel drive on a LS 460 swb
    i have no knowledge of up and coming "L" models .
    lexus is doing a large part of their sales in climates that do not require all wheel drive on a 2 ton + automobile with traction and vehicle skid .
    re : mb ... the 4 matic is a service nightmare . i know that one personally .
    mitchell rowe
  • sysweisyswei Posts: 1,804
    the 4 matic is a service nightmare . i know that one personally

    I'd be interested in hearing from you....what model and year, and what sorts of problems did you have? Thanks.
  • daryll44daryll44 Posts: 306
    You are confusing the chicken with the egg. The REASON Lexus sells fewer LS cars in the snowbelt is BECAUSE they don't offer an AWD option.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,662
    From everything I can tell the demand for AWD is miniscule. Even in the S-class the car is outsold 10:1 in northern lattitudes by it's RWD sibling. Again I remember well an old boss who had an A8 and said the AWD on it only worked well with snows. AWD with low profile tires isn't much help based on his feedback. Having never had an AWD car - till now - I can't confirm if that's true. But I have an AWD G35 and don't plan on putting snows on it so I'll soon find out if that's really the case.
  • cyclone4cyclone4 Posts: 2,259
    Len and all,

    I must have been smoking something this morning that played games with my mind. Going to work at 3:30AM doesn't help in this regard either. I was told that the LS will not be available in AWD even for 2009.

    Len, are you planning to put on snows by early December or so? I really want to test how the new LS handles in the snow with the all season tires before I go to snows. I heard reports from last winter that the new LS was doing much better in snow with all season tires than did the LS430. I found it impossible to drive in snow without snow tires on the LS430.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,662

    The beauty of having three cars allows me to leave the LS in the garage on snowy days. So I won't bother with the snows.

    My gas mileage is increasing. Since I got the car my average MPG is now 21.8 (the car keeps track of it's average MPG since day one if you go thru the diplay switch on the steering wheel). Since my last fill up I'm actually averaging 25.8 mpg based on that reading and given that I went 291 miles on just about a half a tank of gas that seems about right. CR reports that it got mileage as high as 31 or 32 mpg in pure unadulterated highway driving. I don't doubt it given the mileage I'm getting on the crowded NY area highways. The LS actually puts the 6cyl G35 to shame in fuel economy. Must be that silky smooth 8 speed transmission. BTW - when you get the car make sure you check out the display button on the steering wheel as it shows a lot of info on the dashboard - ranging from tire pressre in each tire (spare included) to the average speed you've travelled since the car's inception. One of the controls also shows you a chart of the MPG you are getting with your foot pressed on the gas pedal. This changes by the second depending on the actions you take. In cruise control that reading will often be 40+ mpg.

    I love this car!
  • daryll44daryll44 Posts: 306
    I still believe you are confusing the chicken with the egg. Here in the Northeast most Mercedes sold are AWD. All Audis are AWD. If they made the LS with AWD, it would be almost all that is sold up here. And if people don't want to pay for AWD, they can still make the RWD version like Mercedes does. If the LS is supposed to be the beest car ever built...and I agree it is...then let's get with the times and offer an AWD version so it can fairly compete with the other luxury makes that offer their alpha-male flagship with AWD.
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