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Infiniti G35 vs Lexus IS 350



  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243

    While the TL is def loud on road noise (I can attest to that having leased one), the G's noise is all engine...and only when you are accelerating hard. This is the S model...and the test shows tied, then handily beating the IS at high speed cruising. TL-S has active noise canceling and still gets beat here.
    IS is very small....just like the 3 series. To me the G is the best car for the $...without even a close second place. Size / space wise, the G is closer to a 5 series and the GS than the 3 series and the IS. The prices of the 3 and the IS are too high for a car of that size. These are sedans, after all. G gas mileage is HORRIBLE, hopefully 7 speed trans will fix that.
  • Guys, was considering the IS250 because I live in Chicago, but is the AWD all that necessary? Does the stablility control help in any regard with traction in winter driving? I'd prefer to go with the IS350 and its RWD, as long as traction in the winter is reasonable.
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    The car you need is an IS350 AWD. Why lexus decided not to have this car is beyond me.
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    Don't they have the awd with the 3.5 liter in the GS model? That is pretty odd since they have the 250 awd.
  • This kicker for me is that the amount of performance between the 350 and 250 is huge, yet the gas mileage hit by going with the 350 appears - albeit on paper - to be minimal at worst. I consider myself fairly prudent and prefer gas mileage over performance, unless it's ridiculously close, like these two appear to be.

    I've currently got an Audi A4 Quattro. The cool thing about Audi is that you don't have to get Quattro because the standard model is FWD.

    I'll be test driving the 2009 A4 and IS250/350 this weekend. There's always been something about Audi's that I've been attracted to, but the upkeep is a bit much, and the resale on them isn't the greatest.
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    I can't imagine real world MPG is're talking about a car with 50% more horsepower ! ! I always liked the way the A4 / passat drove.....nice and stuck on the road. I have a thing for gadgets though : )
  • Yeah, I enjoy the Audi, but I guess they're more for people that lease because of the reliability factor and resale. I purchased mine pre-owned and if I go with something new, it is going to be something that I keep for at least 6 or 7 years, so I need reliability. So, I don't like Acura's, and I don't feel any better about Nissan/Infiniti quality-wise compared with Audi. So, it's probably gotta be a Lexus.

    However, first I'll have to drive both and then take it from there - but reliability goes a long way in my book.
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    I find a a lot of people are still stuck in the late ages in respect of reliability and quality:

    Per the latest JD Powers, "Aug 2008"

    Top Industry Nameplates in Initial Quality:
    10- Audi

    JD Powers Initial Quality Ranking-Entry Premium (August 2008)

    6 A4

    For long term relaibility, consumer report has Infiniti G in the top tier and Audi in a lower tier.

    Be careful about using information that is outdated, stay in tune with the times :)
  • So, are you a Nissan/Infinit guy I assume? I know some people that have good luck and bad luck with them. I personally don't care for Inifniti, mainly because of the styling.

    I can only comment on my A4 which runs great, but seems to have a unrepairable issue that is engine noise - it kinda sounds like a diesel engine and I've had them replace the camshaft and other things, but the issue remains. I also had a faulty brake light switch replaced (which caused dead batteris for days) and some seals on the radiator. All of this was under warranty, but since it has only 36k miles on it, I kinda worry about what else will go once the warranty expires. This Audi of mine has already been in the ship longer than any Ford I've ever owned, and a few of those I put on over 100k miiles.

    But, I should report that I test drove the IS250 AWD and was completely taken aback at how pedestrian of a ride it is. I hope I do not offend anybody, but this vehicle should not be classified as luxury/sport. Why would anybody in their right mind spend 36k for a vehicle that drives and acts like a Toyota sedan??? My A4 copmletely blows the IS250 outta the water in every category I consider important except for seating position, which I prefer to the A4.

    After having driven that, I wonder how any reasonable person can conclude that the IS250 is even close to the A4? I was going to test drive the Infinit G35x, but that's too bulky looking and seems like something and old fart should be driving - and if it drives anything like the IS250, it isn't worth the time.

    I read all these reveiws about how great these Japanese luxury cars are, especially the IS250, but are these authors on drugs???

    So, I guess that leaves me in a situation of having to put up with the quality concerns of a German car. Ya know, with as long as the Germans have been making fine automobiles, it's disappointing that they seem to disregard quality. Maybe they feel that if you can afford a German car that you probably don't care about spending additional money on repairs after the warranty expires. Also, it must cost these manufacturers a lot of money for this "warranty" repair work - I guess I just don't understand it.

    Anyhow, that's why test driving is so important!
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    Dive the is350 with the sport package they offer. I doubt pedestrian will be the word you think of lol. Factoring price...I still stand by the G as the best thing in the category.
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    Actually, I love Japanese cars. They offer the best luxury, perfomance and price combination. Throw in bells and whistles, reliability etc and its a no brainer, at least for me. I am a former IS250 owner and all this bashing of that car is just unfair. I had a tough time letting go of that car, the only reason I sold it was the power, I now demand more. There is simply no ELLPS car with an interior that matches the IS series. If you want to bring interior room, you have a point but as far as everything else other than perfomace and interior room, the IS250 is a lovely car. I would take the IS250 over an A4 any day. Also consider that although you say the IS250 is slow, the A4 is also slow, the C300 is slow, the 328i is slow. bear in mind that I drive an 08 G35 so as far as I am concerned, all these cars really arent perfomance cars anyways. Same thing a guy with a GTR would tell me :blush:
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,253
    I test drove a's no old fart sedan! The thing goes and handles like crazy and will blow A4 off the road hands down.

    I have a leased 330xi and the G will dust it very easily...the steering feel is where the BMW blows away the G. The 330 fells like an extension of your brain while the G is good but a few notches down.

  • Well, I wouldn't say I'm bashing the IS250 as much as I am stating that the car isn't what I would expect a luxury/sport sedan to be all about.

    Again, I love the smaller size of the IS250 and the sitting position, but there are too many other things that scream "family sedan" from that vehicle. With barely a press of the throttle, my A4 whisks away briskly - it just feels quicker even though it may not be much quicker. The IS250 labors when you hammer on it, and it doesn't end up doing much for all that laboring.

    But, we all have our specific needs and tastes. I mean, I would love the reliability of the IS250, but I'm not gonna spend 36k for a vehicle that drives and handles and reacts no better than my old Ford Focus ZX3. I want to be impressed when I'm spending that kinda coin for a car.

    I think this weekend I will give the G35x a test drive, but again, I'm not crazy about Japanese styling, and especially the G35X - it seems too much like a Crown Vic to me - to bulky. I love the IS250 and the A4 in terms of the sleekness. And, 300 horsepower is a bit much when gas is 4 bucks a pop. But, never say never, I guess.

    But, I will say again that for a guy like me that doesn't have much experience with luxury/sport sedans, the A4 fits into the cateogry I've always thought of in terms of this genre of cars, whereas the IS250 seems not unlike a Toyota family sedan with a nicer interior. Who knows? Maybe I expect too much out of a car for that price???
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    Check out the Sport model (I think it's a package now on the X). A little more sporty fascia, bigger wheel/tires. If you are not a nameplate guy....Mazsaspeed6 (Do they still make that?), and Legacy GT are EXCELLENT awd 30K cars.
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    And you should demand a lot for that price. I think for a guy like you, you should wait for the 09 A4 4 banger, its faster than the IS250 and pretty close to the 328i. It will most likely be more fuel efficient than most ELLPS. However, it has a much nicer interior than the 3 series. I have sat down in it. I still thing the G35 gives you more car than the A4 though but like you said, we have different tastes. Good luck with the car search
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    The IS250 labors when you hammer on it, and it doesn't end up doing much for all that laboring.

    That's why they have the IS350...

    Am I missing something here?

  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    About 10K....similarly equipped.
  • sweendogysweendogy Posts: 1,052
    again the lexus is a great car-- but at its price it cannot compare to the g-- or the g35x --I paid 36k for an infiniti g35x with nav and prem-- 36k you cannot get a fully equip lex 250 ISx -- now if you want to pay the extra to get more car-then just get the car that audi, infiniti, lexus, saab, caddie, and others want to mock--the bmw (for 10k more)... so pound for pound -- the infiniti g35 is the winner-- (attn hosts: you can now remove this chat as it is officially closed)
  • I was shopping for this range of cars. I test drove the Lexus IS250 and IS350, the Infiniti G37 Sedan, and the new Audi A4 2.0.

    First, the IS250 doesn't deserve to be in the same class. The engine and performance was surprisingly terrible. I expected a little get up and go, but it labored onto the freeway entrance ramp like my wife's old 4-cylinder Pontiac Grand Am. Yes, it was well appointed, but not worth the money for that performance.

    Now the IS350 was another car entirely, it was luxurious, quiet, but had suitable pop to the engine. As someone who grew up driving American muscle, I needed some performance and the IS350 met my needs. We actually made an offer on one they had on the lot, but they balked so we walked.

    Next we test drove the A4 2.0 and I was expecting similar performance to the IS250 since Audi makes a larger, more powerful 3.2 for the A4. I was suprised, however, to find that the A4 was quick, fast, and stuck to corners like glue with the quattro AWD. I was extremely impressed by the vehicle, but was turned off by the higher asking price for a well appointed car. It just didn't feel as refined on the interior as the Lexus, a little bit of the German "blah" interior I think.

    My wife and I next test drove the G37 sedan. At first, I wasn't really considering Infiniti, but their lot was in between the Audi and Lexus dealership so we gave it a go. I was completely blown away by the car. Not only was the G37 330 HP engine extremely powerful and fast, but the car was well appointed and loaded down with fine options for $4,000-$6,000 less than the Lexus/Audi similarly equipped. I was suprised to find out that the average age of an Infiniti owner is 7 years younger than a Lexus owner and the G37 really felt like a nice strong car. I went home and did some research on the car, made some offers through email, found someone willing to deal, printed the email and went in and drove a G37 off the lot.

    I found the G37 had stronger performance, felt younger, and had better options for the price than the Lexus IS350 (let alone the IS250) in my opinion and I'm really enjoying the sports car feel.

    My car is a 2009 G37 with premium, Nav, and sports packages.
  • Congrats on your new G37!

    Among your candidates, it was the best overall choice.
    G37 is actually closest competitor to BMW 330i. As you said, IS250 is not even
    in the same ballpark. G37's performance is very close to 330i and more reliable
    especially if you plan to keep it after warranty runs out. On top of that you save
    at least $8k if equipped similiar.

    Do you feel younger driving G37?
    Well that's something more precious than almost anythingelse. :)

    Enjoy your new ride!
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