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Infiniti G35 vs Lexus IS 350



  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    I think you mean 335i, the 1st generation G35 is close in perfomance to the 330i. The 2nd generation G35 is WAY faster than the 330i. The G37 is closer to the 335i although slightly slower. 330i fell off the radar as soon as it was released.

    G37 was the right choice, no doubt about that
  • madpistolmadpistol Posts: 126
    Agreed, the G37 is the best value in the segment and will provide the most thrills out of any car this side of a BMW x35i (x being 1 or 3) Enjoy your car! :)
  • hesaidhesaid Posts: 16
    It really depends what you are looking for. The Infiniti is a nice car but it has some problems IMO. 1) The interior doesn't feel like a premium car. 2) It's too common. You see them everywhere. 3) The ride is overly harsh. Infiniti understands that track statistics sells cars. Lexus understands that the vast majority of people don't race their car on a track nor push it to it's limit on the street so they emphasize comfort over handling.

    I'm just trying to point out that for every "pro" there is a "con."

    Someone above said "Infiniti owner is 7 years younger than a Lexus owner" - that's not a statistic in favor of the G37. That just means Infiniti is targeting a different market by keeping the price low. I bet that Honda Civic owners are younger than Infiniti owners and I bet that BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche drivers are older than Infiniti drivers.

    I'm not trying to bash the G37. It's a nice car but people buy cars for different reasons. There's no need to praise the merits of a car you bought and slam someone else's car just to make yourself feel good that you made the right decision. It was the right decision for you based on your criteria of what's important. The G37 is not superior to the IS nor vice versa. You think all those old guys at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance are slamming each others cars? No. They all share a passion of owning nice cars and so should we!
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 749
    I bet that Honda Civic owners are younger than Infiniti owners and I bet that BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche drivers are older than Infiniti drivers.

    Civic is more expensive than Corolla or Sentra but I see more kids drive the Civic more than the other two.

    I disagree your statement that younger drivers prefer G37 b/c they cannot afford the IS.
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    Actually I drove an 07 IS250 before I sold it in early 08, after less than 2 yrs of ownership and bought an 08 G35. Test drove the IS350, loved it BUT, needed AWD, was too familiar with all it offered other than the additional horses, was not very pleased with the interior room, rather cosy.

    So I am an example of those who can afford both. Many choose the G over the IS350 for simple reasons like no MT in the IS350, better driving dynamics. The main reason people choose the IS350 over the G is due to slightly better refinement in interior materials, quieter interior (those are the only 2 I can come up with).

    I personally believe these 2 cars are at par, the G costs less (fully loaded) due to the fact that its a notch lower on refinement. However I submit that other than Audi, no one else parallels the ISs in refinement of materials used. To say those driving the G cannot afford the IS350 now thats over the top. It boils down to personal preferences.

    I also wanted to address some misconceptions on how "LOUD" the G is, how harsh the drive is etc. The G is not LOUD, its not as quiet as the IS350 but who is? I would also like to add that the IS due to the low profile tires has a ride that is more harsh than the G. There is a guy who posted in the 2009 G37 thread, check on the last page of that thread. he drove an IS250 as well and he makes very similar observations.
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    I think if you pull that R&T comparison of the IS, TL, and G, the G is tied or quiter as speeds than the other two. The G is loud under full-throttle for sure....but I find that part of the package in a car that has over 300hp. The IS is also too small for large people.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I'm with sjaieve in the fact that I was able to afford both. I chose the G over the IS for a few reasons.
    I needed AWD and I felt the IS250 was grossly under powered and just too small inside.
    The G fit my needs perfectly and although I was able to afford both, the price worked for me as well.
    Quiet was never a factor for me. Honestly, people looking for just luxury shouldn't be looking at the IS anyways. The G is a bit louder, sure, but it was never a factor for me. In fact, I'm now running with a Fast Intentions Cat-Back exhaust, so it's gotten louder, not quieter... and yet, I love it even more.

    Like he said, it boils down to personal preference.
  • gotoyotagotoyota Posts: 280
    I haven't been in the forums for a while. I always find it entertaining to read what folks have to say about how they arrived at the Lexus or Infiniti showroom and all the other cars they considered before making their decision. I chose my '08 IS350 over the G35 (even though I had planned for at least a year to retire my old '97 Maxima and trade up to the G) after driving the IS and then the G35x essentially back to back (the dealers were within minutes of each other). My reasons:
    - Lexus feels better to me
    - The engine sounds refined and semi-exotic, especially with the window down
    - The power somehow felt much stronger even though both cars were rated at 306hp (Lex does have more torque, but...)
    - The Lexus just looks sexier to me. I still get the feelin when I look at it
    - The Lexus is much more relaxed at freeway speed (what's up with the G turning 3k at 70mph??? My car is just a hair over 2k at 70)
    - I thought the G's punched out VQ engine sounded too coarse compared to the IS, an opinion most automotive journalists share, although it has a better exhaust note IMO
    - Bottom line is it was an emotional decision. That's why people buy cars - we go for the one that makes us feel good, right?

    The G is a very nice car and I'm sure I would have been happy with one had I not driven the IS first. Oh, another thing...I looked at a few used '07 G's with around 15-20k on them and the nose paint was chipped beyond belief and the grill was plastic and it looked horrible after meeting a few pebbles on the freeway...

    So, my one big complaint against my car has been the ever present, overly ambitious VDIM. At first it didn't bother me but as my confidence with the car improved and I started driving more aggressively I got very sick of it constantly cutting back the throttle.

    It was bugging me enough that I did some research to see if I could defeat it and found out that you can. Hold down the traction control button for 5 sec and VDIM turns off! Woooooeeeeeee!!! I can't say how much fun this car is now! Only problem is the juvinile feeling that accompanies gratuitous tire smoking when exiting a corner...but it is a BLAST! Totally transforms the car. I'm not sure if this works on 06 or 07 models. It does work on the 08 and 09's though. Has anyone else done this? I don't drive it hard very often, but this really makes the car 10x more fun.

    By the way, even the G37 doesn't have the torque of the IS350! 277 lb-ft vs. 268 for the G. Wards chooses the IS350 over the G37 as well and calls the Toy/Lex engine the best V6 ever. Still, the G is a great car. It's a matter of what moves you. Price was not the issue with me - it came down to how I perceived each cars ability to deliver what was important to me. I still love the G and would never even think of criticising someone for buyine one, but I think a few people might come away with a different opinion of the IS vs the G if they were driving the IS with the VDIM switched off :shades:
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    Its a Friday and just need to waste the last hour of the day:)

    I think this is a very honest post. Congrats on your purchase. The G37s engine was not on wards best 10 this year. The only one that did not make it in over 10 years of the G's history. That will be my next purchase next year.

    The way I see it there are only 3 cars worth considering in this price range, the IS350, G37/35 & the 335i. You cant go wrong with any of these 3, the rest is just that, the rest.

    I go for Taste of Lexus events every year and I drive an 08 G35X and yes, I also did observe that the IS350 seems to pull harder from stop than my X. But remember the G35S would pull better from stop than my X.

    Most of the items you identified are to do with refinement, which is why you paid more. I don't have the chip issues you discussed though, I think its somethng they addressed with the 08s and the G37s come with self healing paint. This is why I always say these 2 cars are at par since the G as you say is a great car, but once you add refinement (for a price) you get the IS350.

    Another thing I have observed, once on the road, the IS350, 335i & G drivers have a LOT of respect for each other, LOL. You will see what I mean.

    Good luck on your purchase, the IS350 is a nice car that is underrated for no good reason, its got the BEST interior, by far, in this class IMHO. ;)
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    I drive with the windows down (up to 40mph), the exhaust note is so SWEEEEET.

    Nissan really loves its cutomers cos the pricing is unbeatable, a friend of mine calls the GTR "Japans gift to the world" couldn't agree more. Then you have the 370Z, 0-60 in 4.8s (WOW, best in class, 135i what??), then of course, my sweetheart :blush: , the G. Cant wait for the DI taking it all the way to 350HP

    You have been away for a while Scottm123:)
  • gotoyotagotoyota Posts: 280
    Nah, you're not in the wrong about the 250. You just can't expect a NA 2.5L V6 to have the torque necessary to excite.

    Also, re your A4: does it have the 2.0T or the 1.8T? Not sure what year you have, but the diesel sound could be that the 2.0L Audi T4 is direct injected, which does cause a bit of a clatter at idle. My IS350 sounds kind of like a diesel at idle - really threw me off for a while when I first got it until I read up on it more. Mine actually has DI AND regular fuel injection (read up on it - Toy/Lexus went way overkill on this engine!). I don't mind the sound (I actually like diesels) now but it kind of bugged me at first because I was worried something was wrong. Just a thought.
  • gotoyotagotoyota Posts: 280
    Thanks sjaieve, agree with everything you said. And just between us, I have kicked myself a few times because I think I could have paid a little less and bought the G and still have been just as happy (or more, becuase I would have a few $k left, eh?) but since I already sunk the cash into my car I may as well stay on the bright side and look at what I love about it.

    Yes, I agree the IS CAN pull harder from a stop, provided the tires are new...once the tires are worn down a bit VDIM becomes a wet blanket on your accelaration party. Figuring out how to switch that off has saved my relationship with the car! ;) It was driving me insane that I could only get the trac to stay off until I hit 30mph and then it was back on! Once you disable the VDIM it stays off until you turn the engine off.
  • blnewtoblnewto Posts: 146
    Good posts gotoyota, also concur your honesty :) We chose our G over the IS350 for a couple reasons. Price was definately a consideration, both were in our comfort range as far as cost, but 3k less is a trip to Vegas :) BTW, try the G with the traction control off as well, just a blast!
    Agree about the interior fit & finish & materials used to be a notch better w/ the IS, although the doors don't feel as significant in the IS, they feel a bit "tinny" for lack of a better description. The rear seat room also played a part, we use our back seat to haul a couple kids now & then and friends failry often, the IS back seat is very tight, so that really was THE deal breaker.
    I felt the IS was better off the line, the G feels a bit stronger in the 4-6k RPM range around 60mph. Both cars have great breaks and excellent steering feel. Sound isolation goes to Lexus but the sound while driving goes to the G (exhaust note).
    ISs seem to be holding their resale a bit better but after factoring in the higher intial cost it may be almost a wash.
    I wouldn't include the BMW 335i in the discussion since it's about 10-12k more, and it will out run both the G & IS. The 330i would be a fairer fight IMO.
    In short, both the G & IS are nice choices in the 42k or less performance sedan catagory and if you want a quieter slightly more refined model I'd get the IS, for less money w/ more room the G is the choice.
  • gotoyotagotoyota Posts: 280
    Thanks, I still believe I made a good choice. The G is also a great choice. I was actually more at home in the IS because of it's snug-ness inside. This is the smallest car I have ever owned and I like it...even if my head occasionally brushes the headliner (a reminder to be grateful I still have a full head of hair) and the back seat is only good for my kids on the short jaunt to church or to/from school or the grocery store. By the way, I have 5 kids! So it's not at all a practical car, but that wasn't why I bought it. After driving the IS the G felt and looked more like a family car to my eyes, and I just liked the tidy proportions of the IS more and more. I still find the G to be very pretty and nicely proportioned, it was just an emotional thing. I still love to take a second (sometimes third) look at my car when I walk away from it. It's actually kind of embarassing some times, I don't want people to think I am so infatuated with it! As far as engine sound, both cars have their strengths as you point out. I like the IS' induction sound with the windows down. But the G has, as you said, a better exhaust note (does the IS HAVE an exhaust note? I hear more gear whine than exhaust note...) But...neither car really sounds all that great to me. To tell the truth I prefer the old IS300 for its engine sound (or my buddies Impreza STi, for that matter!). I love a good inline six, and Toyota/Lexus has produced some real sweethearts over the years. I may buy the BMW next time for this reason. The IS has stronger acceleration all around - the G does beat it to 120 by 0.3sec for some reason, but it's behind all the way from 0-110, and this was verified by my seat-o-the pants drive of each prior to purchasing the IS. This is from a Road and Track comparo between the IS, G, and the TLS. Really though, the acceleration is so good with each car that I think the subjective matters are more important, as we all seem to agree. Seems we all feel pretty happy with our choices for the most part, and that's a good thing.

    Acura Infiniti Lexus
    TL Type-S G35 Sport IS 350
    0–120 mph 20.6 19.5 19.8
    0–110 mph 17.2 16.2 15.4
    0–100 mph 14.3 13.5 12.7
    0–90 mph 11.9 10.8 10.2
    0–80 mph 9.3 8.9 8.1
    0–70 mph 7.6 7.2 6.5
    0–60 mph 5.7 5.4 4.9
    0–50 mph 4.4 4.2 3.8
    0–40 mph 3.5 2.8 2.7
    0–30 mph 2.2 1.9 1.9
    0–20 mph 1.3 1.2 1.1
    0–10 mph 0.5 0.4 0.3
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    To be honest, even if you said the IS350 is better, I woudnt mind. This is one argument I am more than willing to lose as I believe the IS350 is a great car. Try telling me a 328i, A4, TL, C350 is better than a G35, I would have a lot to say about that:)

    Its really unfortunate that the automagazine world bashed this car a lot for its driving dynamics. I cannot see how anyone driving a 328i (the auto magazine's sweetheart) can have more fun in that *** compared to the well appointed IS350. BTW, the Mark Levinson is sweet, better than my BOSE IMHO.

    Anyway, you made a great choice man.
  • gotoyotagotoyota Posts: 280
    To be honest, even if you said the IS350 is better, I woudnt mind. This is one argument I am more than willing to lose as I believe the IS350 is a great car. Try telling me a 328i, A4, TL, C350 is better than a G35, I would have a lot to say about that:)

    Its really unfortunate that the automagazine world bashed this car a lot for its driving dynamics. I cannot see how anyone driving a 328i (the auto magazine's sweetheart) can have more fun in that *** compared to the well appointed IS350. BTW, the Mark Levinson is sweet, better than my BOSE IMHO.

    Anyway, you made a great choice man.

    Thanks, isn't it nice that we can have differing opinions and yet somehow, still respect each others opinion AND each others cars? At one point I was considering an 08 Accord so I went into that forum for a while and I couldn't believe all the childish name calling in that crowd. Holy smokes...and I hate to say it but I don't care for Honda drivers on the road either (what is it about those people?), so that actually helped rule that one out for me even though I thought it was a very nice car...I couldn't associate myself with the Honda crowd, flawed as the logic may be... But I do understand the automotive press coming down hard on the IS for the way it drives...because the VDIM system is WAY too intrusive. It cuts power when it really doesn't need to. I have pulled into traffic a number of times expecting to have 306 ponies to get me up to speed quickly, without expecting that a tiny little patch of wet would summon up the obnoxious big brother...what's more dangerous, a little bit of tire spin or having 1/10th the power you need to get up to speed when cars are closing in on you at 50-55mph? I just think I'm better at modulating the power than the car is, except maybe in snow. Also, if you take a fast corner with VDIM on it will cut power back. So on that point, yeah, it's bad. I truly was becoming very frustrated with the car and thinking I'd made a poor choice. Now that I've discovered the VDIM "kill switch" I'm lovin it. It really is an exceptional car when it's allowed to play. Mark Levinson audio system is VERY nice but I think the Bose system is equal to it from what I've heard. Unfortunately the G35 I test drove did not have the Bose, so I can't comment on that one specifically but a friend has an 07 Altima 2.5SL with Bose and I think it sounds beautiful. One of my good friends is planning to get the G37 sedan some time this year so it will be interesting to compare the two when that happens. It's still a bit down on torque compared to the IS but with 22 more HP and 1 extra ratio I bet it's going to be a tick faster, maybe not to 60, but I could see it beating the IS from 0-100. I wish either one of these cars could compete with the BMW's 300 lb-ft of torque all the way from as low as 1400 rpm to 5000 rpm. THAT would be fun to play with.

    The G is a GREAT car. I think it's a matter of Haagen Dazs vs Ben and Jerry's with these two cars...although I'm not sure which is which - that's probably another debate. Most would probably say the Lexus is the Haagen Dazs, so I guess I'm that one...but I prefer to EAT Ben and Jerry's. :shades:
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    I guess I stand corrected, maybe with daily use of the IS350 I would have caught up with the flaws you h/lighted. When I test drove it, the car was just a rocket, no nonsense car. I came from that drive smiling. I thought only the 2006 came with the VDIM that was permanent and the 2007+ have the option to kill it?

    I had an IS250 so was really familiar with the interior and that interior, at least from my experience was flawless. The ML is better than the BOSE. I listened to it in the IS-F and was blown away, I am not saying the BOSE is bad, no, just appreciating the ML more.

    As far as acceleration is concerned, once the 335i and the G35 are on the go, e.g. meeting on a h/way, I have heard its all down to driver error from there. The two cars will match each other in respect of perfomance at those speeds. Of course from stop the 335i wins. Thats why I got the G, given there aren't that many 335is on the road, the odds of meeting a 335i from stop are slim, however as I said before, no stock 335i will take either the G or the IS350 for granted once all cars are on the go, so you get your respect. Thats all I need, for a lot less money:) The 335i equipped as my car would be $12k more, so I am not complaing there.
  • gotoyotagotoyota Posts: 280
    I didn't notice any interference from VDIM when I first bought the car either, probably because I wasn't as confident with it until some time had passed, and maybe my tires being worn to 50% tread in the back now has something to do with it ;) On anything other than solid, dry tarmac you can feel it reducing power under fulll accel., not good for those times when you want "respect" or need to get out of the way quickly. I turn it off on every drive now, unless it's raining hard.

    The 335i - yes, expensive, but cool because with the turbo's, all you need to achieve 400+ hp is a custom engine tune. But pricey up front and high maintenence $...BMW reliability not so good either, is it?

    Ohhhh, the IS-F :blush: someone who works in the next building from mine has a gray makes me feel like I'm going to pee every time I see it.
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    I am in the process of getting my tires replaced, I guess the car does warn you when its time to change tires cos under spirited driving from stop, even with VDC off, the car would apply the brakes and the park brake light would come on. Its been happening for the past month. I wouldnt call it intrusive though, maybe I had about 90% of my ponies when this was happening, its still over 270 ponies left though, which is still a lot. However its not desirable. So once the car is wearing its new shoes, I should be able to get back to business:)

    All the best with the IS350:)
  • gotoyotagotoyota Posts: 280
    and I'm so distraught I just need to talk to someone about it... :cry: It wasn't the IS's fault. I took it to a local "quickie lube" (name changed to protect the innocent) and for my $85 synth oil change, I got a broken air flow controller. Turns out the kid pulled out the HEPA filter from inside the dash, and when he put the new filter in, he installed upside down. The thing was not seated down all the way and was obviously installed improperly...he must have jammed it in there...and it caused major damage. It's at the Lexus dealer now with the entire dash removed. I'm just hoping it's not all banged up and full of rattles when I get it back. Cost to repair? $1600.00. Luckily they are paying. Moral of this story? Take your car to the dealer or a good indi shop, not one of the places that hires kids out of high school.

    They gave me an 08 ES350 for a loaner. Nice car, but BORING after driving the IS. Maybe nice when I'm a few years older...much older.
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