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Ford Expedition Electrical Problems



  • I have the same problems! Any luck fixing the problem?
  • dale77dale77 Posts: 16
    I was able to fix the problem for my '99 Expedition. The problem is caused by water leaking into the dash area from under the windshield's rubber seal on the driver side. Replacing the windshield and resealing it will not solve the problem. To fix:

    1. Remove the windshield wipers and exterior trim around the windshield.
    2. Remove the interior windshield trim on the driver side
    3. Carefully pull out the long rubber seal that extends from the front base of the windshield and which extends across the top of the driver door.

    On the inside edge of the groove that seats the rubber seal, there are two steel plates that are spot-welded together. The water seeps under the rubber seal, runs down this groove (which is nothing more than a gutter). The water seeps between these two steel plates and drips onto your electrical components and shorts out the circuit board.

    I coated the inside of the groove with a thin coating of silicone sealant and used a thin putty knife to squeeze the sealant between the two steel plates. I also did this on the inside of the windshield for good measure.

    Be careful not to put too much silicone into the groove or else the rubber seal won't seat properly back in place. Also, you want to be careful not to "glue" the seal back in or it will be damaged the next time it is removed and it is an expensive part.

    After doing this, it took a few days for everything to dry out and I have not had one hiccup since. It completely solved the problem.
  • dale was ur 99expeditions battery totally drained after it rains fordschultz
  • dale77dale77 Posts: 16
    Battery did not drain. Symptoms were erratic dashboard behavior including instrument gauges pegging out (max and min), entire dash going dead, radio dying and/or screeching, climate control readouts going blank, battery charge light lighting up, 4X4 light coming on.
  • my battery drains no remote have to charge battery 4hours do u still recommend doing the work u told me thanks.
  • I would check your rear wiper motor. They are often the cause of phantom battery drain - they essentially wear out and continue to draw power even though the wiper is not moving.
  • if i pull the fuse would that work thanks
  • Just replaced the battery in my 2004 EB Expedition. The next day my heat/ac pannel has no power. The dash board keeps flashing 4x4 hi and low randomly but i havent taken the truck out of 2wd. I'm hoping its just a fuse.... PLEASE HELP!!!!!
  • I have a 1999 expedition and am having related issue seen in the current posts. But I have a twist I have not seen and I am needing someone to shed some light on how to fix it.
    If I hold down the auto side of the front wiondow switch the other passenger window switches work fine and sometimes the passenger windows will work fine once when vehical is first turned on the drivers window never works I hear the relay kick when you hit the switch but nothing happens.
    I have door lock issues as well my rear door passender door will not open must times the locks sometimes work and sometimes do not.
    My ABS light is on.
    My check engine light as well
    My washer fluid light is on.
    I have had the dead battery issue but has not happened for some time.

    Does the window control operation and door lock control go thru the insturment panel also and could it be the water issue ??
    Or is there a relay or such that can be replaced ???
  • Alwaysfords2 the back wiper was it pulled fuse it rained truck started it works thanks keep up helpin good luck ford people good luck
  • Glad it worked.
  • I had same problems out of my 99 eddie bower. i changed the windshield and had them seal it better ,with no luck. finally i took off the top luggage rack and put clear silicone in every hole then re installed the rack. also sealed under hood where cowl catches the water to keep it out of the engine compartment. but i think the main problem was the luggage rack. every time it rained i had radio playing with no key in the ignition, locks clicking , lights on,battery dead etc... hope this helps johnny.
  • dale77dale77 Posts: 16
    Try my fix described in thread #235. This will probably fix the problem.
  • dale77dale77 Posts: 16
    Resealing the windshield does not help. The problem is two steel plates under the rubber gasket on the drivers side. See my fix in thread #235. This fixed the problem once and for all. It's been 6 months and the problem completely disappeared.
  • dale77dale77 Posts: 16
    Your symptoms are different than mine so I'm not sure if the fix I discovered would work for you. But, it is easy to do and probably worth a try.
  • Today I get in the car and the battery was dead, after jumping it, the car went into a frenzy by making the same sound when you try to start the car after it is already started. The cruise light button is flashing. The car runs fine, but when in park for a few minutes it tries to restart - hence making the loud screaching sound until I put it in drive again. Please help with suggestions.

    ps. The battery indicator gauge is around 16 and the car start quickly since the battery jump. Any ideas?
  • dale77dale77 Posts: 16
    I don't know what to tell you. I was able to figure out the problem I was having from reviewing the blogs here and on other sites and by reviewing solutions to the problems that were very similar to mine. It took a while but I was finally successful. But your problem does not sound like mine at all. Electrical problems are like ghosts. If the problem occurs when the diagnostic computer is connected, you have a good chance of identifying the culprit. I would suggest reviewing more of the postings on this site to find descriptions of problems that closely match your problem and see if anybody has solved it. I did notice on this site that some people had issues with the rear wiper motor that was draining the battery but I'm not sure. If the problem is consistent, and you can count on it occurring when you take it to a mechanic to hook up the diagnostic computer, then I would do this. Good luck.
  • I have a 2005 Expedition, I recently have been experiencing the power cutting out for just a brief second. The time frame for loss of power varies, sometimes not even long enough to kill the engine, other times for 10-20 seconds. The loss of power is to everything across the dashboard including radio and door locks. The battery is good, alternator is good and no sucking noises to indicate fuel problem. Have hooked up computer and no problem codes are coming up, only indication besides loss of power that anything is wrong is check park assist sometimes shows up. The loss of power does reset my clock on the radio. mechanic has no idea what is wrong.
  • i have a 2000 ford expedition and it has a intermittent PATS no restart and factory radio shut down issue. i can leave key on and jump across starter relay and it will start, but radio wont come back on or wont restart with key for about 20 - 30 min's. IDEAL's ? p.s. it starts when it is cold or has been setting for awhile.
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