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Ford Expedition Electrical Problems



  • I have a 99 Expedition with ABS. A couple of years ago the ABS light would come on and then go off. I finally decided to stay on and I had it checked with a computer. The mechanic said the rear ABS sensor was mal-functioning. No problem, easy to replace. The light stayed on the the ABS in inoperative. Any diagnostic ideas?

  • dale77dale77 Posts: 16
    I think there are more than one ABS sensor. My ABS sensor was also acting up and the problem was solved by cleaning/repairing the circuit board behind the speedometer console. Please see my posts: #201 and #235.

    These two fixes solved my problems.
  • I have an 02 eddie bower edition Expedition. I did a tune up and coil pack in cyl#1 and now I have no windows, interior lights or sun roof. Checked fuses and relays and are good. Got a test part from the junk yard and tried the master switch, no change. Then tried the gem module, no change. I'm at a loss.
  • 144tap144tap Posts: 44
    This summer I towed a small trailer to Utah (1000mi) with my 99 E/B. Abs light came on during the trip and has stayed on, brakes seem to work fine. I've read the form, so has anyone had theirs worked on/replaced.
  • I have a ford Expedition and there are three problems one is the psi (130) and the fire plug (0k) I need help on how to fix it. How can I fix the problems?
  • esser01esser01 Posts: 1
    Did you ever figure out the issue?

    I have a similar issue with 2004 Expedition except not when the engine is running. The truck was fine. My wife turned it off at the gas station. When she tried to re-start it there was no power - power locks and dash did not work, other than a little dim of dashboard lights occasionally. When I arrived, I tried putting it into Neutral to push it - without hitting the brakes - it would not do anything. When I hit the brakes, I could move it to Neutral and then suddenly all the power turned on. The truck started fine.

    I was thinking it may have been in-between gears, but I was not able to re-create it.
  • mjcondesmjcondes Posts: 1
    I have this exact same issue, did you find resolution
  • zeke101zeke101 Posts: 1
    How was it bad? When I look at mine will it be obvious? If that's my issue would be great.
  • lhwilllhwill Posts: 5
    2003 Ford Exp Eddie Bauer
    Radio and fan controls no longer work on steering wheel controls
    Rear vent windows will not open or close
    Cd player doesn't work

    Are these all fuse issues?
  • alwaysfords2alwaysfords2 Posts: 288
    Hard to tell. If you are asking if they are all on the same fuse, they are not. Have you checked the fuses for the circuits you are talking about?
  • I have a 2001 Ford Expedition, just all of sudden one day my power windows, air vents/ A/C does not want to work. My dash lights, turn signals, 4 way flashers dont work when my headlights are on either. All it does is make clicking sounds and lights on my dash show up when I push my window buttons or turn on my vents. The weather is hot, and having no A/C or air vents is unbearable. :cry:
  • Can someone please help me fix the problem I am having with my expedition? I posted once before about the electrical problems with my vehicle. I'm wanting to know if it is fixable to where I can do it myself or do I have to take it into someone to have it fixed. Mind you I am not "electrical " minded when it comes to my car. so, every possible help would be greatly appreciated.. :confuse: :)
  • Firehawk:

    Your problem does not resemble mine. Mine was caused by a leak in the weld on the drivers side in the windshield gutter underneath the rubber seal. Water had leaked in and caused problems in one of the electrical components. You should be able to find my posts that addressed the problem. However, I don't know if your problem is caused by the same thing.
  • I have a 2003 expedition it keeps blowing the ignition relay it will just buzz from the fuse box on the passenger side, now it wotn start it is trying to turn over but just doesnt catch any ideas on what this might be it has a new alternater and battery.
  • Check your bearings had mine replaced and it worked great.
  • I had the exact same problem with my 2003 5.4 eddie bauer expedition. I replaced the entire fuse box due to melted/distorted connector on the back side. Takes about 1 hour and $500 bucks at Ford. Had to change the fuse box twice about every 75K miles. Got rid of the vehicle, just started falling apart.
  • aujpmaujpm Posts: 1
    After stopping to get gas, when I cranked my 2012 Ford Expedition, I could not shift out of Park. After trying seeral things, I pressed the TCS button and was able to shift from Park. However, then I lost sound on the radio and Sync and as I was driving I saw the displays on the dash come and go. Hoping that it would reset once I got home and turned the car off, I was disappointed to find that now the vehicle is parked in the garage and I cannot get it to shift out of Park. I have checked the fuse and taillights to make sure those weren't the problem and they weren't. Any suggestions--it's a holiday weekend and my vehicle is stuck in the garage!
  • I just bought a new 2012 XLT. After driving a few days realized that none of the buttons on the steering wheel light so I can't see to use the cruise control or answer the phone in the dark. I have had two prior expeditions and both lit. Also, my gear shift is not lit so I cannot see what gear I am in in the dark unless it is reverse because the camera lights up. I have had it back to the dealer and they can't find anything wrong.
    I have also been communicating with Ford online. Today they told me they talked to the dealer and agree with what he says because he has been "trained". I can't imagine the technology has gone backwards and it is a safety hazard. Anyone have a 2012 expedition that can tell me if this is the same on your vehicle?
  • i have 1997 expedition EB, the electrical problem has gone from bad to worse, it want to turn it self on when the key is out of the truck. the only way to stop it is to disconnect the battery. i had start in and move it all the time i had a clecking sound 2 time every second. then when i turned off the start would kick in every 5 seconds. until disconnect the battery? any ideas?
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