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Ford Expedition Electrical Problems



  • jaxyjenjaxyjen Posts: 6
    Back to the dealer a 4th time with this SUV. Told of yet another part more $$ to fix problem - they are now approx 75% sure this will do it. Yeah RIGHT!

    I've have heard for the last time how service tech can not make car act up and they've "never heard of anything like this" before. I guess non of them service techs, dealers or Ford pay any attention to the communications (emails sent to them or blogs)

    If they can't repeat problem.... Can I sell car without problems??


    If anyone has listing and info on previous parts problems fixes, I am printing tons of pages out to take with me to the dealer to show them of the "non-existing" problems with electrical system(s).
  • jrsfamjrsfam Posts: 1
    When I start my 2000 Ford Expedition by dashboard lights and radio display flicker off and on. My driver side window goes down on its own. Sometimes my ac turns off. Now my dome lights stay on while I am driving and even after I turn by car off.
    I have replaced the battery and alternator. My mechanic said my alarm system was malfunctioning so he disconnected it. That did not solve the problem. And off course when I try to show my mechanic what is wrong it doesn't do it. Very frustrated !!!!!!
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    I forgot to respond back! Thanks! Thats exactly what it was!! So far, only the other issues remain. We're tackling them one at a time! Next is the annoying door ajar!

    I love driving the Expy but gas is really becoming a threat. We put in $75 and only got 3quarters worth of gas... But the MPG is improving! I was driving and I was getting nearly 16mpg City! Big Baby never revs but it is a beast when it does!

    As much as we hate paying for gas... and we HATE, we love our truck more! Being paid off only adds insult to injury! :shades:

  • kd4kmzkd4kmz Posts: 19
    Get some WD40 and go around to all your doors and spary the door connector area, the door adjar switches are in there nowspray and open and close each door several times to get the lubricant up in there and your problem may go away, mine did no more door adjar or interior light activation on thier own, amazing that everything went hay wire around the same time and I kept reading it was one thing it is multiple things. ALready replaced teh heat and cold attuator in the rear now the roof and floor attuator is out, Replaced the Vehicle secirity module that was fun, moissture from teh aircondition sweating into the box was causing a positive short that when wet was shutting off my radio and woulnd't let the windows come down, I heard it was water from teh window seal, but I sprayed the window and roof exceissively and never found the water penetrating and then realized it never happened in teh winter or when the AC wasn't on or had been on where moisture had built up, after a well the contacts will start to stick and you end up changing the Vehicle secutiy module and the fuse box assembly , because the GEm is on teh BAck of the Fuse Box and teh contacts will stay stuck periodically.
  • I also have a 2003 expedition with the same problem.
    Have you found a solution or like me, are you just replacing the starter relay?

    I have had the vehicle in for service 4 times, each time they replaced the symptom but never fixed the cause.

    Now that I know what to change, I found the starter relay at Napa for $10.00

    Any input would be helpful.
  • Without warning my expedition began having numerous problems. First, the gear shift became stuck in park and could not be shifted while it was cranked. Fortunately I was able to drive home from work by turning key to 1st position, and cranking the car form neutral. Then a few raindrops later, I found out that my wipers were not working. After popping the hood I noticed the hoodlight did not work either. Neither did the door chime or inside lights. The headlights, brake and signal lights all worked fine. I really don't think the problem is moisture in the fusebox - everything seemed dry under the hood. Somebody please give me some possible causes and solutions before I get the inevitable "run-around" from the dealership. :confuse:
  • kd4kmzkd4kmz Posts: 19
    :sick: Well, there are multiple things that can go wron, I have fixed several but not the last.
    Item 1 fixed. popping in rear passenger wheel well, was plenenun mototr for lowere and upper air cox was sheared had to replace whole unit $65

    Item 2, interior lights coming on , door adjar and locks on and off, fix for this was wd40 in all door mechanisms one of teh doors had gummed up and was flaking out, but ever since I sprayed them and opened them and closed them seveal times to get the lubricant throughout, have not had this problem again

    Item 3 Pending problem. Radio goes off and on intermittently, can sometimes hear relays when this occurs sometimes not, at the same time this occurs the power windows and door button illumination goes out.
    What I have done so far, removed and inspected the Fuse block and the VSM, no water or traces of water, opened every relay and cleaned all the contacts no resolve, there were solder on relays on the underlying board of teh fuse block so I thought maybe one of those had wigged out, so I replaced the entire fuse block, $178 this did not fix the problem. I even cleaned all the battery cables and replaced the battery. ANother $109(recommneded by Ford Tech, I was due for a new battery any way, but once again this did not fix it.

    SO isolate time, is it the buttons on teh door for the window controls? Is it the Radio or is there a short

    I was so upset, I started to remove the dash cover firs tthe faceplate that covers the steering whell gages and before I could get it out as I was trying to Jimmy over the steering whell column, I noticed that as I shook it the radio came back on, seem to happen off and on as I was shaking it then it stopped, tried to shake each indivisual wire harnes still connected to this but could not isolate it, in fristration I hit the center of teh dash over the radio, walla the radio came on then it wnet off and every time Ihit the dash the same thiing, SO is it in the radio or is there a short under the dash, this is where I am now trying to trouble it, but I am pretty sure it is in the dash or radio, if anyone has already figure it out let me know before I pull the whole dash apart looking for an open , burnt or broke wire, see sometimes when I hit bumps or turn hard I notice the radio will do the same ting, remember I said the windows stop functioning at the same time. How many more grey hairs Ron
  • Tammymac I am having the same exact issue and the dealer has no idea. Can you let me know if you had this fixed??!?!! HELP. if you want i can give you my number and maybe you can help to finally put this to rest. Thanks so much. Alex
  • Somtimes when it rains my truck goes crazy, I go to open the driver door and it thinks the key is in the ignition and dings at me. Somtimes the radio won't go off, then the lights on my running boards come on and wont go off. After a big rain all my dash lights are on and the truck won't turn over. After 8-9 hours it usually starts right up, thats if the radio dash lights and running board lights coming on hasn't drained the battery. Can any one please give me some advice. Thanks
  • I am having the same problem This all happened in the same day!! It's been very dry here any news on how to fix this yet?? I checked all the fuses. I have never heard of such problems
  • First My EXPO wouldn't shift into park. I put it in neutral by turning the key slightly forward and started it to shift it into gears..Its annoying as heck.. Then I tried to roll the windows down because it s hot in minnesota now.. 1. all windows wont roll down 2. the rear defrost dosent work 3. the interior dome lights dont work. 4 my radio has been acting up for a year now and its getting old listening to the same cd songs every day! 5. There is a crazy popcorn old lady sound when I drive down a bumpy road. 6. My drivers door is hard as heck to get open its like i have to pull it toward me and pull the handle..if anyone has a answer for 1. Id be happy as heck lol If my window starts rolling up or down or the lights flicker im selling
  • Has anyone fixed the relay problem that is causing the car to turn off? the dealers had my car for 3 weeks and cant figure it out. It seems like it might have something to do with the wiring harness. Please if you have gotten this fixed let me know. thanks
  • Message center keeps sending "check charging system" but gage shows charge. I have had the battery and alternator checked several times at Autozone, etc and they check out okay. When I check thru the message center it shows the charging system to okay. What is causing the problem and how do I correct it?

  • please please contact me if you figure out the problem with your radio and your windows working and then not working and hearing the sizzle in the fuse box. Banging on the dash just above the radio or instrument cluster and it hopefully will start working. I have the exact same problem on my 2003 exp. I have had it in several times and hundreds of dollars later and still not fixed. fuse area is perfectly dry no sign of water, all wires hooked up and connected, relays and fuses all good, dash removed everything looks good,and still does the same thing. I have searched for hours and hours on the possible cause and the only thing left that I havent tried is replacing the instrument cluster. I have read and been told that this could be the problem. Nobody knows for sure what the problem is. If you have figured out your problem please get in contact with me asap as I am ready to buy a new instrument cluster. If you notice that if you pound on the dash just above the instrument cluster it will usually come on, this is also true above the radio. WHO KNOWS any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Steve
  • Sorry I have not yet took the time to finsih my troubleshooting and was not going to spend more money until I had time. I didn't drive it for several days where I didn't use the AC, and not using the AC for a couple days during the nice weather my problem was gone, but after I started using the AC again, the problem started back up. A friend of mine who does car audio installs said that he has dealt with a couple of FOrd electrical issues while installing and said a FOrd tech told him ther have been known issues in teh ignition switch when moisture is present as well as actual problems with the factory radio. I did look at the scematic and saw that the windows and the Radio share the same voltage feed, the ironic thing is it also coorelates to his comments on the ignition switch, the secondary voltage I.e. when iginition turned on share the same feed. More to think about One thing that I have been noticing is that allot of times when I notice the raio go out or come on is normally during breaking. I remember when I traded in my 2001 F150, the ford service manager telling me that there was allot of problems with the switch on the peddle, that pulls down voltage from the rest of the vehicle when it goes bad due to the fact the lights draw so much during breaking. It has been a couple of years since he told me and I can't remember which switch , I tries to unplug all down there but it made no difference, but I don't know why this keeps coming back to my thought, maybe because voltage is always constant through the switch and maybe if engaged it causes reverse leg shorting, I don't know, it is the only issue I have left that I have not resolved myself, jus tthe window and radio which I as you know are tied together and the voltage path is consistent, my next thought is to just unhook the radio plugs and see if the windows get affected. Let me reiterate that when I do not use the AC for an extended period of time I do not have the issue it goes away, so I am confident that moisture or sweating of some kind is occuring in a component somewhere that is leading to the underlying issue at least for my 2003 Expedition. Note if anyone needs a response from me you have to leave a reply, because we cannot leave email or phone numbers and I will have to respond here.
  • kd4kmz thanks for getting back to me on my electrlical problem with the radio and windows. I think our problems are different as mine doesn't seem to have anything to do with condensation or the brakes. mine just goes out when it wants to and comes on when it wants to,believe me i've been dealing with it for 2 years. It might start working in 10 minutes and maybe in 10 days. I drove all the way from fla. to Illinois 1350 miles not using the air and not having any music, it would never work. I got in my town and ready to park the car at my house and the radio came on. NO RHYME OR REASON.. Steve
  • I am having a similar problem. I live in Chicago IL. (20 minutes outside) and my Expedition was left outside. It got cold (48 outside) over night, and my Ford was dead in the morning, (dome lights wouldn't even turn on). I jumped it, and noticed that the climate control was inoperable (doesn't even light up). I took it to Ford, and they had thought that the unit burned out. Cool, I can buy one on e-bay for about $40.00 instead of 326.00 that they quoted me... I left feeling a little better, knowing what the problem was....Then something strange started happening... The 4wd high/low is flashing in 1 minute intervals at the same time. The driver seat is adjusting on it's own, the back up aid is not working, when I exit the vehicle the radio stays on, I have to re-open the doors and close them again to turn it off, and I still have the problem with the climate controls. Call me stupid, but this sounds a little more indepth than a climate control burning out. After reading countless issues with the Expedition (including the cool feature of auto ignite, where it decides to burn it's self to the ground after being parked for 3-5 hours) I am not sure I am very fond of this truck anymore. I am not encouraged by everyone on this having similar electrical problems, and not having Ford be able to identify the problem causes grave concern, seeing how my wife and 3 kids (who are secured in their car seats) are driving in a fire laden death trap. I almost hope it does burn down to the ground while parked on my street (I stoped parking in the garage, which is directly under the kids room). Does anyone have any clue as to what the problem is?? Seriously, this is scarry! I want to drive it to Chevy and get a tahoe if my dealer won't/can't fix it. I am sure this is going to cost huge, considering I am out of work, and out of warranty. Damn Murphy's law~ Anyone help?? please??

    :cry: :sick: :lemon:
  • Started with air bag light coming on and off, then the other day the 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive high lights started blinking. Now the drivers side door will not open using the inside handle.

    Any suggestions

  • Well, I got the internal temperature control and I need to say that 99% of my problems got resolved. I still have the back up aid not working though. I suggest trying it as well. Look on e-bay for a used temp control interface (the one in the dash, under the radio (I am not sure if this is the correct name or not)). Give that a shot as it resolved my issues except for the back up aid. It is super easy to uninstall/reinstall the new one, and it only runs like 40-60 bucks on e-bay and takes 1 hour (its plug and play, for lack of better terms) to install. The door sounds like a different problem all together though.

    Give it a shot, good luck. :)
  • :confuse: Dear Lord and Ford Owners, :confuse:
    I wish I had seen these discussions before I bought my 2002 Ford Expedition 2 months ago...
    Lord, I am a low income guy and can only afford a Ford on a monthly payment basis...If my SUV went down like those mentioned in this Forum, I would be suicidal...
    I just got a V8 4.5L 2WD 2002 Ford Expedition and the first thing I ever noticed at the dealer was the windshield washer light was lit. I spoke with the used car dealer manager and he said he already ordered the new washer fluid's container with sensors attached. I picked it up from him a week later and replaced the old one. I couldn't find any issue with the old one (no holes, no crack, no burn sensors, etc..). Anyways, since I had the new one on, I went to Kragon and got a full gallon of washer fluid. I dumped the whole thing in there. Everything worked fine, the light on dash disappeared. I was happy with my hard work. When I got home the light came back on, I went check the fluid, nothing was there. It charged off into the fender and beneath the floor. It ran all the way to the muffler...Lord...I took the container back out and couldn't find anything wrong with it. I suspected that the pressure release sensor is bad which is why it activated on its own and charge off the fluid. Well, I am not going to mess with it and wait for my brother who's a master mechanic to get a hand on it when he came back from out of state...
    I've always heard the term" Fail On Road Dead" "Fix Over Rate Daily" and laughed at it. But it seems that Ford sucks even though on new ones...
    My is not too bad. I just took a 1K miles trip and it runs very good. The only thing I've seen so far is the oxidation residues on the terminal of the battery.
    Lord, help us!
    Why would ford make money putting people in danger? Isn't Ford supposed to love its own country and the patriotism of the people who stil stick with Ford instead of imported cars?
    Darn Ford!!!
    My first and will be my last Ford product. :P
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