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Ford Expedition Electrical Problems



  • kd4kmzkd4kmz Posts: 19
    OK to all, I have finally pulled my dash completely apart and the problem went away temporarily and when I put it back to gether it came back. it is either the connector housing in the instrument display or it is the instrument display all together. No more banging the dash, I just left the two screws out that lock in the dash face plate and when the radio is not on or the windows don't go down, I just push in on the instrument panel and everything comes back on. I pulled the instrument panel part looks like some of the flat leadss are warped out a bit and apparently with the severe heet or humidity makes it worse and they must be spreading just enough to loose connectivity, I just push in on the display and everythingtarts working, now to find out the cost of a replacement
  • ok here goes. I have had all of the above problems, cranking in park, radio goes off and on ,sunroof stuck on stupid, so we changed the battery , starter, etc. Took it to my mechanic,thank god his wife had similar problems!!! He advised me that my winshield was leaking!!! Imagine that!!! The water leaks from the upper corners down the rubber seal onto the computer located on the passenger side(way under the dash). Went down to napa and my husband sealed the windshield"> with windshield sealant.I have never had the problem again!!! Even the slightest humidity will do this to the computer. I even went to Ford and they couldnt find the problem. Hope this helps everyone in this thread....
  • The winshiled is leaking!!!!!! Humidity is leaking onto the computer!!!! Seal the windshield, good Luck, it worked for me!!!! I was ready to launch mine in the bayou,until i finally got answers from my mechanic(not Ford)......
  • Electrical Problems/Possesed Expedition,lights flashing, radio turns off and on,cranking while in park,sunroof stuck on stupid??????????

    Seal the Front Windshield!!!!!
    Good Luck Everyone,
  • alwaysfords2alwaysfords2 Posts: 288
    Enough already, we get the point.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Enough already, we get the point.

    Yes, but can you offer solutions? :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • alwaysfords2alwaysfords2 Posts: 288
    She made the same point and offered the same solution three times in a row. Of course it took her about 25 minutes to send the basically the same message. We get it, the problem and the solution.
  • nrmatthnrmatth Posts: 2
    Our windshield wipers on our 2000 EB EXP come on sometimes at startup and you have to turn of the truck to restart. Also if you put them on, they will stay on until you restart the car. Back passenger window won't work, sunroof stopped working halfway, cd player won't eject sometimes, ABS light always on and 1st cyl misfire where spark plugs have oil in them. Anyone know how to help with any of these? The spark plugs especially. We have oil in 3 spark plugs and get a bad misfire. Is it coils, tubes? We've already changed plugs. :confuse:
  • kd4kmzkd4kmz Posts: 19
    ">To all who have put up with my many emails, getting laid off gave me the time to interrogate my electrical issues that are now resolved

    Problem 1 - Rear Air would not exchange to the upper head

    Resolve - Replaced the Cog set in the actuator, little White box inside rear passenger fender well accessed by removing utility holder and cup holder from back plastic area, you have to have really small hands, I had the cogs if you have to buy the unit you are looking at around 50 with tax

    Problem 2 - Radio would go out and at same time windows would not work

    Resolve - Remove the instrument cluster panel remove disassemble to get to the aluminum looking feeler clips that provide electrical contact for your gauges, once removed just pinch them together to ensure they will give a tight fit when the boards are pressed back together. The problem occurs when one gets a little loose or does not have a good contact as the primary voltage flows through this board left to Right that feeds the radio and the windows

    Problem 3 - rear popping in the passenger side

    Resolve like problem 1 it is the same there are two actuators in the rear panel, one exchanges the heat and cold and the upper is for the lower and upper air , 99% of the time the cogs are chewed up and you will need a new actuator $50 for part, if you do it yourself

    Just to note, I have not experienced any of the water issues in the 2003 or has any of my friends the ones reported are all 2002 and older. Sorry for any confusion in any of my previous post, the above are the resolve to my problems I had.

    I do have two other problems if anyone has the answers as I haven't trouble shot
    1. pedal forward reverse control seems to not work all the way now
    2. grinding and not full engagement of AWD when selected

    I hope this info helps someone God Bless Ron
  • have 2003 eddie bauer expedition. The seats are in the fold position, can not get the seats to go up or down from any of the switches. checked out the 30 amp fuses and they both checked good. Has any body experienced this, are there any relays that control the seats
  • My 2003 Expedition has been taking a couple tries to start each time; she drives great though once started. This began about a week ago. Now when it gets started the radio takes about 10-15 seconds to come on. Battery was checked, alternator is good. I had a tune up about 6 months ago. Not sure what it could be, maybe electrical? Fuel pump? Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  • I have had very similiar, but not exactly the same problems with my 02 Eddie Bauer Expedition. Ours started probably about a year ago with JUST the power window fuse blowing when you opened the doors or turned the interior lights on. I believe that was due to moisture bc it started after a HEAVY rain and "fixed itself" after awhile, once it dried up. About 4 months after that my wife had just cranked the Exp and ran back inside to grab something and when she came out it had shut off on its own. When she attempted to start it again, it would not start, but just click, as if the battery was completely dead and then it She said first the lights flashed....the DVD/VCR player started making noises...she heard a sound like wires shorting...and the truck filled with smoke...she jumped out and to her amazement the truck started cranking itself...SHE had the keys..but it was turning over...and kept turning over.. luckily it didn't feel like starting and actually After a few minutes all was calm, except her. I wasn't there so my father-in-law came over and looked at the truck. LONG story short, he replaced some it to the dealership...and they told me about all the problems with the windshields...said they fixed it... I have never seen or felt moisture...We had other problems but my post is already too long...but NOW our interior lights...ALL of them except the dome and map lights...continuously flash when the headlights are on...the interior lights..and they almost have a pattern to them...slow when I go slow...faster when I go faster...If I turn the headlights off..the radio lights are fine...and dont flash.. So anyone have any ideas on what would solve it??? I was about to go for the fuse box and GEM...and take a look...and look at relays..I figured it was one or the other...but if someone could narrow it down I would appreciate it..
  • My Expedition 2001 with Triton 5.4 stared running with a low idle around 500rpm and dies out when I stop CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHATS WRONG

  • I'd start with the Idle Air Control (IAC) valve.
  • Hey Ken, I was wondering if you ever found out the problem. We are having similar problems with our Expedition. It seems to have Gremlins. We've looked for leaks and don't see anything. Thanks! Laurel
  • :confuse: Hello! We just bought a 2000 Expy dirt cheap. The tranny didn't work. We were able to get a tranny and my husband and son installed it themselves so they are capable of working on cars.

    The Expy drives good but there seems to be a bunch of gremlins in it. Everything going on is mentioned in this forum but few if any have any solutions so here goes..anyone have any help on the following?

    1) Windshield wipers do not work. Husband hotwired to the motors and they work, have checked fuses and wondering if the problem is in the multi function switch. Both rear and front do not work BUT the sprayers work.

    2) When I turn it off the fan motor for the a/c comes on full blast. It will not turn off unless I click the dome lights on and off... really!

    4) The odometer comes on and goes off. Hubby is going to try the soldiering sometime this week but I'm wondering if with the multiple of problems they could be related to one another.

    5) Gas guage sometimes works and sometimes does not. It does not come on and off with the odometer. It has a mind of its own.

    For $600 on the Expy and $200 on the transmission I'm more than happy with it so far. Given my hub and son's aptitude for fixing things themselves I'd rather try some things on our own before going to a shop. We already replaced all of the fuses! Any other ideas?

    Thanks ahead of time.
    Laurel :confuse:
  • The instrument cluster on my 97 Exp needs replacing. Gauges (Oil, eng temp, Battery) have all gone haywire. This was a result of an alternator going out. Ford wants $1200 to replace the cluster. I found a cluster on the net for $130, but I have no idea how complicated it is to do the replacement. Has anyone done a replacement before and can tell me how involved it is and what to expect? Thanks
  • Replaced the alternator a few days ago.

    Yesterday the check engine light came on and idle went to crap.

    Ran OBD11 tests and have #4 MissFire.

    Cleaned Coil Ignitors and check wires.

    Can the MissFire be related to Alternator?

    If not, what is the probable cause?
  • I have a 06 Expedition that I replaced the alternator on but I still continued to have the check engine lilght come. The dealer ran a diagnostic check and said their was a problem with the alternator. They also said that the computer has to be reset after replacing the alternator. They wanted to replace the alternator but I had them recalibrate the comptuter and the problem went away.
  • Interesting!! In this case however, the check engine light came on two days after the alternator was replaced.

    I will be troubleshooting tomorrow. In my research I did find an interesting fact. To rule out the coil ignitor, I can swap the positions. If the miss-fire swaps then it indicated the coil ignitor.
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