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Ford Expedition Electrical Problems



  • How often do you start it? If the alternator is in fact working properly, to kill a new battery there would have to be a pretty big drain somewhere or it is sitting for a long long time.
  • archlarchl Posts: 4
    I can jump it and drive it one day and then it won't start the next without jumping it again. How long should I have to drive it to get a full charge so it should start again? When I do a system check on it when it is running is says the charging system is ok.
  • If it is dead then you'd need to drive it a long time to get it fully charged. I'd guess you either have a battery that is no good or an alternator that isn't charging it. Or maybe the problem isn't the alternator or battery, but delivery of the charge? One thing to check would be all the terminals on the battery and alternator - are all the connections good and clean? Also the more the battery goes dead the more you reduce it's life. Do you have a battery charger you can put on it? A nice 10 or 12 hour trickle charge will at least get it charged back up and you can restart looking at the options.
  • I have a 2003. I had a problem close to your and we found out it was the rear wiper motor was drawing the battery even when the key was out. I was told the the assembly froze up. Good luck :)
  • archlarchl Posts: 4
    Thanks very much. My rear wiper gets stuck straight up when I try to use it and then I have to manually push it back down into place when I get home. I assumed the same thing that once the key was off it would stop working. My battery issues started at the same time. Was it an easy fix that you can do yourself or did you have to take it to the dealership?
  • Pull the fuse to test the theory.
  • archlarchl Posts: 4
    Thank you for your help. It was the rear windshield wiper. We disconnected the power from it and now it starts every time.
  • I have a 2003 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 4 X 4 that is having serious electrical problems. I'll try to be concise, yet descriptive in the issues it is having and would appreciate any feedback.
    Problems started about 6 months ago with a dead battery. Battery was replaced. I'm not sure the timing of the problems but know it wasn't immediately after replacing the battery but it started with the auto lights not working. The "lights on" warning sound also stopped working. Soon after that the radio quit working, the windows would not go down and the keyless remote stopped working. The interior lights also quit working automatically. since then, the keyless remote now works however the rest of the problems remain.
    To make things even more interesting my wife has left the lights on mistakenly a number of times since and has had to jump start the vehicle. Sometimes when she does this it sets off the security alarm.
    I hope someone can tell me this is a minor problem, but I'm guessing its not. I'm planning to take to dealership but can't really afford a $500+ repair.
    Please help!
  • i was having electrical issues replaced battery etc.. try replacing battery cables the get really corroded after i did this everything started working again and its cheaper 500.00 but get the cables from auto parts store not the dealer cause the dealer's cables are outrageously priced
  • My MIL has a 2005 ford expedition. Her brake lights have gone out and its not the bulbs. She took it to the dealership and was told that someone changed her fuses on her fuse box. There were 30s put in instead of 15s. She was told that that blew the circuit board or the wires or something. They want 800+ dollars to fix or replace the board. This is a bit much and I was looking for a real answer to the problem.
  • The real answer is to not let people who don't know what thee are doing work on your car. The circuit is designed for 15 amps, and they basically ignored the fact that the fuses blew and over fused the circuit. Good luck figuring out what really happened now that everything is toast. Did you try going back to 15's to see if by some wild chance things may work?
  • The ticking in the back is probably a blend door actuator. What's killing the battery is another story....
  • kd4kmzkd4kmz Posts: 19
    Review some of my latest post for some answers, the clicking in the right is your relays in the fuse box, determine which relay is clicking is first step to determine what is killing battery, the, lat poster was correct about the rear you have a bad atuator either the one that exchanged the hot cold air to the back or the one that adusts the air to the floor or overhead vents. That is 65 dollar pary if you do work yourself 400 if Ford does it. Hope this helps
  • The rear wiper motor is a common battery killer - does your rear wiper work correctly?
  • licalica Posts: 2
    Im not sure if I should be happy to find this message board or pissed off. I have had electrical problems with my 2000 expedition going on 3 years. I had a sunroof that went off track. One day after a pretty heavy storm I found a puddle of water on the driver side. The car ran but noticed it more frequently then the problem started with the car not starting. I though maybe it was had to do with the sun roof so I sealed it. Still I continued to get water and no start on days when it rained. I had the car looked at about a week ago when it didn’t start and they were not able to figure it out. Its been raining here and yesterday as I was out driving the radio went in and out, the wipers on and off. Then when I put it in park the it made this noise as if it was trying to start!!! REALLY. I find this board and im reading everyones issue and I think to myself at least the car is not trying to start on its own without the key in the ignition and low and behold 15min into reading the posts the car starts trying to start!!!!

    Anyway I saw 2 things that came up. Either replacing the windshield or at least checking the seal or looking at the GEM/CJB and having that replaced. So Im wondering if its even worth having this fixed? I would like to keep the car but I don’t want to get stuck on the road somewhere because it still a problem. Is this a permanent fix in your opinion?
  • First things first, you need to stop the water from coming in. Then you need to evaluate how fried everything is, you may be out of luck if this has been going on for three years. There are only three places water can be getting in from - the sunroof drains, the windshield and a heater core failure. A heater core will leak on the passenger side, so now you are down to 2 places. If you have sealed up the roof, then no need to check the drains. Or you can un seal it, and be able to use it again after checking the drains. A glass shop can check for a windshield leak, or you can do a rough test yourself. Get a bottle of soapy water and either an air line from a compressor or a can of compressed air. Spray the soapy water around the perimeter of the windshield, then go inside with the compressed air. If you see bubbles outside, you have a leak. You may have to lift the black strip surrounding the windshiled a bit.
  • licalica Posts: 2
    Well I have had leaks on the passenger side but not down on the floor but the seat. It happen maybe 3 times in the past 3 years so its not as often as it gets wet on the driver side floor. I noticed it wet where the sunroof is and I cant figure out why its wet if its sealed on the outside.

    I will take it in to the mechanic today and let them know what ive learned here and see if they can do anything.
  • On my 2003 Ford expedition my windows sometimes will not roll up, also I noticed my radio is acting really weird when I try to turn it down with the knob it load ens the radio instead of lowering it also the CD player says error when I try to do anything with it. I use to be able to use my key less entry it would just take a long time for it to unlock I would have to put the code in several times well now it does not work at all. Has anyone ever experienced this and if you have what was the problem?
  • serialdataserialdata Posts: 1
    edited December 2010
    I currently have the same problem with the door ajar in the mess center as well as the pentals not functionly properly. What was the fix?
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