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Volkswagen Cabrio Convertible Top Problems



  • joesfjoesf Posts: 1
    Thanks for the great tip about McNetts. I bought a tube of it at REI and it worked like a charm to fix the split seam on my Cabrio's top :) .
  • Hi dear,
    I believe in your hardworking,and I wont fix hardtop too,almost split complete.
    Please if You can send some picture or where I can buy instructions to take off
    and saw that on professional machine. Thanks,
  • dumkofdumkof Posts: 1
    I am currently troubleshooting my hydraulic leak problem on my 99 cabrio.

    I have my rear seat and the carpet in the trunk. I have remove the screws and clips to remove the rear side panels but I am having trouble removing them. I do not want to damage the panels so is there a book or someone to explain the removal process.

    Thanks so muck

  • reyes271reyes271 Posts: 1
    I have 1999 VW Cabrio. Hydraulic pump on the convertible top is leaking under the passenger side, what do I do?I have a 99 VW Cabrio. The hydraulic pump for the top is leaking under the passenger side. What can I do to fix this? Can you change it from an automatic top to a manuel?
  • hallkanehallkane Posts: 20
    Greetings. The motor for my 99 GLS (cloth top) convertible died a few years ago. Luckily for me, it did not leak. Yes, you can convert it to a manual convertible top. I had to drain the hydraulic fluid out of the motor, and leave out the "plug screw (?)" in order to raise and lower the top. Putting the plug in made the pistons work too hard. Now, (without the plug or fluid) it can be raised and lowered by one person. My 19 year old daughter, now the principal driver, does it all the time. Good Luck!
  • fowveyfowvey Posts: 2
    My 1999-1/2 Cabrio GLS just developed a similar problem--
    --Roof motor will NOT retract roof (only a clicking sound of motor running)
    --Roof motor WILL raise roof without problems

    Any chance this could be an issue with the hand brake not indicating that it's set?
    Any chance that there's an electrical fix that doesn't involve replacing the roof hydraulic motor?
    Any other ideas that would lead to a less expensive fix?

    At least I now have the top in manual mode and can put it up/down by hand.

    Thanks for any assistance.
  • hallkanehallkane Posts: 20
    Hi Fowvey-
    Wish I could offer more help. Worth it to check handbrake issue. Sounds logical. You might get lucky. Your problem sounds different than mine. I had my local VW Mr-Fix-it to investigate my problem, verify motor issue and provide a quote for replacing it. That's when the $800+ parts price tag arrived and decision to live with manual operation. Junk yard could offer no help for part.

    Just looked in my VW Repair book for you (Bentley Publishing), could find nothing detailing parking brake link to convertible top motor. Sorry.
  • fowveyfowvey Posts: 2
    Thanks Hallkanea...I appreciate the response.
    I'll keep looking into this and let everyone know if I figure it out.
  • lauryn_flauryn_f Posts: 1
    I have a vw cabrio and we are looking for a convertible top motor. We have been unsucessful in finding one and we need it within the month. Please help!
  • You can find the convertible pump motor on eBay. You can also find the hydraulic rams on there to. If you hear the pump running when trying to activate your convertible top, and nothing happens, check to make sure you have enough fluid in the pump. If its low, you will need to find the leak.
  • Try Rhino Glue for your split convt top seams,This is what the pros use. only $14.95 @

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