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Lincoln Town Car Water Leaks



  • lp284lp284 Posts: 12
    I found it, It was the drain hole in the grill where the wiper blades are, Thanks
  • I looked at a fairly clean 91 t/c today.ABS light is on.I remember that in 91,being the 1st year for the 4.6,They had issues with the motor and the ABS.I can't remember what the problem was with the ABS though?Want to know before I buy it.Thanks.
    p.s.,any fix for the auto pull down motor on the trunk??
  • Just wanted to say Thank You to everyone for all the great info on this thread. Got my rear passenger floorboard leak problem fixed just by reading the thread from beginning, never even had to ask a question, lol. Anyway, I do now have another issue.......Blower Motor works, no fuses or relays bad, still NO air from vents. Any ideas? I only ask here cause I see that lp284 had the same problem. Just wondering if you had made any headway on that issue.
  • Ralka,you out here????I bought a '91 sig.series T/C yesterday.The ABS light is on.I know they had that issue when knew but I can't remember what the fix is.Any idea???Thanks.
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    sorry, have been very busy lately and haven't been on
    i can help with water leaks but i would have to ask friends with more experience in the electrical and code issues for the abs problem. i will ask around
    have yu had it scanned for the codes?
  • Not yet.I bought 4 abs sensors for the car.1 on each wheel.The car runs goods,brakes fine,just no ABS.It's in better shape then the 94 I sold last month.
  • tmdeetmdee Posts: 1
    Did anyone ever figure out the solution to water accumulating in the rear passenger floor board on Town Cars? I have the same problem as many others on my 2001 TC but I am hearing so many different remedies. I am leaning more towards believing the scenario that the water is coming from the firewall. Seems like Lincoln (Drive Quality right?) would have put a recall out to fix this problem. :confuse:
  • Yea,after trial and error,the problem turned out to be the hood release area on the firewall.Water was getting in there.We Put some sealer around it and that was that.I had a 99,which in that regard is no different then your 01. :shades: I have since been thru a 94,now have a 91.I like this one best!!No leaks,no creaks when I turn left,ABS sensors in front are new,so no lights there and the engine is smooth for 125k!! ;)
  • boss80boss80 Posts: 5
    i have a leak coming from the back of the engine 4.6 i want to know what could have a hole in it
  • kenb757kenb757 Posts: 149
    First do a cooling system pressure check (when the engine is cool please). If it's from a hose, you'll probably see where it's spewing from. If it's internal, a gasket might be leaking (much more expensive fix).
  • nwraaanwraaa Posts: 159
    Make sure that the coolant level is correct. Remove the engine cover and look at the hoses with aid of a flashlight. One of the hoses runs under the intake manifold. Often when it leaks under the manifold the coolant will run to the back of the engine if the front end of the car is higher then the rear end. The other hose is easier to check.
  • boss80boss80 Posts: 5
    how do i go about doing that
  • gotrekgotrek Posts: 8
    Hey fellas.

    I have been following the posts about the wet floors. I have a 1998 TC that started leaking about a month ago. When it leaks it's massive. Not uncommon to get two inches of water standing in the passenger floor board.

    Today a siliconed the stuff under and around the cowl and removed the drain plugs from the front and rear floor pans. While pulling back the front carpet I noticed a rubber pad with foam backing between the firewall and carpet (passenger side). It is soaking wet like water was getting under it. How do I get the rubber pad out?

    On a side note, I'm the third owner of the car. Is there a way I can find out if any recalls are open on this particular car?
  • gotrekgotrek Posts: 8

    I was able to move the padding around a bit. Found some minor rust on the transmission tunnel under the pad.

    I put the heater on floor and dialed to 90*. It's starting dry aout a bit now. Now I know why you can turn the heater up that high. ;)
  • Hi.Yea,the rubber padding is for sound I guess.You'll need to check the firewall area near the hood release.That's where the water was coming in on my 99. I lifted the rugs and pulled the drain plugs and let it sit for 3 or 4 days to dry it out.I saw a little rust as well. Oh,and I squeezed the excess water out of the padding as much as I could.
  • gotrekgotrek Posts: 8
    Well, it's raining again today. There is still some leakage. Not nearly as much as before but still some runs.

    I still have carpet pullled back so I can monitor the leaks.

    Does the glove box need to come out to get at the rubber pad?
  • There's a filter behind the glove box that you probably have to remove the box to get to.I didn't take mine off,just loosened it till it was hanging. I was able to squeeze water out of it that way.It was coming in under the hood area thru the cabin filter. Under the hood,passenger side on the black plastic there's a potential leaky area as well. You need to take the black stuff off and put some goop in there as well.I forgot about that part.I did that on my 99 as well as the hood release area.
  • gotrekgotrek Posts: 8

    I'll try to get it taken apart this weekend (weather permitting).
  • It's not a hard job taking it apart.Took me 15 minutes or so between the glove box and that stuff under the hood,which is where you should put some waterproof stuff for sure.Good luck.
  • melba1melba1 Posts: 5
    I had a leak like that in my 2000 towncar all it was is leaf's in the grill near the winshield. Lift the hood and unscrew the grill at the winshield and vacuum the leaf's out. I can't remember if I took the wipers off or not. It don't sound like that's what it could be but that was it. Its been 4 years now and no leaks. I keep it clean out.
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