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Honda CR-V Power Loss



  • rslynrslyn Posts: 1
    I have seen the thread here for this problem -- has any one solved this permanently?
    I, too, have this problem, spent over $600 and I have the problem again. They are saying it will be another $800 to replace the CC.
  • mr_marflomr_marflo Posts: 1
    edited September 2013
    Hi , need help on my CRV 2004 , a few weeks back the D green light (DRIVE) started blinking , sometimes it stayed on, my first thought it was that the transmission was faulty but then some days later the dashboard panel dimmed out more than the usual when lights were on , and at some point I felt it was losing power as the radio went out and lights didn't had enough power , I took it to the mechanics and they said that the alternator was bad , which made sense to me, and I kind of thought the D green light might have been a problem with the lack of power (somehow), anyway they fixed the alternator (they said) but a few days later my battery died, I kept having to recharge it as it was loosing power after a few days, and my D light problem was still happening , I also noticed my front lights were like flashing real fast (flickering) like whenever you almost run out of battery, so I took it to an autozone, they tested everything and said that the battery was dead, I bought a new one, and after that the lights were not flashing anymore, but next day when I was at a stop I noticed 2 lights on the dashboard , (ABS and Release parking break) didn't staid on for much time, but didn't felt right, took it back to the mechanic and couple of days later they said it had nothing, I was driving for a few miles and the same lights appear again but this time the revolutions dropped to 0 and then the engine went off, it all took like 5 seconds, I was able to restart the vehicle without any problem but I don't know what can I do, I really think those mechanics are ripping me off and are not really checking/testing anything, I would really appreciate any advise .

  • Hi.
    I had a similar problem with my CRV and it got worse over time, it kept cutting out eventually but started after I had pulled over with full power loss.
    The problem I had was to do with the ignition switch where you put the key in and turn for ignition. At the back of this assembly there are 2/3 little metal disc's that make the contact for the ignition to work and after time they warp and bend slightly which makes the contact intermittent hence the power loss or complete cut out.
    I had mine by-passed in the end to a separate switch which was hidden from thieves and have never had a problem since. You still have to turn the key to get the starter motor cranking but worked fine after that.
    Cant say that this is the exact problem you are having but if you know anyone with any auto electrical experience I'd ask them just to check it out for you.
    Good luck
  • My brand new 2013 CR-V has intermittent acceleration problems. There is a delay in the acceleration at times- absolutely no response at all. It seems almost as if the car has cut off, then it will recover and lurch ahead. It is very frightening. I took it back into the dealer today, and they said they could find nothing wrong with it. HUH? I am hoping there is someone out there who has had this experience and can shed some light on it for me.
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