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Honda Odyssey Window/Door/Hatch Problems



  • I have a 2005 Touring model that when ever I use the power button to open or close it creaks either going up or down. The dealer says he's never heard of that problem and would have to remove the headliner to check it out. He also says thats expensive I've squirted WD 40 and also lithium grease nothing helps. Does anyone have any ideas?
    Thanks in advance
  • sricansrican Posts: 12
    I have a brand new 2010 odyssey. Occasionally (i would say 1 or 2 out of 10 times), the sliding doors for the 2nd row does not open completely. It opens 70% of the way which means you cannot get into the 3rd row easily.

    Anyone else encounter this problem before.


  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,611
    Are the windows in the sliding door rolled down when this happens?

    If so, it's a safety feature. If the window is rolled down the door will not fully open to guard against a child's head or arm getting caught if they were in the open window.
  • kjn3kjn3 Posts: 2
    If anyone touches my doors, they will stop midway. Is that the case that maybe a child touches it before you unlock it? Good luck. Kjn
  • We went on a big trip last month and our 2010 honda odessey had intermittent problems with the door not opening all the way - it was very frustrating for those in the back seat. It happened on both sides of the van. I will try the windows thing - maybe our windows were partway down??
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,611
    Please report back with the outcome.
  • Hi. Over the past couple of years that I've had my '05 EX-L, my wife or myself have observed all the windows being down a couple of inches on occassion ...but only ever at public places (i.e. the dog park, a mall, the zoo, etc.).

    We never hold the unlock button down very long, and upon testing this out, you really have to hold it down for quite a few seconds before the windows will start to roll down.

    So I'm wondering if anyone has heard of this happening as a result of other Honda owners possibly unlocking their cars (or purposely rolling down their windows using the remote)? Maybe a similar or the same frequency causes this, which would be a serious security concern?

    I've checked with a Honda dealership and they're not aware of any such security problems like I've described, but I'm curious to know if anyone else might be somewhat baffled by this too?


  • :surprise: My new 2011 Odyssey really endangered our family. While driving home on the Interstate and changing lanes, the interior lights started going on and off at random. Not good because I lost my night vision. Indicator was right sliding door was open (it wasn't) Honda is going to replace a latch on Friday...this is our first Honda and hope its not indicative of things to come.
  • I am also noticing this sqeaky noice on passenger sliding door for last couple of days on my 2010 odyssey. Everything looks good but kind of anoying.
  • 2006 Odyssey has gone through a slew of weird behavior, all kinds of noises, seen by a dealer who thought it was a problem with a little rubber bumper. It never got any better. Door ultimately became DEAD, no action at all. Couldn't open close manually or with power. Found a thread on another board advising fuse pull to reset some codes, and door became operational, but with repetitive loud clicking on trying to open it. With a little nudge of help, it opens. Same pounding/clicking when trying to close it. I have attached a youtube video to see if anyone finds this familiar. Any help appreciated.
  • fmichaelfmichael Posts: 95
    edited January 2011
    Started in December of 2009...The passenger sliding door will either close, and then re-open, or it won't close at all.

    No problems during the spring/summer/fall - only winter when the van gets damp/wet, and the outside temp drops to freezing levels...Service folks at the dealership last year said they think it was due to some ice/dirt, and they're once again saying the same thing this year - however this problem still exists.

    Anyone else having these same issues?
  • Over the last couple of years, I have had the same window dropping experience after I have locked up the car and left it in a parking lot. I have tried to figure out if it is my remote or someone else opening their car. It mostly has happened at work, but last night it was in my driveway.

    I have taken the car to the dealership to check the electrical system to the windows. No problem was found and they denied ever hearing of this problem.

    We need to get as many people to post as we can about this issue so that Honda will have to do something to correct it. I, too, feel that it is a safety issue especially since you never know where or when it will happen.

    Thanks, Beth
  • Solved it. Attached video shows the fix. It was the "release actuator". There was a metal gear inside that broke. Very easy to fix. Much harder getting the plastic trim off the door to get to it than to actually fix it.
  • I have the same problem with my 2010 Odyssey. Was your problem resolved?
  • I had a keyless remote put on my 1997 Honda Oddessy. Now the remote will not open the door. I can unlock it (sometimes) if I hit the lock button first, then the unlock. When sitting inside the car, the driver's door lock will not lock any of the doors but it will unlock all the doors when lifted up.

    With the driver's door open you can't lock any of the doors with the button on the door unless you hold the inside door latch open...then the you can depress the door lock on the door.

    This is a very frustrating situation. Dealer said it might take HOURS to troubleshoot. Does anyone have any ideas for narrowing the problem down as it in the electrical system or in the door lock actuator or the remote units themselves or what? Seems like there is a problem with the locks since you can't depress the door lock unless you hold the door opener open???

    Thank you.

    KJ in Ohio
  • 2009 Honda Odyssey EXL having the same problem. About 2-3 minutes after leaving home, I hear this beep for about 20 seconds. All doors are shut and seat belts are on, no indicator light on the dash of any problems or open doors. Then it just stops and everything is fine. Have not contacted dealer yet, but anxious for a resolution!
  • I tried to follow directions in manual to program door locks to open with car is turned off. It states to hold down master unlock button until it clicks (unlocks), and then continue holding until it clicks again (or multiple times, depending what you want the locks to do). When I do this, I only hear the initial unlock click, and no additional clicks even after 5 or 10 seconds, any solutions?
  • cvr109cvr109 Posts: 2
    I bought a 2011 odyssey ex-l w/nav just about 2 months ago and I am just starting to see this same problem ! I locked the car and walked into my house ,5 mins later I looked out the window (it was snowing very hard) and noticed that I could see my sons car seat. All the windows and the sunroof were completely open ! I live in ct. And its been snowing here on and off for the past couple of weeks so the last thing I would be doing is opening a window ! The strange part was that the car was off and locked with everything closed and then 5 mins later everything was open ! Honda has to address this issue. My wife and I use our honda to transport our severely handicapped son and if god forbid a door decided to open instead of the window or something else like that it could be very dangerous for him or one of our other three children ! My vehicle was purchased at Weymouth Honda in Mass. I hope this problem can be corrected quickly because this is our only car ! Thanks Chris,
  • alangpalangp Posts: 13
    I got the same problem with my eight-month old 2010 EX-L(Actually my wife did). It seems to happen once a month for the previous three months. My wife told me when it first happened around Thanksgiving and I told her to lock the windows so it would happen by accidentally hit the button by person other than the driver. Then she told me it happened again around Christmas.

    Last Saturday, it did again right before my eyes after one hour stop outside the mall, one-inch gap for all the four windows. I was speechless.

    I know it's hard to argue with dealer since I can not "Repeat" the situation before them. But I guess I just need their check report first, then write to honda directly to complain.

    This is ridiculous, once Spring comes, any heavy thunderstorm will ruin the interior, let alone the security issue. How could honda have such a annoying and stupid flaw on their mini-van.

    I had two honda cars at home.
  • I have the same problem with my windows opening randomly on my 2010 Odyssey after my car is shut. First i thought it was just the key fob then i switched DID NOT Help. The windows would open after locking the Odyssey no matter which key fob I used or if I just shut and locked the car. I am very happy I found this forum as I agree the more people that talk about the windows opening Honda will see this annoying and dangerous problem is widespread and have to address it. There have been a few times where it actually rained inside the car as the windows opened by themselves.
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