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Honda Odyssey Window/Door/Hatch Problems



  • I have a two week old 2011 Honda Odyssey EX-L and have experienced this problem twice (window opening on its own overnight). I read everything about how holding down the key remote can roll all of the windows down. However, my problem on both occasions was one individual window rolled all the way down both times (once the passenger side and once the driver side). I know I didnt do it before I got out of the car accidentally as my window lock button is on at all times. This is extremely frustrating. I live in a townhome community and there are people out and about all of the time. This is a major security issue and possible damage issue. I am in Baltimore and the temperature went down to 9 degrees last night while my window was down! Something has to be done about this. Has anyone else had luck fixing the problem?
  • dmcg1dmcg1 Posts: 1
    Same deal with our 2010 Odyssey. Has happened to my wife on more than once. Happened to day. Parked the car (its winter so all the windows were up) and locked it with the remote. Came back an hour later and all four windows were open the came amount (a couple of inches). Anyone had a legitimate response from a dealer as to what is happening?
  • For those who are having a problem of finding all their windows opened a bit I was having the same problem (well my wife was). It turns out there is a feature (at least on our 2011 EX-L Res) where if you hit the unlock button on the remote twice but keep the button pressed down the second time you press it the windowns will roll down. What was happening is my wife was unintentionally holding the unlock button down the second time (in order to unlock all the doors) just a fraction too long and it would roll the windows down just a tad. Repeat this a few times and before you know it the wondows are down about an inch leaving you wondering why they did that when you finally notice it. In fact I tested it and you dont have to hold the button down long for this feature to kick in. By the way it also opens the sunroof.

    I know this may not be the problem everyone is experience especially if it is only one window that mysteriously opening but after us noticing the windows "rolling down by themselves by an ich a couple of times" this is what it turned out to be. Hope this can help explain what is happening for others out there.
  • teddydteddyd Posts: 1
    edited February 2011
    I noticed that all my windows were down about 1 to 2 inches and rolled them up figuring it was some feature that I didn't know about. What I didn't realize is that the sun roof was also open (just noticed today after about 1.5" of rain here in New York - hope water didn't get near the DVD player). Checked out this forum and realized for my 2011 Odyssey that when you click the open door button twice and hold the second time down it rolls all the windows down. Maybe useful for a hot day but pretty annoying if you don't know about the feature. Would be cool if you could shut it off. Also experiencing the LOW BATTERY warning about 50% of the time. This looks like a true bug with the car. Kind of frustrating given the car was so expensive and is so new. Also had my wife's Uncle come by one morning and told us, "you know the sliding door is open on your van." Also kind of frustrating considering it was freezing cold out...
  • 4toscore4toscore Posts: 1
    To fix the "My door won't open" problem, I removed the weather stripping on both sides. It was replaced under a recall, but I had more problems after the replacement than before. It can be cleaned and reinstalled. I just left it off.
  • nellie7nellie7 Posts: 1
    My 2011 Odyssey has windows and sunroof that open without asking. Once in Seattle and once in Portland it rained all night into the car. Meanwhile the dealership is saying "What Problem" and are making superficial attempts at correction while at the same time denying that there is a problem. They ignore and do not recognize the entry's on GOOGLE that describe the frustrations of other Odyssey owners with the same issues. A car whose windows open at random is not saleable and is a safety problem because car entry is permitted when the oiwner is absent. I will be happy to talk to others who wish to pursue an equitable and lawful solution.
  • I have a 2010 honda odyssey EX and it is by far the worst 32k my hubby and i have ever spent. i am afraid to trade it cause i don't want us to lose our butts on it. And the fact its another credit check is not good either. here is my problem my windows rattle, pass and driver sliding doors do to. The drivers window creaks and tries to force itself higher up in the track when it is already fully up. I have a terrible spark knock or something going on in my engine. All i know is my van has less than 8k on it and it has a knock that makes me sick. My tranny fights to get into drive or park sometimes I have to fully depress the brake to the point where there is no further to push it in to get it to shift. I have trouble with it not wanting to start. It revs high when i first start it like 1000rpms or more in the morning. I've taken it to the dealer they wont fix it. They said they dont know whats wrong with it, they stated they took the doors apart and fixed the creaks, reprogrammed the window and lubed the doors, but none of this is seeming to help. Please i need some advice help me. I have kids and dont have the time to run back and forth to the dealer or worry if my car is gonna die on me what do you think i should do..
  • sickofhonda2sickofhonda2 Posts: 4
    edited May 2011
    ha it seems like i have all the problems of the past couple yrs all rolled into one car. my transmitter key wont work half the time i was about 10 feet away from my car and the remote wouldnt work. i just had it tested they said it was fine. i have a feeling the dealer is feeding me a line.. :lemon: law
  • 01intrigue01intrigue Posts: 92
    Can you get it to another dealer? Have you gone on a ride with the service rep at the dealer and pointed out the problems? if they acknowledge the symptoms but cannot fix them, threaten using the lemon law in your state to get a new one.
  • I have a 2005 odyssey EX-L. The sliding door on the drivers side won't unlock electrically or manually. This means i can't open the door. Can anybody help.

  • Hi Barry,

    I've been trying to help my neighbors. They have a 2005 and lots of kids. They paid 1000 3 years ago to have both doors fixed. Last year the drivers side broke again...and now the passenger side too. They can't afford this type of nonsense. Did you have any luck figuring out what to do? Same problem, the sliding door locks go up and down, and the gas cap sensor seems to be working but you can't even open the damn doors manually from the inside or out. I can't believe how many people I'm reading about have this problem. This is a hard strike against Honda as far as I'm concerned. I don't care how good the name or engine is. It seems the going rate they charge is 400-500 per door to fix their own crappy design.

  • I bought a 09 OdysseyEX from Duval Honda, we have had issues with the drivers side passenger door from the begining. The door will stop half way through opening and close itself or the opposite when trying to close it. Every time I have taken it to the dealer, they have never been able to replicate the issue. On October 8, 2011 the door fell off while trying to close it in the rain. Duval Honda will not return my calls, I filed a report with corporate, and they have dismissed my case since my insurance company is covering the 2000 in repairs. I have also had issues with my drivers side automatic window not working right, but the dealership couldn't replicate that either. I'm now looking into the lemon law, and consulting an attorney, because this isn't right. Has anyone else had issues with the automatic doors?
  • The passenger sliding door on our 09 EX continues to have issues during the winter months; the slightest bit of moisture won't allow the door to properly close...Filed a complaint with Honda Motor after numerous checks at the dealership...All that is done is a quick lube job along the door frame, and letting the van sit in a heated garage (which we don't have) for 30 min seems to do the trick...5 days later the issues return...We'll see what takes plce in a few months.
  • I had a similar experience. After carefully thinking about what if anything i might have done, I discovered what I believe is an undocumented feature that actually comes in handy on hot summer days. If you hit the remate unlock button once, the car unlocks. If you then hit it a second time, the passenger doors unlock. So far, so good, but if you hold the unlocj button down on the second click, the windows all go down and the moonroof opens. Try it and let me know if this is just my 2011 Odyssey, or all 2011s or earlier.
  • jm055jm055 Posts: 1
    Our windows and sun roof open on their own and have caused us much concern. On Christmas morning we left our hotel room to find our car's windows and sunroof open a few inches. It had rained all night and the seats and door panels were soaked. This is not the first time we've found our windows open. The dealer say nothing can be done, but there has to be a way to turn off this stupid "feature". Any suggestions?
  • I have the exact same experience. I don't remember hitting the unlock button after I locked the van. However, I found all the windows and sunroof open a few inches. I have 2011 LES model since July 2011, currently 4500miles. This strange thing happened 3 times so far, once in a rainy day. I will try the suggestion by ncfisherman.
  • I have the same EXACT problem with my 2008 Odyssey. It is my driver's side sliding door. It is currently in the shop now and, again, they are stating that it hasn't happened so they can't diagnose it. This is the second time that I have brought it in and for some reason it won't do it while it is there???? It is so frustrating because it happens almost every time you try to open or shut the door. It has gotten worse with time. I wish someone had an answer to this problem!!!! Please let me know if anything comes of your complaint. If you forward me who I should speak with at Corporate, I would be happy to call and reference your issue.
  • Thank you so much!! I was freaked out today when I came outside my mom's house after staying over night to find all of my windows in my Accord Sedan down and my moon roof open. I thought someone had broken into my car though I found nothing stolen. My dad just passed away which is enough torture for anyone and now this...I was just fit to be tied. I started searching for answers right away and came across this forum.. I tested out your hypothesis with my remote and indeed everything opened up. I need to be at my mom's to take care of her rather than us both worrying about my stupid car!!! So you took quite a load off of what has been one of the worst weekends of my life!!! I can't thank you enough!!!!!
  • rangerricrangerric Posts: 4
    I have a 2012 Odyssey and have the same problem just as you describe it.
  • We have a 2005 EX-L also. Both the driver's side and passenger side sliding doors won't open, get stuck and/or make nasty noises and pop open. This happens when using the key, trying manually as well as using the internal open/close buttons. Every time I take it to the dealer they say they cannot replicate it and just put on some additional lubrication. Never helps. Two of my friends have '05's and have similar issues. Thinking Honda may need a class action suit filed to get their attention.

    Anyone else have these same problems?

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