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Honda Odyssey Window/Door/Hatch Problems



  • We are having the same problem and the dealership is telling us they can't replicate it.

    I am calling them back and sharing your post. Thank you.

    Also, I am filing with Honda.. :lemon:
  • I finally got my door fixed, after two dealerships and multiple calls to Honda HQ.
    I was able to duplicate the problem, they saw it, but it was not frequent enough to diagnose. I even recorded a video to show them I wasn't crazy.
    After being on a first name basis with the service manager, I recommended (and they finally agreed) to "pick a part"
    Afterall, there are only 2 main components, and a couple small parts that could be the problem.
    So, they picked one part to replace - and if the problem continued they could swap my old part back in, and pick another.
    My door was finally fixed, then I really fixed the problem by selling a Honda and buying a Toyota!
  • Hi fmichael,

    Did you solve your problem? We've had the same one: doors refuse tu close properly when it's very cold (last week it was -20). Ours is an 2008, bought used at the dealer in 2011. Last winter we didn't have any problem.
  • The problem still exists although ya never know when the passenger sliding door won't close...Usually happens after some moisture has built up, and the following day the temp drops considerably...I'm guessing it's a faulty/leaky seal that'll trap moisture.

    It's been frustrating to say the least; I've taken it in several times - twice when the door was acting up (as in not closing properly, and the door alarm is going off)...All they (Honda service techs/service writers) do is let it sit in a warm work bay, and voila - no more problems :mad:

    Afterwards they lube the sliding door components - however it's usually no more than several days, and it'll happen again...I've opened 2 cases with Honda America, and they haven't done much either - usually telling me to go back to the dealer when the door acts up again...Then once again all they do is let it warm up - blah blah blah :mad:

    What I've found is to let the van idle/warm up for several minutes, and cranking up the heat; this has worked a few times in which the door will then close properly (did it just this morning actually).
  • i know, weird. the passenger sliding door in my 2000 ody, closes but sign in dashboard shows door open n dome light stays on ( which ran battery few times). and you cant lock car with remote coz? car thinks sliding door still open although it is totaly closed. trick is to use you butt< yes your butt, and here comes the advantage of big butt to bump the door after it is closed toward the back of door itslf, and it closes fine and u can lock car with remot..
    also, i v to say, somehow what looks like the roler on bracket that guide the door is bumbpy at closing. door shakes little bit and jerks, then comes to close
    i cleaned all contacts and no use
    anyone knws?
  • You did good by cleaning the contacts on the door and the frame! Now save your butt for a better use and look for a switch that it's covered by a small ruber bumper! Underneath that bumper wou will find a switch which it's your problem! Either the switch its broken or a wire that goes to it disconnected from vibration! However from your "butt" description I tend to believe that your switch just needs to be adjusted and you will be back in business!
    Best of luck to you and be safe!!
  • fraxsisfraxsis Posts: 1
    Ha! I thought I had a poltergeist following me to the grocery! Luckily, it has only happened on warm, sunny days! I thought maybe there was a sensor that detected the interior of the car was too hot and rolled the windows down...that or the poltergeist! Does your 2011 passenger side window to continue to work even if the key is out of the ignition? Mine does...not sure if it is supposed to! Thanks for the info!
  • nayaknayak Posts: 15
    edited April 2013

    We have a 2008 Honda Odyssey EX-L with about 45K miles on it. A few days back, we noticed that the tailgate trunk door was not going up automatically. From some search, we found that the item called "tailgate struts" makes all of it happen and it has been found faulty by Honda ( ns.-Is-yours-on-the-list ) and there is a recall for it. But we were not notified about the recall, and a recall also does not show up on the Honda recall website against the VIN. Dealer says that it costs $86 for each side and will cost me about $225+ in total including labor !!
    I am wondering:
    a) Why do I see recalls against the struts but my specific van VIN is not included in the recall list?
    b) Has anyone else done a replacement from another store/internet? This seems to have happened to others too, so please share part information. I believe a couple of substitutes are: Stabilus SG126007 ~$95+ or Strongarm 6238 ~$51. Any feedback on these specific parts and/or your own experiences?
  • liegeliege Posts: 4
    We have had issues with the sliding doors on our 2006 Odyssey since the first week (we have documentation for three months after purchase). The challenge was getting it to the dealership when it was acting up. They made us feel like we were imagining things and insisted that the sliding door system was not known to have problems. When the problem was finally detected (one would not work at all) it was repaired. Not too long after, the other broke....and on and on. Honda service indicated that the problems were not related. We experienced electrical issues as well. Honda service told us they were not connected. Because we were having problems, we had our Odyssey serviced at a Honda dealership well beyond the warranty. This past year we began taking it to a local independent mechanic who was able to explain exactly what the problem was (he even explained the incremental deterioration of the system between repairs) and how the electrical issues tied in. We now have no use of one door at all and to use the other door, we have a choice: pull the fuse controlling the doors, which leaves us with no interior lights, no remote and no automatic locking system; or else leave the fuse so that the door works automatically and we have lights and locks, but then the brand new battery dies after less than 24 hours if the vehicle is not driven. Honda will not stand by their workmanship. You can only correspond with their customer service department. We sent letters to top US executives and included documentation. They do not bother to respond and/or just forward it on the customer service who make it clear that there is no recourse beyond their determination. Evidently, Honda will do nothing for a vehicle out of warranty. Our mistake was only having it serviced by Honda while it was under warranty. They MUST know there is a problem with this system. From what we are learning it would seem that they just bank on the fact that it does not become full blown until it is out of warranty. Basically, we have just been told, 'you have to understand, that is what happens with a 7 year old vehicle'. Yet our older Volvos are going strong. Class action sounds like a good idea to us.
  • nayaknayak Posts: 15
    An update:
    I called up Honda (recall option) and asked them why my van was not selected for the recall. They asked me to go to a Honda dealer and show the problem and ask them to contact Honda. And that is what I did and then after a couple of days, Honda approved the work at no cost (!!) and the Honda dealer installed the new struts. I am sure having 2 Honda vehicles currently and a history of Honda purchases must have helped.
  • tntentnten Posts: 1
    Last Thursday, it was raining when we parked and locked our 2012 Honda Odyssey in front of our hotel, so naturally, all windows and moonroof were closed. There was a terrible electrical storm all night long with lightning, hail, thunder, downpour. We were worried the hail would damage the car we love so much, but imagine our shock the next AM when we got to our car to find all 4 windows and moonroof open all the way, and the interior absolutely soaked. When we called the dealer, we were given the story that we had probably inadvertently hit the unlock button twice, activating the stupid window feature. We assured them that we knew for certain that we had not, since we had checked to be sure it was locked. We were also told that maybe another Honda owner nearby had the same signal, or that it could have been caused by an electrical signal from the storm. Whatever the reason, my van is waterlogged, and I'm wondering what the long-term effects will be. Does anyone know? Plus, now I'm paranoid that it will happen again. By the way, when you hit unlock the second time, you have to hold it down for a few seconds for the windows to go all the way down, so its not that easy to do it inadvertently.
  • cristian1cristian1 Posts: 10
    Sir, I hope my message will find you enjoying your day! I'm sorry to hear about your incident;(
    Honda Odyssey it's a very complex vehicle but at the same time can be improved! They have been working on this car for over 13 years and I owned two Honda Odyssey different years and I was able to notice the differences. What happened to you it's not new, and you should be reimbursed for any damages to your personal property and the car!
    It's not your fault! This "window opening situation" it's been noticed on 2010,2011,2012... It's a problem with the car... The dealer has no clue how to fix it that's why they give you all the BS excuses to get rid of you!!!
    I'm sorry to hear this and I hope that somehow this won't happen to you again!

    Be safe and God Bless you and your passengers!
  • liegeliege Posts: 4
    Honda customer service told us that previous ownership makes a difference. Unfortunately, Honda does not value customer trust and faithfulness to Honda certified service. Our 2006 Odyssey was our first Honda purchase. We had issues with our sliding doors within weeks of purchase and made the mistake of trusting Honda service to resolve the problem for about 6 years , despite the fact that it was considerably more expensive than having our vehicle serviced locally. We did not learn about the connection between our electrical issues and sliding door issues, or have it confirmed that both were very common with Odysseys, until we finally took our Odyssey to an independent mechanic. Honda had led us to believe that all of our repairs (both under warranty and then at our expense) were not connected and were not at all common. We will not purchase Honda again because they will not stand by their product.
  • cristian1cristian1 Posts: 10
    The automatic sliding doors it&#146;s a great benefit and the 3.5Liters engine and 270+HP its what you may want to consider when buying a family minivan! I had two of them and what I have learned is that once you left the dealership lot, the entire smile, kindness and courtesy of the dealership employees it&#146;s gone! I have learned to keep the car and try to fix it myself as much as I can! Going back with the car will be just a waste of time and increase of frustration not to mention that your car WILL turn in to a &#147;take a part&#148; vehicle to fix the cars that have to live faster than yours…
    The sliding doors can be easily reset by disconnecting the car battery for a few minutes and you are back in business. BUT make sure that the sliding rail it&#146;s clean (don&#146;t lubricate)! The door it&#146;s designed to push with approximately 35lbs. when the door its obstructed will open back but if this will persist the door will shot off. And has to be reset, disconnecting the battery.
    I hope this will help, be safe and God bless you and your passengers!
  • jerdesabjerdesab Posts: 11
    Yes, you have to press and HOLD the button to open all windows. Mine is 2007. after a year stabilizer was changed, after few months torque converter was replaced. good thing still under warranty, but if I were to decide again. I WILL NEVER BUY HONDA AGAIN.
  • cshondacshonda Posts: 12
    So we had a lot of rain this week and now it sounds like there is about a gallon of water sloshing around inside my passenger sliding door. What damage if any might this cause and what happens if it stays in the door for any length of time? I have no idea where a seal is malfunctioning...
  • cristian1cristian1 Posts: 10
    It's ok for some Amount of water to make it in to your door! For that reason all doors will have some small draining holes located to the bottom of the door! Now the problem is that sometimes dust gets in there and other things. All those in combination with water turn into mud and your draining holes will get clogged
  • cristian1cristian1 Posts: 10
    Find those holes and help the water get out! The only damage could be its rust but if you lift the window up and take the door panel off you should be able to evaluate and prevent the rust! Clean the inside of the door and using thick Vaseline apply a very tin coat of Vaseline on the inside of the door!
    In Germany they use this technique on their cars! Here in AZ I saw many WV with spots of Vaseline coming out due to high temperatures!
  • manteethmanteeth Posts: 1
    Hi liege,

    You mentioned electric as the problem with your sliding doors, can you be specific on what you had to fix or replace? My sliding doors on my 2006 Odyssey will not unlock or open electrically or manually. My kids have to climb in and out of the back hatch. I have taken it to the dealership and they can't get the doors opened at all. They told me they would have to basically tear out the inside door panels and they could break to get to inside of the door to see what was wrong with it.
    I bought this Odyssey new in Sept 2006 and have had nothing but problems with it!! I have replaced so many things. This is the list of items I have done thus far:
    Power Steering Pump
    Torque Converter
    Sliding doors rollers
    DVD player
    Inner tie rods
    Outer tie rods
    Wheel Bearing
    Main fuse box
    A/C leaking currently and not working. Need to get fixed
    Sliding doors will not unlock or open at all.

    Needless to say I will not buy another Honda!!

    Any info and suggestions you can offer will be much appreciated.

  • skeezerskeezer Posts: 1
    Starts ok. Les Schwab ran battery and alternator test - both tested ok but they replaced positive terminal connector prior to checking. However the radio anti-theft light is blinking and radio does not work nor does it prompt for an unlock code as it has in the past when battery was disconnected. Prior to this a couple times while driving all dash lights went out while driving down the road a couple times but are working now. Seems like a loose connection somewhere but no idea where to start looking. Have ruled out the battery and the alternator at least.

    Any ideas based on these symptoms? Current status is the radio's anti-theft light is blinking on all the time and radio is inoperative. Next step would be to check the fuses for the radio and radio's anti-theft system? Or ...?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
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