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Volvo S80 Starting Issues



  • Any suggestions?
  • jlynn917jlynn917 Posts: 2
    edited January 2011
    I would love to know what happened next...... We have a 2004 S80 with 47,000 miles and your story sounds strangely familiar. We just had major engine work for $7,000, after the exact senario you just described. Very disappointed with Volvo. I saw on another post that Volvo customer car told someone else they should have bought the extended warranty. Unbelieveable! They told me the same thing.
  • jhets80jhets80 Posts: 6
    Sorry, it's just now again that I'm starting to concentrate on this issue. Apparently after over a year now that I've been putting up with this volvo issues. I refuses to spent alot of money for this vehicle so I've been trying to fix little things myself but the starting problem still remains; though as long as I'm using the car daily then it has no problem. Once I don't start/use the car for over a day then I have hard time starting it and it's gets harder as it goes on. I bought me a diagnostic tool for $76 in ebay and I was able to fix the engine light problem by changing the MAF sensor myself buying parts online which cost half cheaper. The next thing that it's telling me is to change the CAMSHAFT sensor which I didn't do it yet at the moment. I did reroute the starter cable as mention above with no luck...current issues that I have is service engine soon/urgent they said to change pedal sensor to fix this but I choose to ignore it and works just fine. Hard start in the morning especially after a day, I followed things on forums but no luck I'm about to change the starter itself but it might be just a waste of money so I just chose to use the car daily until I get my moneys worth and give up this car. This is the first and last that I will own a volvo...
  • I have. The alarm is triggered, and I get in and start it and it's fine. No sounds just the flashing lights. So, I took it in to have the inner tie rod replaced. The mechanic says the lights were flashing when he brought it down and now it won't start. I think the alarm was going off and they didn't know what to do. So now they say the car won't start. They keep saying that it was an issue with the antenna not reading the key. I don't have the key-less remote, all I have is the key. Any suggestions? It was working just fine when I took it in there. It's a 2000 s80 t6
  • minicarminicar Posts: 3
    On Fords it is common that powersteering is stiff and makes noise on cold starts. Probably PS fluid is inadequate. Try using Honda or BMW fluid. Check before replacing fluid that they mix well (stay clear). Did Volvo problems showed after Ford bought Volvo?
  • minicarminicar Posts: 3
    Long cranking to start after long parking may be sign of fuel pressure regulator and/or fuel pump problems. Checking fuel pressure before starting engine after long parking and building up pressure after start may give diagnosis. Check in manual what are norms for fuel pressure and how to hook up tester (buy testing gauge at Autozone etc.).
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