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Oldsmobile Intrigue Starting/Stalling



  • drpmd08drpmd08 Posts: 3
    This past weekend we replaced the upper intake (mine was warped), the coolant, the fuel filter, cleaned the throttle body, and put a new serpentine belt in. Will keep posted on how this helps. I still think there is an electrical issue going on, even though I've replaced the ignition switch already.
  • drpmd08drpmd08 Posts: 3
    Alright, so after changing everything this weekend, when I came to a stoplight yesterday, the RPM dropped and caught itself, and then would do it again and again, drop below 800, then catch itself and it would rev up to 1500 by itself. So it's not the intake, fuel filter, ignition switch, spark, and no codes. We've even clamped a few vacuum lines to make sure they stay tight, so those can't be the issue...

    Any help at all would be appreciated. This car is turning into a money pit...
  • dablack80dablack80 Posts: 1
    I have the same issue so many people here have. Car will start but only after several tries. Already replaced ignition switch, and battery. SEL light is on and produces these codes P0385, P0340, P0335. Which all pertain to the cam and crankshaft sensors. I'm hesitant to replace them and waste more money as it seems that a lot of people have replaced these and had no succsess. Also I have been having turn signal problems with the car since I bought it but pressing the hazard lights fixes it temporarily. Anyone out there that can help?
  • we just bought a used 99 intrigue, when we bought it we replaced the fuel pump and filter as they were in need. we had the car about a month and it started all this hard to start and stalling at stop lights stuff. I took it to a mechanic friend who sprayed the areas that would have a vacuum to see if it would stall or not, which it didn't. I have replaced the throttle position sensor and the idle air control valve and neither have resolved the issue. I read about it possibly being the electronic ignition switch, but I am hesitant to spend the money on replacing this and it not fixing the issue. Is there any way to test the one installed in the car presently? Anyone have any additional ideas as to what it could be?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks so mch :mad:
  • I have read through this forum and I kind of have the same problem as the starting and then stalling.. the car was working just fine untill my wife had a miror finder bender now when I start the car when its cold starts up just fine.. then after a few minutes of warming it up it stalls out.. I also can drive it when it gets cold and keep it above 1500 rmp it wont die but only when the car it warm it does this... cold the accident have shook something loose. Ive done a once over checking mostly all of the electrial connections.. what could the problem be??
  • tazman330tazman330 Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 intrigue that won't start. There is nothing from the starter not even a single click. I was hoping it was my 4 year old battery but when I changed it out still nothing at all. There have been times when i shift from reverse to drive that the lights dim out but no engine sputter. I checked the fuse and it is fine. I do have a short in the dash that effects the Hazard button/turn switch but it has never effected the ignition. The service engine soon light stays on when i hit the ignition but all other warning lights go out. It has hesitated to start before but once i gave it a little gas it kicked over right.away, and has stalled out once on me. I was going up hill in the summer and in traffic so i figured it just didn't get enough air because it started right back up.

    Any advice yall can give would help. I have all original parts in the car still.
  • jeffreyscottjeffreyscott lockport ny Posts: 2

    my car just keeps cranking I have a Oldsmobile Intrigue 2000 it started out too crank for about 4 or 5 seconds then it would start now I went out there and it just keeps cranking if someone can give me a little help I would appreciate it thanks jeff and im a new guy on the block

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