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Toyota Camry: Problems & Solutions



  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Sound deadener. Even my old 1980 Volvo 240 had the same thing.
  • Hi, there, I bought my new Camry LE 4-cyl last month. Already run about 600 miles. I found the fuel economy is really poor. Basically I drive half local half free-way, get only 20 mpg or even worse. Does anyone have real 24/34 as they marked on the window sticker? This's my first "new car experience". Thanks in advance for your reply!
  • rmscs1rmscs1 Posts: 5
    Oh No! They put old Volvo parts in my new car...

    Just Kidding! Thanks for your help.
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Mileage usually improves by around 5,000 miles, after everything's seated in.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    On my 2004 4-cylinder auto, rated at 23/32 mpg, I get about the city mileage, but 35-38 mpg on long trips running with the cruise control at 65 mph.
  • Really? Hope so. I'll watch on...
    Thank you!

    >Re: Question about 05 Camry fuel economy [mr_05camryle] by alcan Canada Mar 08, 2005 (7:14 am)
    >Mileage usually improves by around 5,000 miles, after everything's seated in.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Yes, it should improve somewhat over time, but how and where you drive is far more important. Look at the wide range in my mileage numbers as an example.
  • My new Camry seems to be excessively noisy. However, there does appear to be some kind of "patches" behind the trunk liner. (Just curious, what made you tear apart the trunk?)

    Most of the cabin noise is generated by my 17", low-profile Bridestone Potenza tires. I can't wait for them to wear out, so I can buy a good set of Michilen tires... but I may not even keep the car that long.

    By the way, I tried the "battery disconect plan" in a feeble attempt to reset the electronic control module and eliminate that annoying hesitation flaw.

    No luck. Also ran a couple tanks of Premium fuel through the car. No difference.

    My V6 SE still hesitates, jerks, pauses, and goes into limbo while trying to decide which gear to go into.

    I knew I should have bought that new Tacoma truck!
  • mrcoolmrcool Posts: 2
    I want to also add to my last comments regarding the 1998 Camery Starter Mator Problem
    This starter can possibly have a Catastrophic Failure, The 1998 V-6 Camery that my wife drives had such a failure a week ago. Before I could get the New Contacts in the Solenoid -
    The Starter Motor decided to short-out, and both battery cables began to melt down, it was a real mess.
    Luckily I was able to get away with only about $85.00 in parts, and I was able to do the work myself.
    - New Rebuilt Starter $65.95 + Tax (Lifetime Warranty)
    - New Battery Cables - $16.00 - @ Pep Boys

  • porandlaporandla Posts: 1
    I just bought a 91 camry DX..Is there any place where I can get a user manual for free..

    what is overdrive ratio in my car..when to use it..
  • pannupannu Posts: 6
    Hi all,

    This morning when i tried to start my just kept doing trrrrrr..trrrrr..trrrrr.. and nothing.. it just keep doing that when i turn the key into ignition. It was fine till yesterday. Anyone know what is going on..Is it the starter or the battery or something else.
    it is 2001 SLE V6 Solara..I didnt have a single problem wiht the car till now..
    Any help would be great.
    Thanks in advance..
  • typesixtypesix Posts: 314
    Overdrive is when engine shaft turns slower than output shaft from transmission to wheels. It will save gas in both city and highway driving,just leave the button in on position and let transmission shift for itself.If you have a light foot, overdrive will kick in as low as 25 mph on flat ground.
  • commish1commish1 Posts: 30
    So I make my complaint with Toyota about my hesitation problem. The guy on the phone sounds puzzled about the problem but later admits to the problem. He tells me that my compliant was taken. I then get a call from my dealership in ref. to my call. They set me up an appointment with the service mgr. (We both know this is a waste of time but a necessary evil). I go in that day and take him for a test drive. I drive and he acknowledges that there is a problem. He then asks to drive the car and acknowledges it again. On the way back to the shop he tells me again that it is the "drive by wire technology" and that Toyota needs to come up with a fix. As we are getting out of the car I ask him if he can give me a receipt to show I was there on that day. He says no I will send you a copy of the letter that I am going to send Toyota. Well 3 weeks goes by and oddly enough no letter. I call him and he says "oh you didn't get the letter, I will send you another copy". Well I of course knew he never sent or wrote the letter but was going to be happy just to get it. I didn't call him out on it, just a mental note. A few days later my envelope arrives. I breath a sigh of relief and open it. He sends me a copy of the receipt that he said I didn't need because there was going to be a letter. This tells me that he definetly didn't write the letter. I'm sure he'll deny it but if you weren't writing a letter you would have just given me a receipt then and there like they do for all customers. Then I read the receipt and he has the nerve to say that he hooked it up to the machine and there was no problem. He also wrote that we could not replicate the problem. Now I'm pissed and he won't return my calls. I owned a Dodge all of my life and went to Toyota because of their reputation. Boy was I duped!
  • hank2hank2 Posts: 75
    I have a 2004 SE 4CYL with just over 10K miles. I commute 30 miles each way at 65 MPH (cruise control). My initial mileage was ~26 MPG. After 5000 miles, I started getting 28 MPG. And that is where I sit.

    I tried higher tire pressure, higher octane, keeping the tac below 3000, "driving with an egg on the accelerator," but I haven't been able to achieve more than 28 MPG.



  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    Actually 28 mpg isn't too bad. Your car still has relatively low mileage. It will gradually improve over the next 5 to 10K miles. I was only averaging 24 mpg with my 2003 V6 Le. Now the car has about 20K miles and I am getting better than 29 mpg on the highway. The EPA figures a lot of times is far off from real world figures. I was reading a recent article where the AAA criticized the way EPA gets its mpg figures for different cars. What they do is basically put the drive wheels on a trade mill and run the car at 48 mph with no AC or heat indoors. You are driving at 65 mph and I assume you do use the AC when it gets hot. AC is a big factor in reducing mpg so the 34 mpg is a bit unrealistic for most people in the real world. My mpg generally varies between 25 to 30 depending on driving situation.
  • niki1niki1 Posts: 52
    You realy need to take a look at the lemon law in your state. When you take your new vehicle into the dealership for a nonconformance issue, you must demand something in writing. That being said, go back to the dealership {ASAP} and tell your salesperson, or better yet the owner of the dealership, that you want an RO (repair order) on everything that the mechanic told you on the day of your test drive with him. Make sure there is something on the OR that states that the mechanic felt or noticed your problem, even though they did not attempt to repair the vehicle. You will need this down the road if they don't repair your vehicle. KEEP ALL YOUR OF REPAIR ORDERS!!
  • martensmartens Posts: 6
    I have a '97 Camry and in Dec. 2002 was told that my brake rotors were "below spec" and had to be replaced. Reluctantly ($$)I did that.That was about at 93,000 miles. Jan. of 2005, 20,000 miles later, a different garage tells me the same story:"below spec" on the rotors, they have to be replaced. Did it again, but was I taken for a ride? Is this the new catch phrase for a big pay day for repair places?
  • hank2hank2 Posts: 75
    I appreciate the advice. I'll wait another 10K and check it again. I was getting 33 MPG in my 1989 4 CYL Camry... and I was hoping for a little mechanical magic to go along with the extra power :-)

  • steve-o2steve-o2 Posts: 6
    Glad the hitch worked for you.

  • typesixtypesix Posts: 314
    33 mpg for 4 cyl 89 Camry for highway is low. I get 40 mpg at 60-65 mph, 36 with AC on at same speeds, for same car listed.
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