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Toyota Camry: Problems & Solutions



  • I have a '94 XLE, a '97 XLE and, of course, the '00 Solara. On the '94 and '00 everything is working fine.

    On the '97 I am hearing what I can only describe as a "groaning, grinding" noise when I apply the brakes. Even if you brake only moderately hard, the front end noses down a little and when the car comes back up this noise is heard. But only if you continue to apply the brakes. If you let off the brakes as the car comes back, the noise is not present.

    Any ideas as to what might be causing this? I tested all three cars today and only the '97 made this noise. The '94 XLE and the '00 Solara were perfectly quiet.

    Thanks in advance,

  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    Maybe the brake pads are getting worn down, or there could be some dirt/dust in there.
    A brake inspection might help to clarify this problem.
  • mark13mark13 Posts: 2
    My Camry needs strut plates after only 12000 miles. This car has been babied. Anyone know of this problem, or why this might happen, short of defects in materials?
  • solara1solara1 Posts: 12
    It is true that the last door on the camry is hardest to shut. there is much air pressure inside of this airtight car. anyone with a moonroof may notice when closing it that your ears may pop. definately a very tight car. I have noticed this in 4 toyotas.
  • alvinralvinr Posts: 2
    Actually there could be one problem here or two.
    I have a 97 Camry 4cyl and 98 Camry 6cly. I found both. Only these two years had this issue. First, issue is a replacement on the strut tops, not the struts but their tops. The strut tops are at the top of the strut and are bolted onto the frame in the engine compartment by three bolt & nuts.(mark13) & (billmahan)
    (billmahan) if your struts are ok then it is the problem below. Your struts tops should be checked also.
    Also there is a replacement on the grinding brakes. nothing is wrong but the brakes grind. All are covered under warranty.(billmahan)
  • alvinralvinr Posts: 2
    Other that those two issues. Both of them known to Toyota and NHTSA. Your dealer should take care of you. My two camry are both excellent cars. The 4cyl has 50,600 and my 6cly has 24000. Excellent machines. Recommend to anyone.
  • The heat on my 98 camry 6 cyl. is poor, only warming the car when I am doing hiway driving. The dealer could find nothing wrong and would not replace the thermostat unless I paid for it. Help!!!
  • tomhantomhan Posts: 10
    I also have the problem with my 97' front struts. My problem is that I've had the car since dec, 96' and I'm past the three year warranty limit. However, I only have 17,000 miles on it. Does anyone know if I can get Toyota to replace these under a warranty situation? Is there a recall involved or is it a known defect that Toyota is willing to stand behind?
  • hboydhboyd Posts: 98
    Our 1995 Camry 4-cyl emits blue smoke upon startup in the morning. I need to add about 1/2 qt/3K. It unfortunately has 75K miles... past the Powertrain warranty. Will Toyota still cover this valve seal "defect" past the original warranty? (BTW, the repair is approx. $750) Are there some dealers out there that will take your side? Toyota says its "normal" wear that is not covered, but this is quite unusual internal wear at 75K on this car's engine. Very disappointed with my "reliable" Toyota. Any thoughts and helpful advice??????
  • hboydhboyd Posts: 98
    Our 1995 Camry LE 4 cyl (Japan Built) has had
    numerous irritating problems/defects... all

    (1) Most notably major is that it's currently
    burning oil (started at only 69K); Dealer will replace bad engine valve seals for $800. All
    Dealers I called said that this is not unusual for Camrys. Most burn a little oil after 50K miles.
    (2) 2 struts/shocks failed (leaked out at 45K);
    (3) ISCV (idle speed control valve) failed four
    times. The engine kept sputtering/dying upon
    (4) Driver's seatbelt retractor failed (would not
    wind-up at 50K);
    (5) Front brake rotors warp every 10K (replaced
    once at 50K). The steering wheel begins shaking at high speed braking. My brake mechanic says Camrys are plagued by this problem.
    (6) Front brake pads replaced 3X due to excessive
    squeaking/screeching noises.

    We are not quite impressed with the Camry's
    overall mechanical reliability.
    However, I can say that the vehicle's interior and exterior materials have really held up well.

    BTW... It has NEVER left us stranded... and we'll
    keep it for a while...
  • tlgoultlgoul Posts: 1
    My 92 Celica GT stated "smoking" and required new valve stem seals at 65K, for $700. Toyota fought hard to not pay, but I had an extended warranty, so they paid about half, after four months of hassle. Now at 120K the smoke has started again. Local Toyota mechanic says it is a "known problem" with the engine in the Celica and the Camry from the early 90's, and Toyota has not come up with a fix for it. They want another $700 to fix it again. Since the extended warranty is long gone, I'm just going shopping for a new car...and will never buy Toyota again.
    Good luck to the rest of you!
  • I have 95 Camry V6 LE with 140,000 miles on it. I abused my car by driving from Columbus to Cincinnati every weekends, but still runs like a new. I have done oil change every 3,000 miles. Does anyone know how many more miles Camry can run? Does it have a known life time? I hope my Camry can run over 300,000 or 400,000!! Please let me know!
  • wilcoxwilcox Posts: 581
    as long as you get that belt changed...
  • My '90 Camry heater fan stopped working on low and then on medium. Now it only works on high. Sounds like a switch problem to me, but I have no idea where to start. Any suggestions?
  • We had 140,000 on our Camry, could probably have doubled it, but that's another story!

    Go to Toyota website,(I think it's use your VIN # and go to Toyota owners, check the longevity/how-many-miles site. You will like the numbers you can look forward to!
  • I have a 1994 4 cyl Camry with 60,000 miles. I recently began noticing that after the engine is shut off, it continues to make a very noticeable clicking sound for several minutes. I think this is a fairly recent occurance since I never noticed it before (at least to this extent) It also seems to make these clicks while the engine is running but it is only audible if I am outside the car and not as nearly as obvious as when the engine is shut off. I had the 60,000 mile service including timing belt replacement a few months ago but cannot say for sure if the noise began before of after this service. I have tried a higher octane gas and it does not seem to make a difference. The car otherwise runs fine. Does anyone know what could be causing this and is it a problem that needs to be addressed?
  • And where does the noise come from ? engine/exhaust system? fuel tank?
  • It is definitely under the hood but tough to pinpoint the exact location. It seems most noticeable in the front part of the engine compartment, i.e. between the radiator and the motor. Two nights ago I drove it by our local dealer and the service advisor said it sounded like the "heat shield" and it was not a problem. Does this make sense? What is a heat shield? Thanks for your help.
  • My Family is a toyota family. We own 2000 4-Runner, T-100, and I drive a 1999 Solara and i have noticed that the 4-runner and the Solara do the same thing. I was told by the Toyota Service Dept. that this was normal and all it is, is that the car is cooling itself down.
  • heat shields are on the muffler, and maybe also on the exhaust maifold. If it slows down as the engine cools (quick with the hood up), its probably that)
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