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Toyota Camry: Problems & Solutions



  • OK Thank you very very much, problem solved... Now that wine noise coming from the Transmission, what is that?? please reply, thanks alot !!!
  • Where is the fuel pump reset switch for a 1998 Toyota Camry? My engine turns over but there is no attempt for starting it. I would appreciate your input!

  • I doubt this is it, but you might see if the 'combination switch' (handles the lights, signal and washers) is bad. I had to replace mine- salvage one ran about 85, installation was around 60.
  • Is there a separate air filter for the cabin on a '95 Camry?
  • It's a black sludge, definately NOT pale. I just had the tranny flushed/filled, and they said that if I have them do an engine cleaning with stuff from 'bp' (, most of that sludge should be cleaned out. Any thoughts/comments on bp products? A few shops around town have it.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,693
    I would have to have a knowledgeable mechanic look into the engine and say that is have sludge before I'd pay money to someone just selling a service and saying you conveniently have sludge so they can charge a $100 or more??? right?

    I'd start changing my oil every 1000 miles with highway trips to let the fresh additives in the oil pick up the goop, sludge if any a little bit at a time. If you do your own oil changes that would be easy. If not I'd drive the car on a long, fast drive and stop and have the oil changed without cooling the motor down. That would solve your moisture problem or light crud accumulation with better flushing.

    Some people take a cold motor directly to the oil change place. I feel that doesn't drain out the goop well.

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  • Sorry, that should have been BG products, not BP! They've got more than 'just' the engine, too. p/s, brakes, fuel system, drive, etc. I'm coming up on my 100k mile service, doing 1 thing at a time, and just wonder if it's worth the extra to use them or not.

    Actually, the engine flush was in the 35-40 range, but I'll have my mechanic look at it as well. From what I've read on here, the age of the car (95) and the miles (94,000), and since I'm guessing this car wasn't taken care of all that well before I got it, I'd be a little surprised if there wasn't at least some sludge in there.

    1000 mile oil changes for how long? Short term thing (3-5 months), or pretty well from here out?
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,693
    The technique I was taught was it's better to absorb the crud than to use a chemical and remove it quickly where there may be chunks or bits come loose. Doing a couple of 1000 mile oil changes rather than 4000 especially with long, hot drives during those 1000 miles is going to remove buildup effectively.

    I do my own oil changes, so it's convenient for me. Also I will put in half a quart of Rislone, which is a 5 weight oil with lots of additives but they're the same additives already in a quality oil, and run it for a couple hundred miles before the oil change as a cleaner. With today's oils it may not be adding anything but for $2.95 and it replaces half a quart of oil I still like it.

    I have no idea what you driving pattern is nor do I know what you usually use for oil change intervals. I'm just telling my "gentle" method of cleaning her out.

    My father, a tractor mechanic, used to put in a few quarts of kerosene and run a car, tractor, truck for a minute to "flush" it out. Those days the oils were not detergent oil and then the oils were the early detergents. There would be flakes of crud in the drain pan.

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  • bildowbildow Posts: 100
    About the trans not switching when cold are you using the toyota type transmission fluid when you changed the fluid or have you even changed the fluid in 41,000 miles a lot of people don't think about the fluid change in the transmission until about 50,000 miles and if you drive in heavy traffic the oil will start to break down faster. I change my transmission oil every 15,000 to 20,000 due to heavy traffic in california on our freeways. if you are able to change your own trans oil the toyota has a drain plug on the transmission and you can drain about 3 quarts at a time. I switched to synthetic transmission fluid made by Ams oil the universal transmission fluid from Amsoil does match the toyota type 4 trans fluid. Do not use dexron 3 type fluid in the new transmissions from 2002 to 2005 they take toyota special fluid type 4 it is designed for the newer transmissions. I have a 2005 toyota with the automatic 5 speed after talking with a transmission person at toyota he told me to leave the over drive out while driving in town or in bumper to bumper traffic to save on the transmission wear. Remember our toyota's are working harder than ever and we need to replace transmission fluid at least every 20,000 to 30.000 miles preferably at 20,000 miles. An old saying from the 1929 depression era take care of your car and it will take care of you.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    No, there isn't one. The 2002 was the first model year to get the cabin air filter.
  • new8new8 Posts: 7
    Camry 2005, has noise on CD player sounds like it's seeking track all the time even if I remove the CD from CD player. It's regular CD player, no upgrade or anything else. Could anyone tell me what happened and what I should do? Completely have no idea. Thanks for any answer. :cry:
  • My cluch was just replaced and the car is back together but now their is no power to the car, but when I try to put the battery cable on it sparks. I checked all the fusible links and fuses. Could you please help?
  • Well I have owned my 2006 Camry LE for one month. So far I love it. 26 mpg around town. I drive 90 % around town.
    The price was great $ 17,900 plus tax, and license. No problems so far. :)
  • Hey all...I am 20 years old, and I think I want to get a 2005 Camry. The particular one that I want is an 05 LE with 17,500 miles on it and it is the phantom gray color... They are asking $18,900.00 I believe. The car itself is in good shape, one concern is that the 'Maintenance Required" light is on. I am wondering if possibly the pepoplel didnt change the oil yet enough? I am in Louisiana, and were still slow around here cuz of Katrina and the car was just taken in today so they had not detailed it or changed the oil, etc. Is this a good price? What should I look for in a newer Camry? What are some problem areas? Is getting it "Certified" worth it? Thanks for your help in advance!
  • guillguill Posts: 94
    I don't think $18,900 is a good price for this car. Explore the Used Cars section of and look up the value of a used Camry with the exact specifications of the one you're looking at. FWIW, I paid $18,600 for my 05 Camry SE (phantom grey also) ... this was for a new car, hence why I think the asking price for the Camry you're looking at is too high.

    Plus, look at the post just above yours, that person paid $17,900 for a new 06 Camry LE.
  • guillguill Posts: 94
    Being that it's a 05 it's still under warranty so I'd take it to the dealership and have them fix it.
  • I have a 99 Toyota Camry, the check engine light turned on yesterday. I know I can reader the trouble code myself if I have a code reader. but the price for the reader is in a range from $50 to thousands. Could you please recommend a code reader for my car?
  • I just changed my engine oil two days ago. Now my heater does not work, but it was good before. Is it a fuse? Help! It,s cold.
  • Have the same problem with 05 V6 XLE. Three visits, some improvement after third service with reprogramming of some kind of processor. Now shifts pretty hard. Have driven other vehicles, both 04s and 05s that do not have this issue.
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