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Toyota Camry: Problems & Solutions



  • lasher5lasher5 Posts: 22
    I too have a 02 Camry and I get a rattle or squeak from the center dash stack. My center armrest squeaks as well. My carpeting is developing fuzz balls. So are the fabric inserts on the inside door panels. The 4 cyl. engine is great. I'm loath to have the dealer try to fix the squeak. My last car to have a squeak in the dash came back from the dealer much worse.
  • morinkmorink Posts: 12

    While driving anywhere between 40 and 55 in overdrive the car intermittently lags/cuts back for a couple of seconds and then picks back up again. When this is happening the RPM's drop by 500 to 700 RPM and then pops back up when the car seems to go back to normal driving. In taking a quess it would almost seem like the car is not getting spark, fuel or something along those lines for that period when this is happening (no check engine lights of course). I originally thought that the problem was shifting in and out of overdrive but this is not the case. When the car normally comes out of overdrive the RPM's would go higher. This has been happening since I purchased the car about a week ago. has anyone else experienced this problem ?

    I traded in my vehicle because it was starting to spend more time in the garage and costing me more money than what it was worth. I thought that I would go with a brand new vehicle to get away from this. GO FIGURE I would get the Camry that is probably going to trouble ridden.
  • morinkmorink Posts: 12
    My 2002 Camry LE V6 is having the same "Cold Shock Shift" problem as messages #10 and #11. When first starting a cold engine I would expect the idle to be fast (1700 to 2000 RPM) depending on the outside temperature. If I do not let my car warm up long enough (let RPM come down between 600, 700) the car will thud/clunk into drive. If I let my car warm up to bring the RPM down between 600, 700 the car shifts into drive with just a slight thud (much better). On the cars that are experiencing the thud/cluck into drive at the higher RPM I would think that the drive train is not as tight as the other Camrys our year that are not having this problem. I should be able (at cold RPM) be able to hold the brake and shift into drive with no thud/clucking sound. This to me indicates a little play somewhere. That is my take. Those of you having the problem try letting your car warm up ( 600 to 700 RPM) a little more in the morning before shifting into gear.
  • stans40stans40 Posts: 16
    I have noticed when going up a hill when the AT shifts from 2nd to 1st it is very abrupt. More so than in other cars I have owned. In other shifts the AT is very smooth. Anyone else noticed this?
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    TSB #: EG013-01
    Date: SEP 01
    Topic: A/T - Shift Quality Improvements

    If someone has the actual TSB to this, it would greatly help.

    There should be actually 2 TSB's regards to shift quality improvement (
  • pkl88pkl88 Posts: 8
    Hi Guys,

    My apology if this question had been asked and answered in prior posts, I looked back a bit but didn't see any discussions. Feel free to point me to the past posting.

    Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone from the DFW area (actually I'm in Plano/Richardson area) will share their dealership service experiences and suggestions. I've got a 99 Camry that need its 30K checkup and tuneup, ummm, actually 40K now. Being unfamiliar with the dealerships around, I need some guidance so won't get chewed up by sharks!

    Any suggestion is welcome! TIA!

    - Paul

    PS: If you feel more comfortable conversing in private, please email me at Thanks again!!!
  • armtdmarmtdm Posts: 2,057
    There is no tune up required at 30 k. Actually not much needs to be done, tranny fluid maybe, coolant, maybe. Air filter, maybe, all depend on whether done before. That's about it. Rest in the manual is fluff for the dealer.
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    I am awaiting delivery of my Camry and this Cold Shift thing has me perturbed. For 6 years I had a similar occurence on my Mercury Mystique. Several times a week when I shifted into drive you'd hear this BIG clunk. It never happened at home but only at work. I finally figured out that it must have something to to do with shifting into drive first instead of reverse. In the mornings I always backed out of the driveway and never had the THUNK problem. At lunch though, or after work I'd shift into drive and would sometimes get the THUNK. Has anyone noticed this similarity with the Camry?

    More importantly, WHAT CAN BE DONE?
  • aka_kilikaaka_kilika Posts: 2
    I have a 02 Camry SE with ABS and also noticing brake squeal at 1300 miles. The dealer told me it was a common problem and to clean the wheels with the pressure wash at the car wash to remove the brake dust generated during the break-in period.
  • john345john345 Posts: 6
    I also had a center dash rattle in my 2002 Camry. It sounded like the source was between the clock and the radio, like a loose wire vibrating. The dealership removed the trim panel in this area, made sure nothing was loose, and reinstalled the trim. I haven't heard the rattle since.
  • pkl88pkl88 Posts: 8
    One dealer I've contacted charge ~$430 for all that you mentioned: air filter, oil filter, tire rotation, flush out coolant, etc. I think that's too much and will check with other shops.

    - Paul
  • rev4rev4 Posts: 38
    In topic # 821 I had complained about a rattle coming from my dash............tonight my wife was in the passenger seat and I asked her if she could locate it better than I could.....she found was my sun glasses vibrating in the sun glasses holder above the windshield where the map lights are..........I turned the sun glasses with the lens facing up and the "rattle" went away!!!!!!!!!!! It was that simple....I'm very relieved... because now I'm back to a quiet as a tomb interior......... Really like this car.
  • jwkwizjwkwiz Posts: 1

    Can anyone help my dilemna. My wife was driving and the car just died, we had it towed home. It cranks fine, I checked for spark; no spark, rotor turns ok so timing belt must be fine. Ignition setup under distributor cap looks fine nothing burnt or cracked. I have 120k miles on it, Was doing great till now any help would be appreciated.

  • c0kec0ke Posts: 44
    I told my service advisor about the thunk and he said they all do this. That even his 2000 V6 LE does it.

    It occurs to me that this transmission is touted to be an all-new design. So surely this thunk wasn't "retained" in the new design.

    Isn't there a place to write ... a transportation or safety board we can voice consumer complaints. If this is repair able by reburning the ROM with a different program then I think we deserve to know it.

    The last time I mentioned this the service advisor told me that a check light would go on if the computer detected a problem with the transmission and not to worry. Groan ... I can hardly wait.

    But they don't all do it. My '85 Camry doesn't do it and it runs great.
  • drejdrej Posts: 119
    HI, see the post 146, "car_ hunter" had similar problems "Hesitation, sputtering & now not starting at all!" Maybe he can help us with what solved his problem? drej
  • royallenroyallen Posts: 223
    This sounds like a bad ignition coil (I had this on my '92)or could be a fault in the power to the coil.
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    Bad coil, may be bad pickup assembly also.

    Also 87-91 Camry 4 cylinder have a history of leaking distributor O-rings
  • c0kec0ke Posts: 44
    There is also an "ignitor" module perhaps that could have gone out. This happened to me on my '85 years ago.

    On another car last year ... you don't want to hear this ... the computer died! On that vehicle I replaced it with a rebuilt unit by Python for a LOT less than the dealer would have sold it.

    Good luck
  • alank8alank8 Posts: 3
    I have 780 miles on my new Camry and have noticed a rubbing sound when the wheel is turned fully to the left or right and I'm entering or leaving a driveway. Does anyone else have a similar problem, if so has it been resolved.
    I also have noticed the morning cold shift shock that other people have been referring to. I find that by letting it run for a minute or so the idle comes down low enough so that I barely hear it. My power driver's seat had been moving about 1/4 inch on acceleration but by repositioning it I haven't felt it move again.
  • morinkmorink Posts: 12

    At this time (450 miles) I am not to happy with the way my new Camry has been shifting. Before I contact my Toyota service rep. I want to hear from Toyota directly if they are aware of any shifting issues with the 2002 Camry V6. The following is what I sent Toyota.



    I have just purchased a 2002 Camry LE V6 automatic (with overdrive). I have 450 miles on the vehicle at this time. I am not very happy with the way the car shifts when left in overdrive. I travel 25 miles one way on back roads at which I can maintain speeds between 40 and 55. Moving along between these speeds I feel the car intermittently holding back and letting go (I can see the RPM's drop by 500 RPM and then go back up again when this happens). This is very annoying to me. This does this quite often on my commute to and from work. The owners manual says to leave the car in overdrive and I only need to take it out when climbing hills at lower speeds and when hauling a trailer. I feel that this should not be doing this in the manner I am driving the car. I have a 1999 toyota corolla with overdrive which I leave in overdrive all the time and do not notice this type of problem.

    Before I contact my service rep. (who I don't trust to get a straight answer) I want to hear from Toyota directly if they are aware of any shifting issues in this vehicle. I have been reading some Toyota news groups (cars my year) and they said that there are EPROM updates to take care of some transmission issues. Are there ANY updates that you are aware of that need to be done to take care of any type of shifting problems. I do not want to get the run around from the service department that is why I am going to Toyota directly for the answer.

    Thank You
    Kurt Morin
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