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Suzuki SX4 front end noises and shimmy

ronsylronsyl Posts: 3
I just got my SX4 on tuesday and it has a shimmy in the front while going down the road. Does anyone else have this problem? They balanced the tires but I still have the problem.


  • dudeboydudeboy Posts: 55
    Did you buy your car new? If you bought it used, the previous owner may have had the same problem, and solved it by getting rid of the car. I've been on quite a few SX4 websites and haven't heard this to be a problem. It could be lots of things, but I would suspect a defect in one of the front tires, or a wheel problem. If you haven't already tried this, you might try swapping tires and wheels front to back, and see if you can notice any difference.
  • ronsylronsyl Posts: 3
    I bought it brand new I had the tires balanced they said they were a little out of balance but that has not fixed the problem. I am going back to the dealer some day this week. i was hoping someone could give me some info to help the dealer get some ideas.
    thanks for the reply
  • thekingtheking Posts: 107
    Go to a shop that specializes in suspensions...have them put the car on a lift and check EVERYTHING on the undercarriage. If they find any problem go back to your dealer and ask for a regional Suzuki engineer not tolerate " it will quiet down after break-in" You spent a lot of money be aggressive.
  • ronsylronsyl Posts: 3
    I called the dealer on tuesday and told them that the shimmy was still there. the man said he was going to call and see if there were any reported problems. I still have not heard back from him. Plan to call again tomorrow
  • 650spx650spx Posts: 48
    I have not seen this to be a issue. I would sugest sticking with a suzuki dealer and finding one with a road force balance machine. Most likley a bad tire or wheel. Thay can also sway tires and wheels from another one. I would not get to crazy yet a cool head works both ways.
  • I was driving to school/work the other morning and i was coming out of a curve and my steering wheel locked up. I slammed on my brakes about getting whiplash. and i got my steering back.. anyone have problems like this??
  • When i turn my wheel and go over like a bump or sometimes even with my wheel straight.. there is a loud popping coming from R finder, kinda like an axle.. but they cant find anything wrong, anything happening to anyone else?
  • Do you have an automatic or manual transmission? David
  • I got a brand new 2008 SX4 Sport and it has exactly same problem. It vibrates from day 1 I drove it home. Took it back to dealer asked for replacement on third day and the sales manager talked me off to send the car to service department. Got the car back three days later and the front end shimmy is still there. Ask for replacement and got refused again.

    So frustrated that I have to take the brand new car to service department again and again.
  • I bought a used 2008 SX4 Sport with 35,000 kms and it has the same problem. Brought it back and they said three of the four tires need to be balanced. The vibration is still there after the balancing. Did they figure out the problem with your car?
  • I will never deal with suzuki again. Many of the problems I am experiencing now could have been detected and corrected during the scheduled inspections at the dealership. They neglected to mention any of the many leaks the car now has. I won't be surprised if suzuki cars disappear altogether...I'd never buy another.
  • tammiestammies Posts: 1
    I bought a new 2009 SX4. Almost from day one it has cluncking from the undercarriage when you hit a slight bump. The bigger the bump the louder the noice. It comes from all 4 corners at different times so it is hard to pin down exactly were it is coming from. I have had it to the dealer 4 times and it is still there. The frist time the tightened some bolts. The next time they said there was a bent bar in the suspension. ( I had to pay 160.00 for that ). It goes back this week and I want it fixed. The car has 10,000 miles now. Any suggestions as to what it could be? Is there a history of back shocks?
  • pliers263pliers263 Posts: 1
    We ahve an 07 sx-4.The struts went bab shortly after the warranty expired . Believe me when I tell you that the struts are most probably the cause of your clunking. Here's where it gets worse, apparently , Suzuki is the only place to get them @ $535.00 each and that's just the strut . The design of these strus is so poor that you will also need new mounting plates and bearings . Comes out to almost $600 for each strut . Nice huh ?
  • honhon Posts: 34
    Our just bought 2002 Viara vibrates when you put on the brakes at about 60 mph. Is that suspension or brakes like warped rotors? :confuse:
  • Geez, I hope the car is running well for you. I am looking at a Suzuki now. Either Sx4, sedan or 5 door hatch......front wheel drive....
    let me know how it's going.

  • I have a 2008 Suzuki SX4 Sport manual trans with almost 90K on it. My repairs costs have come from brakes, rotors, plugs, fluid changes and a few broken floor mat clips :-)

    Recently my front end started to shake once I hit about 60 and then stops between 70 and 80 where it starts again. After putting it in the air, I found a broken inner tie rod on the driver side. The part is about $40 and labor is going to be about $300. Anyone replace this themselves?
  • joeyrabjoeyrab Posts: 65
    I dont have experience with the car, but the SX4 is a car i have been eyeing for the last 3 years. I think it's a great car. I hope you have had good luck with yours, maybe you could give me some more insight on how well the car has treated you.
  • hondadave7hondadave7 Posts: 27
    I bought an '08 4x4 in January 08. It has been everything and more than
    I expected. It's a 5 speed. A/C, it's the middle version available in '08.
    Checked today, it's getting 31.3 mpg. I haven't had even 1 problem.
    It doesn't matter whether it's in 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive the mileage
    doesn't alter. The mileage does lower to 30.9 during the winter months.
    From my experience I would recommend it. I change the oil and filter every
    3,000 to 3,500 miles. I have always used 15w40 Diesel oil.
  • morin2morin2 Posts: 399
    edited May 2012
    Joeyrab, I bought a new SX-4 Crossover AWD hatchback in 2011 and now have 14K miles on it. Its a 6 speed manual and it is my daily commuter for a 110 mile round-trip. The car is equipped exactly as I wanted with nothing extra that I didn't want (no cruise or remote starter junk). The car is fun to drive, and economical. The longest drive I've taken with it is 500 miles and it was comfortable. Driving mostly 55-60, I average 32 calculated mpg with E10 fuel and slightly better on long trips with pure gas. The only negative is the shifter is not very sporting. I would buy another. Its a bargain at under $16K.
  • hondadave7hondadave7 Posts: 27
    Where do you get 100% gasoline?
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