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Toyota Prius Electrical and Lighting Questions



  • Intermittently when my wife goes to get in our 05 Prius she will get a long steady beep until she gets in the car and closes the door. I have checked out the manual and replaced the battery in the key fob. She tells me it is still doing it. It has never done it for me. I am suspicious of the 12volt battery. Any thoughts out there?
  • The 12v battery will give some other warnings that it is in need of replacement. If I were you, I'd check the voltage and make sure it is around 13.8 +/- Also, check the operation of various electrical components without starting the vehicle. Based on the fact you have an 05 it may be time to change it. It is good preventive maint because they last 4 or 5 years. I just changed mine and I have a 2004. I bought it online for $107 shipping incl and installed it with a friend.
  • Thanks for the info. That $107 sounds like a good deal. Can I ask for the link?
  • Just do a search on cheap Toyota parts. It was a year ago that I purchased the battery so I don't recall the dealer. I'll look at my receipts and see if I can find it. I know the dealer had a web presence so it should be fairly easy to find. Many dealers won't send the battery because they consider it hazmat, but this particular dealer had no issue with sending it. I do remember receiving it via DHL and they no longer ship domestic. That may effect how the dealer charges for shipping. At any rate, the list price for the battery is 125-150 just not sure. If you are handy, there is an alternative battery that you'll find in your search that many people are using. Again, when you search for 12 volt prius battery you will see a wealth of information. Good luck!!
  • I checked the voltage, and it was about 12.3v. I then checked the voltage on our new 2010 Prius and it was 12.5. This with everything turned off. With everything turned on, it rose to both cars.
    It's a five year old battery and I don't want my wife stranded just to get more out of an old battery so I am going to replace it soon.
    I did a search as you suggested, and found a ton of great info. Thanks.
  • I'm glad I was able to assist. Based on the readings you obtained it appears that the battery may not be bad, however it is not an expensive item and as a preventative measure good to change BEFORE you start having issues. With my situation it died because I was not using the vehicle for quite some time and though I did charge it, it never revived. I got five good years out of it. I'm pleased. So far my 2004 has been more reliable than any other vehicle I've ever owned.
  • Bought new, 8/'05. 55k. Noticed recently that the right headlite was out. Not just high or low-both. I usually run with the headlite switch in the "on" position as they automatically go out when car is turned off and the door is opened. Assumed bad bulb but as I was looking for a way to get into it, I cycled the switch and they both came on. I rechecked and sure enough, when the car is "on", the right lite is out. When the car is "off" they are both come on. Any thoughts?
  • C'mon people-somebody must have a clue as to where I might start trying to find out why this thing is acting this way. There has to be someone out there smarter than me. Thanks for any input. Russ 41.
  • whitey9whitey9 Posts: 138
    I had the same situation on my '07 HID Prius.
    The NHTSA has investigated the claims of BOTH HID headlights failing while driving.
    All they found was ONE light out at a time.
    They closed their investigation.
    I had an intermittently functioning R-H side ( passenger ) HID headlight.
    I took it to the dealer when it was hot under the hood and they told me to come back so they could "diagnose" the HID system. They could 't get it to malfunction since the lot boy shut off the car after parking it on the lot. ( After I told the NOT to ).
    So I picked up the car and before I reached the edge of their driveway, the light was out.
    Anyway, I took it back to them ( 3rd time ) and they replaced the HID "burner" ( bulb ) under warranty.
    They told me it was a $400 repair. The 1st service writer surrendered when I initially presented the car for repair. She said it was "probably a bulb, and they didn't stock that part". What a JOKE!
    That was over a year ago, and so far everything is still going strong.
  • Thanks so much for the info. Not quite sure if I have the same situation. I don't think I have HID.-unless the car comes stock with them. In any case it isn't an intermittent problem. As long as the car is "on", the right light is out. If I turn the car "off" and cycle the headlite switch, they both come on. If I turn the car "on" with the lights on, the right one goes out. Sort of defies logic doesn't it?
  • I have a 2006 Prius. Had right headlight bulb replaced first year, and have been back to dealership 4 times for continued headlight problems. The light went off and after several trips to the dealer, they said we needed to replace the ballasts--extended warranty covered the $600 fee because we had gone past 36,000 miles.
    Now the fog light and parking light are out on the left side and the lights go off and we can get them back on by flipping the switch. We don't think our dealer knows how to fix it--now they say replace all headlights at $200 each. Any suggestions from anyone? Crockett96
  • whitey9whitey9 Posts: 138
    Find another dealer with a service department that knows the difference between its' butt, and a hole in the ground.
    "You can't sell the second one, if you can't fix the first one."
  • This is actually an AGM battery and Toyota is the best place to buy them.
  • I figured out what my wife was doing that caused the beeping. She was simultaneously pulling on the door handle and pushing the lock button when opening the door causing the Prius to put out a steady tone for about 6 seconds. I replaced the 12 volt battery anyway, as I don't want her getting stranded because of 5 year old battery.
  • Based upon the last few messages in this thread, I ordered a yellow 12V battery and their Prius kit from eLeanAid. I have not had a problem with my 2004 Prius but it has been on my mind and I am curious about the reported mileage improvements.
    I can use the old battery to start my backup generator. It will arrive next week.
  • Does anyone know if it is okay to personally change out the fog lights in my 2006 Prius--the book says take it to the Dealer but as my previous posts show--they don't really fix anything, just continue to charge. I'm thinking I can do this myself and perhaps get the problem solved.
  • go to subject title: engine trouble....

    I and others had this same issue as well about stalling on the freeway. There are a few things that I recently tired and what others tried as well.
    1. Ask for a software upgrade ... should be able to do it under warranty or under 100k miles for free

    2. Crankshaft Sensor...when the sensor gets hot or fails, sets off engine light and shuts down engine...something like that. I paid $390 for both of these installs...I have an '05 prius with 156k warranties don't apply.

    I did a test run tonight and ran it for over an hour at 80mph. It hiccuped a few times during acceleration, but kept strong.

    My problem is that my engine continues to run even at a dead stop...when it usually shuts down and secondly my fan for the battery (in the back seat) stays on and does not shut off. Dealer told me that my recharable battery is bad and also possibly the inverter...those are $4k a piece parts. So I tried the first top two.

    See if any of these solves your for the battery and inverter...those should be covered up to if your issue continues, opt for one or both of these to be replaced. Good luck!
  • whitey9whitey9 Posts: 138
    That CAN'T be right. If the top speed is only 10mph, then no one would ever be able to get it anywhere w/o being flattened first. It is very, very difficult to believe that the dealer did not have the car towed in immediately. Very, VERY difficult.
  • jbvcjbvc Posts: 2
    Anybody changed the brake light bulbs? I can't find them in my 2005 Prius. The owners manual is no help as is the Haynes repair manual. There doesn't seem to be any access to the brake lites in the aft cargo compartment. I can access the backup lites, tail lites and turn signals but not the brakes.
  • whitey9whitey9 Posts: 138
    I am pretty sure the brake lights on my '07 are LEDs. I am not sure how one could ever replace them short of the entire tail light assembly being replaced.
    It seems to me you might be on the wrong track. I see there is a recall on MY'04 Priui for a brake light switch that can be overcome by "silicone oxide corrosion".
    The switch is to be replaced.
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