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Toyota Prius Electrical and Lighting Questions



  • So much for the horror stories about the $500 12V batteries.I called the dealer closest to my house and they said....$150 installed.Same deal with the alleged $500 headlight bulbs.And one call to a dealer,found that it's $45 for the bulb and $80 labor.Still pricey,but certainly not insane like a $500 halogen light bulb would be.I checked with a local auto supply store and the Sylvania head light bulb for a Prius is $10.95.
  • lew74lew74 Posts: 8
    When I went to the toyota dealer i asked him to make sure they put in the smart key battery which has 8 amper hour more power. They did. However when they brought the car around I paid and got in and started to lower the driver window, depressed the button all the way down released, and window went 1/3 way down, and radio was all static. I immediately called Service Tech back and told him, he had messed up and did not put the auxillary 12 volts under the hood to hold all the computer presets.

    He did not know what I was talking about and called another service tech over, and I told them they should have put a 12 volt source on the jumper posts to hold all the computer presets. They asked me if I was sure it would hold all the computer presets. I told them yes the jumper posts are in parallel with the 12 volt battery. They then said they would put a notice out to all the Prius Tech's to put 12 volts on the jumper posts to keep all the computers from resetting.

  • What exactly did they misdiagnose?
  • lew74lew74 Posts: 8
    Technically you are right. I was simply noting a lack of experience.
  • I have a 2010 Prius. 7k miles. Came home last night as usual, parked in garage, This morning would not start. No lights at all. Nada just dead. We jumped the battery per the instructions in the book--successfully. Off I went to work. Drove 15-20, minutes no problem. When I turned it off on arrival, I noticed that it is again dead. No lights no nothing. I will jump it again when I leave and hopefully get home okay.

    Aside from the obvious "what do you think is wrong?" my other question is, I would have liked to back it gently out of the garage to facilitate charging but how would I get it into neutral to give it a little push? (or to tow it, if needed?)
  • stevegoldstevegold Posts: 185
    edited September 2010
    Either you have a major problem or something is left on draining the small battery. Lights, glove box, door open? The jump you did is only to start the computer. Once that's on, the car can back up and should function normally using the big traction battery. The small battery should recharge after a short drive to work. It may be defective.
    To make it easier, I modified one cigarette lighter to be always on (from Coastal Tech) and then I bought a very small 12VDC charging battery from Autosport. Keep that charged and it can easily furnish enough juice to start the computer and avoid the jumping. This happened to my 2004 once at the very beginning and once or twice since. It has happened to my wife's 2007 HH a few times lately so when I finally did replace the small battery in the Prius (with an Optima), I put the old one which was really OK, in the rear compartment of the HH with a set of jumper cables. It is a minor PIA but we're probably leaving something on every once in while.
  • markmcjmarkmcj Posts: 1
    edited September 2010
    I have an issue currently where the bulb blew due to moisture collecting in the headlight assembly. I was told the warrantee won't cover water damage this is costing me $ 900.00 to correct I do have the extended warrantee. The warrantee wont paya dime. Turning me off to Toyota; they don't care about their customers needs. The controller card also was sitting in water and needed to be replaced now I wonder if this is an issue with the left front head light assembly
  • whitey9whitey9 Posts: 138
    edited September 2010
    I haven't had this problem yet. Just 1 inop light which required 3 visits to get the "bulb" replaced at 21K mi. No condensation, or leakage yet, only some "fogging" on exterior of lens due to UV degradation. Will keep both eyes peeled for water inside of light to nip future damage in the bud. Thnx.
  • myrafmyraf Posts: 32
    I had the same problem with my 2006 toy highlander hybrid,bring the car back it is defective,i have had nothing but trouble with my hybrid,and the more miles you get on your car the less the warranty,these hybrids are deathtraps,i almost got killed when mine died on fwy doing 70 mph.i'm lucky to be alive,go on the highlander hybrid problems forum and read.
  • skar7skar7 Posts: 2
    I was told that toyota is going to recall 2004 to 2007 prius's for a problem with some sort of pump. Anybody heard anything about that?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,624
    Yes, but it's not actually a "recall" on the cooling pump, but a "customer satisfaction campaign"... -cooling-pump-problem.html
  • skar7skar7 Posts: 2
    OK, thanks. i just read the news article you sent and I'll wait for my "customer satisfaction letter" to come. thanks again
  • Why are hybrids any more death traps than any regular car? Things can go wrong on any vehicle.You can lose power for many reasons.
  • I purchased a new Prius IV in September 2010, and I am disappointed with the poor reception on my local FM radio station. I have never had this problem with any of my previous cars (Toyota, VW, Saab, Audi) and was just told that the navigation system needs to be replaced per a tech service bulletin regarding this problem. I am hopeful that this will resolve the problem. I disagree that one should expect problems like this with a new car at any price!
  • myrafmyraf Posts: 32
    it is not a customer satisfaction,it a voluntary recall on the cooling pump which overheats the inverta and the hybrid system shuts down,go on and you will see the,650,000 prius hybrids recalled for heat risk,good luck
  • Headlignts on my '06 Prius seem to annoy other drivers...a lot. One semi tried to run me off the road. Others flash their lights. One driver, as I passed him, flipped me a bird. This has been happening since new. Last week, I had a dealer check, and they said that the lights were aligned within spec, but adjusted them to the lower spec limit. It was post adjustment that that driver flipped me off.
  • A class action settlement involving the HID headlights on 2006-2009 Priuses has been reached. Information about the settlement can be found at
  • My reverse camera stopped working. The screen is mostly white with a rainbow pattern in it when I put it into reverse. No other problems with the display. I have a 2006. Anyone else had their cameras do this?
  • A guy with a 2008 Prius turned on his low beams and they seemed very
    bright. Were they HID's and if not, when did HID's become available?
    Thank you
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