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Sprinter Transmissions



  • twinboytwinboy Posts: 5
    i have a 03 3500 148WB with 208K just having the same problems you have the trany will not shift out of 1 st gear and shif indicator only stay on "D" all the time and i could only drive it under 20 miles per hour. Did you ever have your problems fix? If yes, can you tell me what they did to your Sprinter since I told it to a local AAMCO dealer and told me it might need a rebuild trany and it cost around 3000 to 5000 to do it and they also told me that trany is the same as the Dodge Ram i don't know it that true or not. Do you think it is worthy to rebuil that trany. thanks
  • twinboytwinboy Posts: 5
    edited April 2010
    I have a 03 Sprinter with 208K on it and the trancy wont shift out from the 1 st gear when it drive and the shift indicator always stay on 'D" and i can only drive up to 20 to 30 miles per hours. i took it to a local AAMCO dealer and they told me it might need to rebuild the trany and it cost around 3000 to 5000 They said the Sprinter has the same trany as the Dodge Ram is that true or not? I try to take it back to the Sprinter dealer and they told me it cost me at least 7 to 8k to rebuild that trany. i'm wondering is it worthy to do it or just stay away from it. Also someone told me never rebuild a trany if there's problems with it just get rid of it. Can anyone please give me some advice please. Thanks
  • Hi i have a 2007 Sprinter 3500 with 49k miles, this past Friday i experience the problem of the first gear getting stuck and doesn't go more them 30 MPH, today i called the dealer and they don't know what is going on yet, i have to tell you you'll get your money back with this truck just with the advertising, it ketches people att, i am a bit concern now, if i get this truck fix, and now the i see other people are having the same problem, i'll tell you as soonest is fix i get rid off and get a ford. no choice but i am not taking other chance with an other sprinter, unless Mercedes extend the warr on trans up to 100k i don't see this happen but we never know.

    i just wanted to share my thought.....
  • The noise you refer to we call RSN or Rumble Strip Noise. Most times it seems to be caused by low fluid in the transmission. I was able to purchase a dipstick which i keep under my passenger seat when not checking it. You have to know the temp of the fluid when you check it, the temp will corespond to level. I found the chart in a service manual. I have 160k on my 2005 2500 long tall body. Had done the trans service myself @ 80,000. Fluid, filter (drained torque converter) new gasket, and 8.5 qts of fluid fron my Freightliner Dealer. I find them to be cheaper on ALL PARTS!! Also from a shop i talk to in Oregon they have a brace available for some extreme cases of RSN. I do almost all my own service on mine, and i love the truck. HOWEVER the paint is another story. Chris
  • Silver Star Transmission sells universal dipsticks for 45.00 and we ship overnight.
  • Recently bought our '04 Sprinter. Removed cap for transmission fill tube to check trannny fluid level. Guess what- no dip stick. Is there some way else to check fluid level?
  • Hello
    They don't have a lvl stick.
    I bought a aftermarket custom made, i never used it.
    I can resell it.
    Tip for sprinters prior 2006.
    Transmission is burning the oil to fast. I installed a small trans. radiator, (boughed from Autozone) between the front radiator and the transmission. ( cut the hose, hock it up, and add about 1qt or what capacity).
    If you drive in hot weather condition, mountain area, or haul heavy like 2000 + lbs , this is a problem you can fix.
    1-st sprinter 250 k
    2-nd sprinter 355k
    Maintained and repaired by me.
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