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Chrysler 300M Electrical/Lighting



  • Hello,
    I have a 2003 300m special...and am having issues where all of the lights work sometimes and not others. This makes it difficult to see my rpm and speed. everything else seems ok. any ideas?
  • jw300mjw300m Posts: 8
    My driver's heated seat is "acting up" will turn on and stay on when the car is in park, but if you are driving it turns itself off. I replaced the switch and it still does blown fuses either. The passenger seat is working fine so I do not think it is the module that is located under the seat....bad ground? any ideas?
  • barb2barb2 Posts: 2
    hi: So proud to see this 2001 300M Chryler 69,000 miles.. has just started doing this.... and I took it to my Chrysler this morning for the Fall Maintenance check...and mentioned this to them... and all check out with the test. So will definitely give this Scroll the dimmer wheel/Light Switch a try.

    Thanks! Barb
  • rmotarmota Posts: 3
    Just sharing an interesting find. So my headlights ended up turning yellow and I was looking for suitable replacements I didn’t want to buy the OEM replacements so I started searching around finally someone suggested I look into the projector headlight soon to be carried by Spyder Auto. Apparently the chrome housing headlights are now available, but I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival/release of the black housing ones which are best for my car. Anyway, If you find yourself in the same predicament, I strongly recommend you check them out.
  • I have a used (2000) 300M without a manual and am not sure where the fuse box is. Can anyone tell me? (My passengar seat is reclined and will not go back up. I am hoping it is just a fuse.)

  • Jill
    The fuse box is under the hood in the black box in front of the coolant container.
    The cavity number is 20 and it uses a 20 AMP C/BRKR.
  • I am an owner of a 2003 300M and love it, but am having a ton of problems. Most of them I can live with like the windows not going down, the lights coming on/off, the engine light staying on and the overhead digital information thingy burnt out. But today it was about 12 degrees and the key would not turn in the ignition. This happened before and I was able to get it to turn after a few times after pushing the open/lock button. I tried all day to get the key to turn, even checked the steering wheel and nothing. In addition we have multiple problems with our 2000 dodge durango and I am looking for any advice on getting this key to turn before I drop coin on both vehicles.
    Looking for help!
  • Jill there is also a fusebox on the end of the drivers side dash between the door and the side panel of dash. You can only see it with the door open,Hope this helps deals999cars
  • I have a 99 300m and the fan fuses blow out as soon as I replace them so the engine continues to overheat. The break lights are out too. Any ideas?
  • Had similar problem with my 2003 M. Make sure that the car is in Park, rarely happens but it is irritating. There must be a little "glitch" in the transmission that allows this to happen but by placing the car in "park" again, the key will turn. Hope this is helpful.
  • Thank you for replying and for your suggestion! But, it happened again today. I believe it has something to do with the cold weather. It is extremely irritating especially when leaving a long day of work and being late to pick up the kids. Looks like I will be taking to the dealer to get checked out.
  • Hello!

    I own a 2000 300m and have had the problem that you are having a few times. I had to call a locksmith to fix it. He said that it is a common problem with the 300m's - the ignition locks! :shades:
  • i had the same problem with my 99 300m ,it just kept getting worse,went to dealer ahd a new ignition lock put in ,they recoded it and no more problems. cost: 200.00 worth every penny to me
  • All 4 windows have quit working even the little green lights on the switches. I checked the circuit breaker on the fuse panel and its ok. Could it be the main drivers side switch that is bad? All the windows should be powered from the main switch. Has anyone else out there had this problem? I really want to avoid taking it to the dealer and find out that it is just the switch.
  • Hi folks,
    It doesn't look like anyone has posted on to this thread for several months, so I hope this wont fall on deaf ears (or no ears at all, for that matter). I came here to see if I could find a solution to the latest problem on my car, and all I realized is that my car totally blows. I read MANY posts. I wish I read them years ago. Right now, I have some bat-[non-permissible content removed] crazy electrical problem and my car isn't starting at all. Not even a noise when I turn the key... not even a dash board light (usually... sometimes every light possible is on... but it still wont crank)

    So, here is an open letter to all 300 M owners who have posted here... please enjoy.

    To the person who experienced both of their coolant fans seizing and is overheating if not in constant motion to draw air through the radiator: Been there (for years)

    to the one who's ignition wont turn (seems locked?).... You'll need to replace the whole ignition switch/lock/cylinder. I did.

    To the guys and gals with possessed interior lights. Its weird at first, but you get used to it. The flickering and flashing never ceases to freak out your passengers.

    To the people who have their car cough and stutter and stall out completely... O2 sensor or swithch or intake something or other. Its a [non-permissible content removed] but at least its not your transmission.

    To those whose seat heaters stopped working: Let me know if you find an easy fix...its just not that important to me. I have been without for 2 years.

    To anyone whose AC went out: I have been driving without it for the better part of 4 years.

    You say your wiper fluid light stays on when full, but goes off when empty? Yeah, me too. Thousands. There is way too much to take apart to fix it.

    Radiator leaking? May be due to the fact that you overheat from time to time because those fans stopped working. sucks.

    Do your front woofers work? I blew mine out in 2005 listening to talk radio.

    Oh... my alarm goes off every time I use the key to open the driver's side door... my key fobs already failed. I have to unlock the car from the passenger's side, but it makes me look like a gentleman when on a date.

    Sometimes my headlights will turn on buy themselves when Im not even in the car. I think thats cute.

    The tires... can you pick a stranger size of tire? Unless you really shop around, they will cost you over $200 a pop.

    I havent even touched on the basic maintenance of the car that I hate so much.

    So, if you re wondering what is wrong with your car, it's that you own a 300M. they absolutely suck.

    If I didn't get laid off, I'd buy a new one. Mine doesn't even start now due to a seriously freaky electrical problem The bright side is that I save on gas money, something that this POS has never been very good at until now.

    Anyway, its a good thing that I don't have to drive to work everyday or else this thing would continue to nickle and BENJAMIN me to death.
  • plancorplancor Posts: 6
    hi i had an issue with my 99 300m a while back wouldnt start out of the clear blue . owner of the electrical shop told me disconnect the battery for about a half hour to clear the memory and damn a bear it worked , no furthe trouble , maybe itll work for you good luck
  • plancorplancor Posts: 6
    hold it thats expensive 3m puts out a product a headlight restoration kit 20 bucks and an electric drill and a half hour a light follow instructions and youll be happy --like brand new available at the auto zone. i dont get a commision by the way lol.
  • plancorplancor Posts: 6
    had that problem with rear windows , think its the contacts from door to frame , i sande them down a little and it seemed to help. give it a try maybe - maybe not.
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