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Mitsubishi Montero Maintenance and Repair



  • Hi there,

    As a complete non-mechanic I need help to figure out what line is leaking in my 2000 Montero Sport XLS. Through the grille you can see two metal lines - one of them (closer to driver side) is cut and is leaking a red fluid. I also lost power steering and was not about to try figuring out if i lost brakes at the moment too. I'm assuming its the power steering line but dont know which one so I dont even know what to buy. Do i need a mechanic to fix it or can diy?
  • bjlm8bjlm8 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Mits Montero Limited. When decelerating and below 25 MPH a "clunk" is heard from the transfer case or differential, like if whatever was trying to engage, just disengaged. I believe it is the 4x4 system trying to engage by itself while the vehicle is in 2H. After highway driving for in 2H mode 30+ minutes the warning light for the center locking transfer case will start to flash. When you turn the vehicle off it will reset, but after awhile everything will start over. Any ideas and/or solutions to this problem?
  • I have a 2001 Mitsubishi Montero. I had an over heating problem and found that my auxiliary fan was rusted and not working. I replaced it, but the fan is still not coming on. I am thinking it is the auxiliary fan thermostat/switch. Can anybody tell me where this is located on the engine? I don't have a manual.
  • I have a 1998 Montero Sport. We have replaced wires coming off the starter, checked the battery and alternator, and replaced the starter. Sometimes it goes a couple days, or weeks without any problems but out of no where sometimes it just will not start. It will eventually start back up, but it is usually hours or a day later. Any ideas on what the problem might be?
  • sirpkpsirpkp Posts: 7
    I have the exact same problem on my 2001 montero limited. The temp. gauge problem (replaced thermostat, bleeded air from system, replaced sensor for gauge) where it goes to high intermittently even though the engine is normal. After removing the speedometer cluster to see that board you were talking about, now the speedometer is doing EXACTLY what yours is doing (irratic behaviour).

    What solved your speedometer irractic issue?

    Thank you for your reply.
  • sirpkpsirpkp Posts: 7
    Did that board solve your temp gauge issue?

    I also have an irratic speedometer problem. Any ideas?

  • Hi, I have a 2002 Montero Sport XLS. It does great on the highway but when im in the city or idleing during times when the outside temp is above 70 degrees the temp starts to creep up. I have not let it overheat becasue i will either turn the car off or turn on the heater. I have changed the thermostat, the fans are working properly and flushed the radiator. What im wondering is if it could be the water pump. I havent changed the timing belt or water pump and i have almost 140000 miles on it. Does this sound like the pump? Does anyone know what the cost for that and a timing belt is?? Any info will be helpful and greatly apreciated!! Thank you.
  • Yes, replacing the electronic board did solve the problem with gauges showing overheating. It costs an insane $600 and they kept the truck in the shop for week and a half.
  • blozabloza Posts: 1
    I had the same problem in my way from Miami to Orange City but the car was running ok. I just did it (running the car in reverse) and apparently worked. The light didn't turn on again. Let's see what happen in my way back to Miami, let you know.
  • I have a 1997 montero sport I just replaced the alternator on it , went bad due to an oil leak the car was dying out at stop lights every time it came to idle, I replaced it all the dash lights went off the battery light, brake and AT light, took it for a drive and it is still dying out when the car idles. I ve heard other montero owners with the same problem , just havent heard any fixes any one have any ideas. Thanks
  • cinnscinns Posts: 4
    It is just stalling when you come to a stop? Like when in idle?

    I had that problem after I disconnected the battery for about half an hour when getting a new one. Put the new one in and it was stalling half the time I was at a light or stop sign. After a few days of prowling the internet, I found out that it has a computer to control the idle speed and with no power for a while, it will reset back to the default speed. The good thing is, it is very easy to set it back where it needs to be and you don't even need to pop the hood open. Just keep one foot on the brake and give it some gas to idle it up a bit when you come to a stop. After a few times of doing this it learned (automatically adjusted I presume) what speed it should idle at. Weird I know... but it worked. Give that a try and see what happens.
  • Some of the Mits Montero have a problem on the relearn. When it dies, turn key off then restart. Sometimes just restarting it from the run position interfers with the relearn of idle speed. It has to go through a drive cycle that has a number of key on, run and key off situations. Vary the type of driving also between Highway and city.
  • Problem solved I had to replace the battery, the battery terminals and i also cleaned the throttle body out after doing this the car runs great I stopped short of cleaning the IAC module idle air control, but I will be doing this as well,
  • hello all.
    i recently acquired a pre owned 02 XLS 2wd.
    i must say it's a solidly built vehicle.
    it has 68000 miles and from what i can tell, the timing belt has not been replaced.
    i live in the tujunga/sunland area near los angeles, california
    and wonder if anyone would like to share their experiences in this regard:
    -price for replacement,
    -where it was done,
    -what mileage the car was when it was done,
    -and any other repairs/replacements that make sense to be done during this service.
    the local mitsu dealer is charges 700 dollars.
    thanks in advance.
  • Did you ever get a solution to this???
  • Ours was the shifter adjustment. push it forward again into park while turning the key or put in neutral.
  • My wife's 2001 Montero is making a moaning noise when she's driving between 60 and 70 mph. Prior to that and afterward there's no noise, and if she turns the wheel slightly in that range, the noise goes away.

    All the fluid levels are good, the tires were recently rotated (and are relatively new), and I had it realigned two months ago (though it seems out of alignment again). My wife swears she hasn't hit anything to knock it out of alignment or bend the frame.

    Anyone have a similar experience or any ideas about what may be wrong?

  • I have a similar problem we have a 2003 Mitsubishi Montero LMT. Does your engine crank over when it does not start?
  • When I shift from 4 high down to 2 wheel it will not do it unless i turn a corner. How can I acess the shift swiches.
  • any luck with your charging system problems? I'm having the same issue's with my 94 montero, Alt. bench tested good but will not charge the battery when driving, also cranks over slow ... at my wits end
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