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Mitsubishi Montero Maintenance and Repair



  • Hello, I have a 99 Montero Sport 4X4 3.0, & just recently my temp gauge has started to act very erratic. It will stay under cold then jump up & down at certain times. Today while I was driving on the highway it stayed under C but when I drove city streets it would go to normal when I was at a stop but will decrease to under C when I accelerated. Other then this problem the vehicle is running fine. Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be?
  • I have just aquired a 91 montero and a 95 montero. both bodies are in excellent condition but I only can keep one, both need engine work. I've had a sport in the past, and I'm unfamiliar with the older models. OK all you Montero fans, which one should I keep?
  • did you try changing the idle control and cleaning the throtle .
  • ofcourse the 95,more blue book value!
  • check the timing
  • FYI..... after going through this COMPLETE process a year ago, my motor came loose again. Knowing what I needed to get to and where it was, I started poking around and realized the headliner around the sunroof opening is just velcro, and with a shorty screw driver you can tighten the screw no problem without taking apart the ENTIRE interior of your Montero. I fixed mine in about 2 minutes this time vs an entire day last year. NOW I'm trying to figure out how to "resync" the drive??? I closes about 1/3 of the way and stops (like it's at the finish spot).
  • i have a 92 montero and i recently rebuilt my engine and put a new catalytic converter also. i still don't have that much horsepower to climb hills or tow trailer. I'm wondering what i should do, does anyone have any idea what the problem can be?
  • When i have my mass airflow senior hooked up my montero will run just fine till it warms up. Once it warms up it wont let me give it any gas and it dies, but once i unplug the mass airflow senior it runs like a champ. I have replaced the mass airflow senior and the map sensor and the coolant sensor. I dont know what els to do can anyone help?
  • fatkoopfatkoop Posts: 1
    where is the fuel pump relay located on my 94 montero?
  • When he put everything back together my power steering is not working. The steering makes noise like no power steering fluid. He said somehow air got into it and bled the power steering by turning car off and moving wheels back and forth to no avail. He is telling me now the power steering pump is bad and it worked perfect before he touched the car. I drove before he began to work on it. I am this car's original owner and has always been cared for. Is it possible he damaged the power steering? How?
  • tammie12tammie12 Posts: 3
    Have you received any answers or solutions to your problem?

    I am having similar issues with my 2001 Mit Montero Sport XLS. My SRS light comes on, everything begins to run slow or dim, the windows start to roll down very slow, the windshield wipers get slow, the interior lights begin to dim and then eventually the vehicle will die.

    I can have it jumped and it will run fine again for weeks or months without these symptoms and then happen all over again.

    I have had the alternator and battery thoroughly checked and it carries the charge it is suppose to. Had the ECM checked and it's all good. Had it checked for issues with gound or other wire shorts, nothing. I have been to several mechanics and no one can understand these symptoms or find a solution.

    Anyone have any ideas on these weird behaviors?
  • kjmorrisonkjmorrison Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Sport XS. 3.5 V6. I just bought it in Feb with 107K miles on it. I hope it was a smart move, my aunt has one with over 250K miles and haven't had any major problems and everyone i talk to that has one loves it. But between 25-45 mph i get a shaking sensation and noise like im running over the wake up strips on the side of the interstate. It shakes so bad that i have had to have the wheel balanced twice in two weeks. Its like it looses power and hesitates like it wanna cut off but doesn't. Ive been told a number of things i could have fixed but im on a fixed income and cant afford to fork out thousands of dollars to fix this and that to try to get the problem resolved. I was wondering if anyone out there has had this problem and got it fixed or if anyone can maybe give me a possible sure fix. Thanks!!
  • ruddneckruddneck Posts: 23
    When I've had this problem before it's been either a bad tire or a bad bearing. Look at both side walls of the tires--are there wires or radial cords starting to appear? To check for the bearing, jack the car up and see if you can wiggle the tires side to side. If there is any lateral play, the bearing is bad. If you spin the tires by hand, you should be able to hear the bad bearing, too.
  • Hi,
    I have a 2000 Montero Sport. I had the same issues a few years after I bought it. Everything I looked up online said torque converter. I figured that was pretty expensive so I took it to one of my friends that is a mechanic. This has been about 5 o 6 years ago. He flushed the transmission, put whatever the treatment is you use for transmissions. He drove a few miles, flushed and treated again. Drove a few miles again, then repeated that again, but this time he just left it in there without the flush. He said it would take a few weeks of driving if that was going to work. Well in about a week the problems stopped. I have not had any issues with that since. It cost about $250 I think, I know for sure it was less than $300. I have the paper around somewhere that listed all he done. I will see if i can find it in the next few days. I hope this helps! Oh and the only problems i have ever had with my montero was that. I had to change starter about 4months ago. I bought it with 41000 miles on it, now i have 200,000.....still going strong! i love mine.

  • tammie12tammie12 Posts: 3
    Yeah, I love mine also and hope that I can get these issues fixed because I really would like to keep it. Thanks for the information, I will definately check into that.
  • kjmorrisonkjmorrison Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info. I believe it has something to do with the wheel and tire. It keeps shaking my weight off the wheel.
  • lougal1lougal1 Posts: 1
    my engine just started to get hot to a point were I had to pull over and stop, turn off my engine due to pinging as it started to dye out to let it cool down and it started to smoke as well by the front end of the motor, close by the water pump?, and my battery won`t start the engine with out a jump just to begain to over heat agian in about 5 minutes, now it is hard to start again, can you help!!??
  • jazoreojazoreo Posts: 5
    I have a 2000 Mitsubishi Montero. I have a weird issue. I turn the AC on and the compressor works in fan setting 1,2, and 3 but the fan won't blow. I know the compressor is on because you can feel cold air coming through the vent...but the fan just won't blow. As soon as I turn the fan to setting 4 it starts blowing but the compressor turns off. So to cool the car I have to be on fan setting 1,2, or 3, let the compressor charge then turn it to fan setting 4 to blow the charged air which only lasts for a few minutes since in setting 4 the compressor turns off.
  • jazoreojazoreo Posts: 5
    My 4x4 indicator shows the bottom left light on. The 4x4 is not on but this light started staying on all the time. Do these lights indicate problems?
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