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Buick park Avenue Problems



  • ceenaceena Posts: 3
    Just test drove a 2000 Park Avenue Ultra. What is with the AIR DEFLECTOR? That large overhang off
    the front bumper, that barely misses the ground
    standing still. When actually driving over just
    a small bump, it hits it . When backing out of
    a driveway, the thing does a nosedive into it-
    including the high bounce the car does.
    It does drive nicely outside of this weird
    flotation number when there's a lift in the road.
    But, I just don't get why this air deflector has
    to be there. That has to cause a lot of damage
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    If you haven't already, you might also like to check through the Park Avenue topics over in our Sedans conference. You are sure to find folks who are interested in buying or have already bought 00 Park Avenues. You can click on this link to go to one of the Sedan topics: Buick Park Avenue and you can find others by using the "Topic Search" feature on the left sidebar of this page.

    Good luck!

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • Anyone having fan noise should check the directional doorsnot closing or opening adequately, which air flow to be interrupted and consequently you hear the noise. Check it by changing the direction of air flow, e. g., floor, upper area, mix both, etc. this is the most likely source of your puzzlement.
  • bkoutbkout Posts: 4
    The dash rattle is also a common problem on the Buick Regal GS. I have taken the car into the dealer for the third time since I bought it in November of 99. I am starting to get jealous of my girlfriend's new Maxima.
  • bikerkenbikerken Posts: 2
    I'm the happy owner of a '94 PA. Never had a car perform as well as this one has.
    I've just had the front struts replaced, and it made a world of difference in handling (79K miles). Now, I notice that the rear end is quite soft.
    Seems the air-pump is failing and I can't find the gosh-darn thing to save my soul.
    If anyone is able to locate the sensor and the pump for me, I sure would be grateful.
  • I have a '97 Park Avenue which recently experienced engine failure. Dealer found a cracked intake plenum,which allowed coolant to enter cylinders, causing valve damage. Required valve job and new plenum. Fortunately I have a 75000 mi extended warranty with 73000 mi at time of failure. Dealers maintenance staff were quite vague when I asked if this failure is common or if I might expect other problems caused by the coolant in the cylinders. ( I believe the plenum is not metal but a kind of plastic)

    Anyone know if this failure is common? Could other damage have been done which I will have to face after the warranty expires? I am debating whether to sell the car and what to buy.
  • den256den256 Posts: 1
    The seat controls on both the driver and passenger seats keep popping out. I have not been able to get them repaired. Has anyone had the problem? Any successful fixes?
  • pierremdpierremd Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 1991 Park Ave. I knew there were problems but not too sure how extensive. It seems to be an electical short, which is turning lights etc. on and wearing down the battery. Does this sound familiar to anyone out there? Is this a computer problem? What kind of money will I be looking at if it is on board computer related?
  • rcruiserrcruiser Posts: 1
    New 2000 Ultra less than 4000 miles. TRAC OFF, ABS and BRAKE lights came on. After 10 miles the ABS engages and the car shuttered. The dealer had to call technical help to find out that the spark plug wires crossed and shorted against sensor wires causing the computer to think that the car lost traction. Simple fix but large problem. Dealer told me that Buick knows this is a problem on Park Avenues but has not sent the dealer a notice as of 5/8/00.
  • chingonchingon Posts: 5
    I am driving a 91 PA with 120,000 and have had almost no problems whatsoever. I bought the car used with 35,000 mi. and a salvaged title. Since then only routine maintenance and one of the fans quit working and had to be fixed. Other than that it has been problem free, which I did not expect and feel very lucky. I am amazed that the leather seats are still in such great condition, very soft, better than many new seats. The bad thing about this car is that it has spoiled me on luxury that i cannot afford when i get a new car as this was a car i (a poor college student) got from a family member. Oh well.
  • 52275227 Posts: 1
    I have a 1993 PA and when parked, the trunk will open and / or the radio will come on and play. The dealership doesn't seem to know the problem. I wonder if there are others with this problem. I was told the cure was to buy a ford product!!
  • sgrizzardsgrizzard Posts: 2
    1994 Buick PA. Warm restarts - intermittent failure. Dealership replaced ECU to no avail
    other than a light wallet. Suspect crank sensor.
    How do you get the vibration dampener (balancer)
    off? Ice cream melting in the trunk at the grocery store.... it will get you there but you can't leave. Help.
  • rotaranrotaran Posts: 10
    The Battery of my '92 PA wearing down two times. Since i turn off the "Twilight Sentinel" i have no more problems.
  • mentnechmentnech Posts: 4
    I have a 2000 Park Ave. It has an annoying roaring noise coming from the engine compartment. It seems I only hear the noise when it is raining or after it has rained. The noise disappears when I accelerate. My dealer tells me this noise is from air passing through an intake valve and that this is normal. I can't believe this is normal. My previous car was a 97 Park Ave. with the same engine and that did not have the roaring noise. Has anyone experienced this problem and what can be done to eliminate it? Sure would appreciate help. This roaring noise is driving me bats. Thanks
  • djakedjake Posts: 1
    is there a place i can find a wiring diagram for my 1991 buick park ave ????
  • mentnechmentnech Posts: 4
    I have a 2000 Park Ave. and I have the same problem as you had with the ABS engaging and Trac Off and ABS lights came on. On the screen it says "Service Stability System". I had this problem about a month ago and after 2 trips back to the dealer I thought the problem was corrected. They told me then that it was caused by a frayed wire shorting out. Today it happened again. When I accelerated, after waiting for a traffic light, the car shuttered and it flashed on the screen "Traction Control System Active". That was on the screen for only a few seconds, the bells sounded and then the screen read "Service Stability System" and the ABS and Trac Off lights came on. So, next week I will take the car to my dealer again. Hopefully they will fix it right this time. I hope you got your problem resolved.
  • mentnechmentnech Posts: 4
    Just had my 2000 Park Ave. checked out as to why ABS engaged and Trac Off Light and ABS Light came on as well as "Service Stability System". The Dealer Tech found it was a short in a ground wire. Hopefully it won't happen to me again.
  • I have a 99 Buick PA with 18k miles and I've had it in for service four times. The first time was because it was leaking transmission fluid. This was because of a pinched seal when the trans was put on in the factory.

    The 2nd & 3rd time was because the driver's side rear door would not open. They've replaced most of the guts of the door. The last visit was about two weeks ago and the door won't open again. I'm about to schedule the third visit for the same problem. Can you say Florida Lemon Law?

    I also have various and sundry rattles inside, mainly the sunroof. Nobody seems to be able to identify or fix them though. The sticker on this car was $36,000. I thought I was buying a quality car but I'm beginning to wonder.
  • I owned a Park Avenue in the past and it was not a good experience. Constant trouble, brake problems, and more problems to boot. Bland styling. I will never buy another buick it is the WORST CAR ON THE ROAD!!!!
  • bob31bob31 Posts: 9
    I am sorry you have had bad experiences. I am an owner of my 6th park ave ultra since 92. I have had very few problems. I currently own a 2000 ultra and like it the best of all of them. I had a problem with front rotors on my 98 and the dealer replaced them with 18000 miles on the car with no hagling. My 94 had an alternator problem which the dealer replaced while I waited. I have had other minor problems which didnt amount to much. You didn't say what year your car was. In todays Chicago papers you can get $3000 rebate plus another 500 if you are a member of AARP.Not a bad deal if you lease or keep it for a long time.
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