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Subaru Impreza Performance Upgrades



  • Hey,

    I have a 2008 Impreza 2.5i and just put some after market mufflers on it. I was reading some of the other posts and i had to bring it to a specialty shop to get them welded on. Anyways, i was looking at getting an Injen CAI. I live in Pittsburgh, Pa, so the winters get pretty bad. I had a cobalt and got a short ram and it worked pretty good. I was just reading a lot about how CAI suck in water and if its cold then the pistons can break and how the short ram can take in a lot a hot air and over heat the engine. I read that the AEM can get a valve. So would that be the best, or should i look for a CAI that can be turned into a short ram?

  • I see that Subaru offers an STI spring upgrade dealer installed on the 2009 Impreza. Anyone have experience with these springs? I could drive an STI but there are too many other suspension changes on that car to make a direct comparison concerning ride quality. My goal is to create an Impreza that handles like an STI (or at least close) but with the better fuel economy.
  • Hi, wondering if it's better to buy a bottom line WRX and add mods or better to buy a STI with everything included? I heard the mod package on the STI is just the best. I would really like to get the premium cuz of the sunroof and would add the exhaust and some other little things. Is it worth getting the sat radio? Also, got any sites that sell good aftermarket parts? The site doesn't really describe all the parts available as options. Thanks guru~
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    C&D tested both and oddly enough the plain WRX was actually quicker.

    I'd want the rock-solid 6 speed MT from the STi, but besides that I'd save my money and start with a plain one.
  • hi,
    i purchased the 07 2.5i impreza. i haven't done anything to it other than regular maintenance.
    my questioin is what is the besting thing that i could do to improve vehicle performace without adding a turbo (it's not a WRX). thank you.
  • saedavesaedave Chicago, ILPosts: 683
    Start by removing any extra weight you are carrying in the car...bowling balls,garden tools, etc. Be sure tires are inflated to the max correct pressure. If there are any check engine lights, get the problems fixed.

    Then relax and enjoy the adequate performance which won't change much without extensive and expensive modifications.
  • I saw an installation video on Youtube. It mentioned that 2.0 WRX 03 and later, aside from putting the 2 male/female green connectors together ( under the dash ), you are supposed also connect the white connector too. I only see one loose white connector under the dash next to the two green connectors. How is the white connector connected under the dash? Thanks in advance.
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