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Jetta vs Civic vs TDI vs GTI



  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Of course you know that things like seat comfort, interior layout, and gauges are very subjective. :) I do find the Jetta to be a nice vehicle, but the engine, weight, and poor fuel economy were a turn off for me. My Accord was quicker, sounded better accelerating, roomier, as fun to drive (personal opinion of course ;)) and cost about the same as a Jetta when I was shopping a couple of years ago. Getting better fuel economy than the compact Jetta in my midsize Accord was a bonus (VW has since improved the 2.5L to have more power and better economy, but it still isn't as good as my Accord's). I'd have a hard time stepping back to a Civic OR a Jetta from my Accord, but at least the Civic has great mileage and a low price.

    I really want to like VW (I think their cars as a whole look great and are feature packed), but knowing too many reliability nightmares put me off from them.

    Birmingham's VW dealer is VERY well-known for being worthless in customer service, so that helps cross VW off my list for now, as well.
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