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Kia Sorento Lights and Bulbs



  • I tried to upgrade my lights to some blue and they lasted less than a month and in 6 months I went thru 3 pairs...I was told at the store that I was touching the bulbs and should be using bulb grease...still went I went back to the cheap yellow looking stock ones and they have been in there over 6 months now...I talked to a guy online and he went to hid lights...they have their own ballast and take less power to run...get them online ebay less than a $100 bucks...sorry to hear about all these problems cause we sure do love ours...scott
  • tonyj4tonyj4 Posts: 2
    Anyone else had these problems, found fixes?

    56000 Miles, bought new in October '05. I just installed my third battery. When they die, they just die, no warning whatsoever. Turn the key, snapping/cracking sound, dead battery. Yesterday I noticed the battery was still very warm even after 3 or 4 hours out of the vehicle, this was a Bosch that I purchased in November '08. I am pretty sure the batteries are shorting out internally.

    Also, my headlights and tailights have been popping since about 6 months after buying it. I gave up on the dealer a long time ago. I love the vehicle so I just deal with it.

    Also, a third issue. My brake rotors have now been turned on the lathe 3 times in 56k miles. They keep warping. I have never had to have this done this many times on ANY other vehicle I have owned in 25 years.

    So, lets see...

    Replaced more batteries
    Replaced more bulbs
    and turned more rotors... than on any vehicle I have EVER owned.. but I still LOVE this SUV.. What is wrong with me???
  • sorry to hear that you are having the same problem as I had....I gave up on changing anymore bulbs until I can afford to do the HID's up front and use led lights everywhere battery went out too...I have read alot from different websites on the Sorento and everyone says the same thing they love them but hate the trivial problems they are brake pads went out this last time and ruined the I went to Autozone and bought new rotors and new pads...I decided to go up this time to the ceramic they far so good...I know that I sure can tell a difference at the beginning...I also installed a cold air kit from Spectre have to buy the individual parts but well worth it...I got mine from Autozone too...hope this helps....
  • tonyj4tonyj4 Posts: 2
    Too bad Kia isn't stepping up. They really do make a great vehicle with some trivial problems that could be easily be resolved..
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    blubs are a constant problem in the sorie....had a 03 EX....finally when to a higher output batter y and stuck with stock sylvannia auto bulbs....didnt have any more problems with bulbs....also I stop using the auto on function for the lights...I noticed when them set of auto start up the headlamps would slightly flash on starting....turning the auto function off..eliminated this...telling me there is some sort of electrical surge going on.....I also noticed the radio dial would flash as well if left I basically simply started turning everything off when I turned off the Sorie...

    Rotors....yes the OEM ones are lousy....replace with aftermarket ones when you can...and dont overtighten the lugs....they should be hand tighten to the proper specs

    Sorie finally gave out after 5 years and 115k when the front differential let go and eveloped a coolant leak at a y joint that required the motor to be lifted in order to access the part for replacement ($30 for the part and 5 hours labor alone)....approx $4500 to replace the differential wasnt worth that much so donated it........I enjoyed it while it lasted...but not convinced the drivetrains are built to sustain long term wear and tear.......
  • Where did you get the replacement diode? Do you have to go through a dealer? How much does it cost? Thanks.
  • I have a 2003 Sorento that I have been having some electrical problems with. The tailights are both out, but the brake lights still work. I changed the bulbs on both sides, checked the fuses and had a Kia dealer check the wiring. They said they don't know what is causing the problem, but that it could be the electronic control module. Has anyone else had this problem? They want $400 for the part and 2 hours labour to install it so i would like to know if that is the problem before I get it done. Thanks.
  • If youve changed the headlight on your Sorento, youll know what I am talking about. Its a little v-shapped spring, not much bigger than a paperclip, that holds the headlight socket in place in the headlight assembly.

    I lost mine while changing the lightbulb. Kia does not sell this part on its own, but only by buying the entire headlight assembly (~$150-200). Has anyone had to replace the spring only and found a place to buy them?
  • mcreed25mcreed25 Posts: 1
    2011 sorento. 2400 mi Just on the passenger side?? Has anybody ever heard of this?
  • Premature failure of light bulbs (headlamps, brake lights, marker lights, rear lights, etc) IS A PERVASIVE PROBLEM ON SORENTO'S! Any dealer that says otherwise is either naive or lying...PERIOD!

    This problem should be taken up by the NTSB because what happens when one brake light fails, then before you get it replaced...the other fails??? Yes, somebody slams into you from behind under many circumstances. Kia has blood on their hands somewhere; I can't imagine that it has not happened yet.

    Has anyone had a dealer repair the problem yet? :mad:
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I checked all fuze connections,, found a few not firmly seated, tighten the battery chassis ground...and up graded my battery and it seemed to fix the my 03 $$ is on the upgraded battery, put in a top rated, max starting power, battery available for the Sorie......
  • driver04driver04 Posts: 1
    I have been experiencing my interior lights wont turn off while having my headlights on. have tried to turn them off but they will not...they only slightly dim. It scared me to have to drive at night with the lights on. What could be the cause for this?
  • franxalotfranxalot Posts: 1
    My dealer replaced all bulbs when I brought the car in for an oil change-N/C

    Its a Kia campaign. Possibly you should check with your dealer before getting theatrical?
  • My bulbs have been replaced, many times...some by the Kia dealership, now all are replaced by me. The repacement bulbs are not the problem. It doesn't matter who makes the will fail in a Kia Sorrento because there is an underlying problem.
  • nikkilennikkilen Posts: 1
    I am having trouble with my interior dome lights and dash lights when there a lot humidity but dash lights continously going out and the only way to get back on I must hit the top of dash fot them to back on and my dome lights will shut off and had to take the bulbs out advise to my problems are needed as it is very frustrating
  • janskijanski Posts: 2
    I really like my Kia Sorento EXCEPT::::I have had to replace my headlights at least twice a year sometimes three times since I have had this car. Also the outside lens on the headlights are faded and scratched up for no apparent reason. They look like someone took a brillo pad and scratched them from the inside. I have taken it to the dealer several times and they said it had the right amps for the lights and never have fixed it. I am sick of buying headlights. I had my car before for 7 years and I don't ever remember having to replace the headlights at all the entire time I had it. I think there is some kind of default or short in the electrical system of the car that is making them go out. Anybody else having the same problems?
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    this is a systematic problem with the sorento....check to insure your battery ground into the body is good...all fuses are tight....and when you replace the battery...get one with the max amps possible....above and beyond OEM status...

    as far as the headlamps being faded, depends on where you are...and if the vehicle is parked outside all the time....the lamps can be buffed out...with products at most auto parts stores
  • I own a 2003 and have the same problem .... seems like Kia still cant fix the issues. do not get me wrong I love my Kia but sometimes it seems too annoying... can you elaborate more on the "systematic problems" and has Kia offered any recourse for the possible design flaw? I thought I was the ONLY one that had this problem till I stumbled across this website. Has anyone relayed all the issues to Kia???
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    systematic in that it appears to be in the early MY sories....03-04s...dont know that there is a fix, mine has long been out of warranty...140k on it now....I havent had much of a problem since replacing the battery and tightening all the grounds down at the battery and fuze box....I havent honestly followed up with a dealer in over two years......
  • I have a set of backup sensors I want to install on my 2011 EX. Kia Canada tells me I may invalidate the warranty and could interfere with the operation of other equipment if I do so myself. Nor can they supply me with a wiring diagram which is in the workshop manual given to authorised dealers.

    The odd thing about all this is that there is a Sorento model in the US but not in Canada which has both sensors and backup mirror.

    I would be most grateful if anyone can supply me with any details about how to install the sensors which only need linking to a wire leading to the tail lamps. Additional information about how I can lead the wires from thee sensors to the tail lamp would be most useful.

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