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Hyundai Tucson Engine Blown out



  • nessonesso Posts: 1
    Hello colleagues,

    I am addressing to you because I have a serious problem with my car model Hyundai, but also with the company, which is the general dealer for Hyundai for Bulgaria. I want to inform you about the impossibility for my car been repaired, although still it is under warranty.
    Please for assistance, ideas and solutions, if anyone has similar problem, please contact me for comment.

    Already five years I am customer of The company and I am paying lease fee for my car Hyundai Tucson and just before the guarantee expired, my engine was damaged.

    Official Hyundai dealer for Bulgaria, Industrial Commerce Ltd. told me that I have to drive my car to their service as it is under warranty and they will repair it on their behalf.

    I did it what they told me, and after they opened it realized that the problem is bigger then they expected, they start to seek way to deny the warranty. They base it on the following: I have twice surpassed the mileage of oil change and this is the reason for their refusal of the guarantee, before it has expired. Both cases, when I was overdue, I've been out of Bulgaria and I was inform their service and ask them where I can change oil abroad, in order not to run times out. I was assured from their dealer that this is not a problem and on his advice it is better to make the change in their service when I get back regardless the overdue.

    Now, when found that the engine has serious damages, they do not want to repair the car, citing these two defaults. The dealer, now denied, and I have nothing as proof it. So, they are decline to repair the car under warranty as it is, and I must bear the cost of repairs.

    So I ask you, my colleagues, whether it is possible to guarantee their license is valid after the two defaults, and do not refuse to take my money for their expensive maintenance services, but now, when I need to be repaired the defects arising in the warranty period, they refused me. They get so far that even threatened me that if I bring the case against them, they will bring a counter action for derogate from their reputation.

    Is it possible to treat an accurate customer who five years has paid regularly like that and had correct relations with them? Is it proper to refuse to fair and regular paying customers, when they need to perform repairs? If you fell in a similar situation, please advice and help me to resolve the case.

    N. Gocic
  • mikala1mikala1 Posts: 2
    My grandsons 2007 Tuscon blew the engine after only 37,000 miles. He had oil changes done but could not prove it. Hyundai would not do a thing because he did not keep his receipts. the car, other than replacing the battery, never had a problem. One day, the oil light came on, and a loud noise came from the engine, and a baseball size hole was in the engine-this is usuallly caused by a tie rod blowing, but hyundai decided that it was from the oil. The car had oil in it, no oil leak and was serviced. the repair bill is estimated at $5000.00. Has anyone else had this kind of problem with their Tuscon?? Hyundai did nothing to even try and resolve this matter and that says a lot about a company. Make sure that you keep all receipts, for oil, repair, etc. or you will void your warrenty. A REALLY great company--if you are thinking about buying a hyundai-I would think twice about it. And remember that if you don't have the timing chain changed at everry 60,000 miles, your engine will blow up-and you will have no warrenty.
  • mikala1mikala1 Posts: 2
    Its not just where you live-Hyundai has a problem with their engines, and will use any excuse not to replace it--keep fighting them, because I'm doing the same thing-if nothing else, maybe we can let people know about the Tuscons and Hyundais image--get the word out--DON'T BUY A HYUNDAI-YOU JUST MIGHT BLOW UP SOME DAY!!! Good luck-keep fighting. Also, do not let them fix the engine-I had my grandsons engine replaced with the timing chain for $1000.00 less than Hyundai wanted. They not only don't help you with the warranty, they rip you off financially too. Spreed the word and keep fighting
  • ..not unusual to get dangerously low after only 9K...I think I 'll take my chances with HONDA!
  • I wrote a letter January 2011 in reference to my 2005 Hyundai Tuscon's engine blowing up and their response was "the warranty for the second/subsequent owner is no longer in effect!" Otherwise - "No can do!"

    Attached below is a copy of the letter I sent via certified mail:

    Hyundai Motor America
    P.O. Box 20850
    Fountain Valley, CA 92728-0850

    Dear Hyundai Motor America:

    On January XXXX, with excitement I bought a black 2005 Hyundai Tucson GL from Thompson Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge.

    Prior to purchasing the vehicle which was posted on, I was very diligent in checking reviews from various auto sites (i.e., JD Power ratings). I was pleased to hear the reviews were positive, more so by the owners rather than the consumer guides that were available on-line. Furthermore, Hyundai Motor America boasted about the Hyundai Tucson’s safety ratings and “transferrable” drive-train original owner warranty which covered 10 years or 100,000 miles; and second or subsequent owners to have power-train component coverage under the 5/60,000 new vehicle limited warranty. As a previous owner of a 2001 Saturn LS with 123,000 miles at trade in, I was confident that I was purchasing an outstanding “used” vehicle with a dealership/manufacturer, who publicly acknowledges they value “customer loyalty”.

    Your vehicle performed exceptionally well during my past three years of ownership. Despite the fact that it was involved in two rear end collisions, a driver side impact collision and what is disputed as a questionable “comprehensive covered” braking into curb incident. With due respect, I had no knowledge of all of the safety recalls. Overall, I have been truly content with the vehicle and I like the feel/handling of it.

    Presently and with great dismay, the Hyundai Tucson is off the road and unable to operate. On December 23, 2010 (Christmas Eve), the vehicle became disabled and had to be towed. It was towed to the nearest auto repair facility, National Budget Muffler. The vehicle had an estimated 39,900 miles at purchase and now has close to 74,000 miles. I was told by their auto mechanic that the problem was “that the engine had dropped into the oil pan” and that it may have been caused by maintenance neglect or a probable defected manufactured part (i.e. connecting rod). They wanted to charge $90 per hour to take apart the engine for an accurate answer and I declined due to finances. I have had the regular oil change maintenances done accordingly and not once did any of the dash board warning lights (i.e. oil change, check engine) come on, not even to show that I was low on oil. I was given a $2400 auto repair estimate, $1200 for the “used” engine and $1200 for labor.

    I am a single parent who works a full time and a part time job. I support myself and my 19 y/o daughter who still lives at home. I pay her liability car insurance while she attends community college and is employed part time at minimum wage. I am devastated that I am in this situation…… I am paying car insurance and a $285/mo. car payment on a vehicle that is not working. I live pay check to pay check and with anguish will not have the funds to cover this repair bill.

    I do not feel responsible for this circumstance. It has caused me much emotional and financial distress. Fortunately, my parents were able to lend me their vehicle in the hopes that I can have the Hyundai Tucson repaired in a reasonable amount of time, before they will need their vehicle back.

    I would like to request your assistance in resolving this dilemma. I am seeking aid, perhaps issued as a credit or monetarily awarded. I would, thru compromise, consider making arrangements to have the vehicle towed to the nearest Harford/Baltimore County Hyundai dealer for “discounted” auto repair. Any option could be acceptable and would instill my confidence back into Hyundai Motor America. (*E.G. America’s Best Warranty does more than give you a peace of mind, it’s a commitment from Hyundai to maintain a high degree of quality, dependability and reliability.) Enclosed are copies of the repair estimate. I would be grateful for a possible explanation for this circumstance.
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