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2009 Lexus RX 350

coach06coach06 Posts: 16
edited March 25 in Lexus
Searching the internet recently and found these photo's of the next generation RX. It looks like production will begin in late December 2008 with sales beginning in early Spring 2009.. - _RX_Spied.S178.A13214.html


  • I forgot where I read it , but it says Spring of 2008 or early Summer of 2008
    the 2009 RX will be in the showrooms.

  • Lexus has announced the 2009 RX is coming out in February 2008. I believe the new redisigned model, the 2010 RX will be coming out in February 2009. What I would like to know are the differences between the 2008 and 2009 RX's. I want to buy the current 2008 RX during the "December to Remember" event, but I don't want to do so until I know the details of the 2009 model.

    If anyone knows, it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the response.

    The website you sent might be the next re-designed model which, if I'm not mistaken, will be the 2010 RX.

    The 2009 RX which comes out in February '08 is supposedly going to be the same as the 2008 model.

    There seems to be some confusion on this. I was hoping someone can confirm.

    Thanks so much.
  • sshvhsshvh Posts: 13
    I have the 2009 RX brochure - it is unchanged with only a new color added (Pebble Beach edition) and a new color - otherwise vehicle is the same. Just ordered a 2008 RX with ML and NAV and Rear entertainment for $ 6.3K below MSRP ($ 500 below invoice)
  • Thanks so much, where did you get the 2009 RX brochure from? Every time I contact Lexus customer service, they don't seem to have ANY information on the 2009 RX.

    I just have a few questions regarding the 2009 RX.

    Are the 18" 5 spoke wheels still offered (I am not sure if I like the 7 spoke)?
    Is the engine still 270 hp?
    Any new features added?
    Any new interior color added?
    By the way, what new color was added? (There is a dark blue color offered on the Hybrid which is pretty nice and wouldn't mind getting on the RX).

    Thanks so much, I really appreciate your help.
  • I'm being told that Lexus is going to unveil the new redesigned RX350 at the Chicago Auto Show in Feb. They will start taking orders and probably be ready for delivery in the Summer Aug08.... If you like the 2008 body, you can get a good deal, probably at invoice or below.... they are try to get rid of all of them before the hype comes out on the new body. It will have upgraded tech features, keyless entry and starter, iPod docks, theater seating.... not sure where you got the 2009 brochure, but it's not accurate.
  • Thanks. I don't have the 2009 RX brochure, I was replying to sshvh who claims to have the brochure. Dealers have also told me that the 2009 RX will be unchanged. It is not until the 2010 RX comes out next year, that changes will be made.

    I keep hearing different things.

    Are your sources valid?
  • cfw1cfw1 Posts: 4
    I think you are referring to the 2010 RX350. That is suppose to be on sale in the Spring of 2009. The 2009 RX350 brochures are out and this vehicle is very similar to the 2008 and will be in dealerships in February. No changes to the 2009 and the pricing is only $100 more than the 2008 models.
  • Where did you get a 2009 RX brochure from, I would love to get one.

    Thanks so much.
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    How many of you feel that the current RX does not have the same luxury feel as other Lexus cars. RX is having almost same exterior and interior for many years while other models have been re-designed, even it's competition. I understand that it is the benchmark for luxury SUV and sells over 100 units a year but should have been re-designed for 2009. What you guys think?
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    I meant to say 100K units per year.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    Lexus cars, as well as most other brands cars, are redesigned approx. every 5 model years. The Lexus RX is not 5 years yet. The First RX ran from the 1999 model year to 2003 which is 5 model years. The second came out in 2004 and should run through 2008. So a new one should come out for 2009 or maybe they might stretch it a year more to 2010. Any car that has been on the market for 3-4 starts looking old. Nothing new with that. But the RX is still selling very well for being in it's 4th model year so Lexus probably might stretch the model run to 6 years. ">
  • As you probably read in this forum, the 2009 RX coming out next month (Feb '08) will be unchanged from the current 2008 version. The new body design and changes will be the 2010 model.
  • krisvkrisv Posts: 25
    I'm curious as to where everyone is hearing the 2009's are coming out in February? I know Lexus released the 2008's early last year in Feb and they had a press release about this, but I've yet to see anything official from the company talking about the 2009's. Also, for those that state they have a brochure, where did you get them from?

  • Lexus has not announced anything about the 2009 RX, but because of these forums, we are able to obtain great information. Apparently, some of the Lexus dealerships had gotten the 2009 RX brochures over the last few weeks, and told customers they are coming out in February. Also, there were leaks coming from Lexus corporate regarding the 2009 pricing (up by $100) and that the 2009 RX is coming out in February. Over the next two weeks or so, all dealerships will have 2009 RX brochures.
  • "How many of you feel that the current RX does not have the same luxury feel as other Lexus cars. RX is having almost same exterior and interior for many years while other models have been re-designed, even it's competition. "

    I have owned the following recently: 2004 Toyota Highlander, AWD V-6; a 2006 RX and a 2008 GX470. Clearly, the Highlander and the RX are amazingly similar and the RX is basically a gussied up Highlander. Same engine, same interior etc. The GX is different from the 4 Runner in that it has the V-8 and the KDSS (Dynamic Suspension). I agree that the RX is does NOT have the luxury feel of the other Lexus lineup. Even the GX feels "classy" and rich by comparison to the RX. I still maintain that the RX is nothing more than a dressed up Highlander. The 09 RX is going to be nothing more than a increase in price of the 08 and no significant changes of note.
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    I totally agree with you. With so many choices in the market now, I think cars have to be re-designed every 4 years or 5 years to the max. I saw a couple of RX300 before I started this topic and the exterior/interior are almost similar to RX330 and RX350. There are changes but not significant that you will get confused. The current design will be in it's 6th year until re-designed for 2010 and I feel they should have re-designed for 2009 so that the sales will be even stronger and will not lose prospective customers to the competetion. Also, with the current interior it does not feel as though it is a luxury (lexus) SUV but a toyota highlander with extra $10,000.
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    I think it drives pretty darned good for an SUV and everyone that
    rides in it with me is impressed with the interior design and some of the gadgets such as the power liftgate and the rainsensing wipers to name a few. I'm liking this car enough that I'm considering buying it at the end of my lease.
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    I have to disagree with this one. Every time I step into my RX350,
    I feel coddled and I love the looks of the interior. To me, it's very rich looking. It drives very nice and everyone that takes a ride in it has been impressed with the interior quality and also the little gadgets here and there such as the power liftgate, rainsensing wipers and the wood steering wheel and wood shift knob. I'm liking this car enough that I'm thinking about buying it at the end of my lease!
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