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2009 Lexus RX 350



  • imoimo Posts: 16
    I believe I found the answer to my own question.

    I guess under those 2 plastic covers are nozzles for the headlight washers.
    Supposedly, these nozzles spring up from the bumpers and spray liquid toward the headlights.
  • I have owned my 2009 for 16 months and didn't know, but I do now. Take a look at this link. No doubt left.
  • imoimo Posts: 16
    This question is for the 2009 RX 350

    Looking under the hood, I saw a white plastic tank under the car battery ( driver side of the car).
    The window washing fluid tank starts out on the passenger side but I don't know where it ends.

    This mysterious tank didn't seem to have any liquid in it, but it was hard to tell.
    I looked to see if any hoses were connected to the tank but the view was
    blocked by other things.

    Does anyone know what I am talking about ?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I don't own an RX so this may be a wild stab, (and assuming the white tank you saw is not actually the bottom part of the battery), could it be the window washer fluid for the rear window?
  • imoimo Posts: 16
    According to someone in a different forum, the tank is "intake resonator".
    It's supposed to reduce the noise of air going into the engine.
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