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  • daexpertdaexpert Posts: 140

    See, I told ya! They give everybody the same exact same crap, it's so pathetic that I already know what they're thinking before they even say come out and say it. They did the same thing to me, didn't hear the rattle, and couldn't feel the vibration. I'm 24 years old and I when it's time to complain, I make sure these goofballs hear me out.

    I"ve never experienced that before.

    On another note, the "wrench" light came on today on my overhead console. I have 12K miles on my car now, does anyone know why this happens? I looked it up on the manual and it says it should come on around 4500 miles (which it did),but not at 12K miles. Any ideas? Thanks.
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    WELCOME TO THE CSG!!! image If you take the time to go back and read all the posts in here, and the archived ones on the CSG site, you will find a wealth of information on the Cougar.

    In 2.5 years of CSG membership and 2 years of ownership, I have never heard of anyone have problems with their motor mounts. Can you explain the problem you had in a little more detail? Also, where did you purchase your Cat and are they the dealership that is doing the work for you? Please let us know.
  • dasaint1dasaint1 Posts: 230
    My wrench light is on too. I have a little over 11K miles on it. I've been meaning to turn it off, but I forgot which two buttons to press. It's in the manual, though. You gotta press a couple of buttons for a few seconds to turn it off. However, this is the second time it came on. The first time was around 5K miles. I guess it comes on every 5K or so.
  • jimbo_gjimbo_g Posts: 53
    Mine just came on this past weekend at 30,000miles. Not sure why. I just reset it. Procedure as follows:

    Press and HOLD "select" and "units" for like 5-10seconds, you will hear a beep then the wrench will go off....

  • Was watching the new NBC show "ED" on TV last night and was delighted to see his girlfriend on the show drives a silver Cougar with the sport package (I recognized the wheels and it had a spoiler). Perhaps that reinforces the "chick car" article we commented on earlier. Anyway, it's at least a little free advertisement for Mercury.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I think my dealer was trying to say I was VERY anal about my car. More so than other younger drivers. He actually said; I "noticed" more problems in my car than others. Then I said I am pretty anal about my car and he said "I didn't want to say that". He didnt have too.
  • dasaint1dasaint1 Posts: 230
    Harbachj, you just described my Cat on that ED show you mentioned. I still don't think of the Cat as a "chick" car, though. For that matter, I'm not a young teen-ager either. So I probably shouldn't have bought a Cougar in the first place.

    What's a "guy" car anyway? Do we all have to drive Hummer's??
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    a '76 Pontiac Trans Am / Firebird, a GTO, Chavelle (spelling?), a Hummer, a Dodge Ram Pick-up.
  • dasaint1: I'm not young either (55 this year) or female and I bought a Cougar. I wanted a sporty hatchback with V6, 5-speed, ABS, and reasonable room, and the Cougar is one of the very few cars that fits that bill. I'm not sure why that article felt it appeals more to females than males, but who cares. It's a good car and a bargain to boot.

    In any case, you all might want to tune in to "ED" on NBC at 8 on Wed. nites to see if you can spot the Cougar.

    Jim H.
  • dasaint1dasaint1 Posts: 230

    Imagine that--CSG will single-handedly (as a group) boost the ratings for the ED show. Is it because of some young, hot sexy female model? Nooooooo. Is it because of some big name comedian in the lead role? Nooooo. The main attraction is the Cougar.
  • malibumalibu Posts: 155
    Badulah: People love to stereotype, Chick Cars/Guy Cars...Poo Poo. My mom bought our 68 GTO After her divorce, gave it to me in high school and now my son drives it. I drove a 82 4x4 pickup for many years out of high school. You love your cougar as much as I do. So whoever says its a chick car is WRONG! If our car is a chick car than what is a Honda Civic or a lowered Accord?
    Question: There is a new (98 or 99) black camaro down the street from my house, he has 2 exhaust pipes that are rectangle and the car sounds awesome! I know it's stock but does the Borla sound anything like that? Or is that a v8 and I have no hope of getting that rumble?

    I think your dealer stinks! I let my salesman know right up front that I was very obsesive or anal-whatever you want to call it, I let the service manager know also, he just shook his head, but he was very considerate..and respectful, that's what makes the difference between a good service dept and a bad one. You are the customer, if not for you they wouldn't have a job, you may need to remind them of that!

    you don't really think you can tell us about that wonderful meal and not share the receipe do you? It's a little far for some of us to travel for dinner so maybe you would post the recipe? Please.

  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    If it has two pipes, It's a 350 V8. The tips are stock and the shape of them has nothing to do with the awesome sound.
  • Hello,

    I am new to this board but thought that I should at least sign myself in for support until my factory ordered Cougar arrives to my local dealership.

    I placed the order yesterday (1-17-01) and according to the dealer, the vehicle should arrive between the beginning of March 2001. For those of you that even care (ha, ha), I ordered my vehicle as follows:

    * V-6 Convenience Group
    * V-6 Sport Group
    * C-2 Feature Vehicle Group
    * Leather Sport Seats
    * 6-Way Power Driver's Seat
    * Side Air bags
    * 4 Wheel Anti-Lock Breaking System
    * Engine Block Heater
    * Front License Plate Bracket
    * Body color Body-side moldings
    * Smoker's Package
    * Power Sliding Sunroof
    * Traction Control
    * Automatic Transmission

    I decided to order my vehicle in black with the midnight black leather seating surfaces. The local dealership had two C-2's, one in black and the other in French Blue. I really liked the looks of the black vehicle!

    I currently have a 2000 Ford Explorer Limited which has been fairly trouble-free, therefore I am truly concerned with the overall reliability of the Cougar. The Cougar will be in addition to my Explorer but may travel more than the Explorer (due to soaring gas prices). Any additional insight that you all could provide would be greatly appreciated! Please feel free to em-ail me @

  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Congrats on your new Cougar purchase. You will really love the car.. The reliability should be fine on the '01 models. The early '99's had some minor teething problems. Unfortunately, I'm still trying to get through those "teething" problems.

    My Cat goes back to the dealer tomorrow morning. The hatch refuses to open again. The only time it opens is when the drivers door is open(and I leave it open), I then push the hatch button inside the car and immediately open the hatch. If I push the button and then get out of the car and close the car door, the hatch will not open correctly. This is the 4th-5th time my car has been to the dealer for this fix. I hope they get it right this time. :-) At least this time I will most likely get a loaner.
  • camelardcamelard Posts: 171
    Actually I think the Kitty on "Ed" is tourmaline green and this weeks show was the first time we got a good long view of it. They have been teasing for weeks.

    P.S. It is actually quite a good show.


    They actually have such a thing as a "smoker's package"?


    Malibu is right, you should share the recipe or, even better, you can cook it for us at Lime Rock.
  • Actually the color of the car is Sage Green. The Dark Tourmaline Green is almost Emerald in color (thus the name of my kitty Emmy Lou, which is short for Emerald).

    About two weeks ago I was being very cynical about a back ordered part from FMC. The part came in this week and I had it installed yesterday. Much to my surprise, the new part actually fixed the moan/groan problem. My Emmy Lou once again purr's like a beautiful kitten.
  • Thanks for rolling out the welcome mat for me!

    Fish8: Good luck with the hatch problem that you are experiencing. One of my coworkers has a dark green 99 V-6 Cougar with grey leather and I called him today in order to ask him some questions on reliability. He mentioned that he hasn't had any problems with his other than this squeaky noise that he hears every now and then from his rear hatch.

    Camelard: YES, they actually do have a smokers package. The funny thing is that I don't smoke . I wanted the ashtray in order to hold my wrapped candies in! Ha, ha.. My Explorer has a bunch of compartments for that! The cigarette lighter will be useless, just like my Explorer's.

    ONE DILEMMA... Someone at work told me to take a look at the Monte Carlo SS's today and I did. Had a chance to drive one and it's actually pretty nice. Both are competatively priced. I received X-Plan on my Cougar order BUT my dad works for GM so I can instantly get the GMO or GMS pricing too? The Monte had a lot of room, more gadets and 200 hp but to me it looks rather LOOONNGGG. I think that the Cougar has greater eye appeal, looks like a true sports car. I hope that I am not confusing myself, I will have to sleep on it. =( I should have not listened to my coworker! Keep the comments rolling.. I want to be a Cougar owner but I guess I need a little more convincing.

  • krnchkrnch Posts: 127

    My opinion is definitely biased, but I don't care much for the "big boat" looks of the Monte Carlo. Performance wise, the big GM might have a slight edge on the auto Cougar in a straight line, but get into the twisties and I'm sure the Cougar would prevail. The sharp handling and relatively compact size of the Cougar add up to a great "fun factor" and the great looks get lots of comments. The hatch is actually quite large in the Cougar, making the Cougar a pretty practical car as well. In my mind, your choice is easy. Good luck!
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    WELCOME TO THE CSG!!! If you get a chance, take the time and go back and read through all of the GREAT posts. Older topics are archived on our official web site:

    Cougar Support Group

    You will find a wealth of information and a millions why you should buy a Cougar.

    - Monte Carlo SS vs Cougar -
    Here are just a few reasons why you should get a Cougar:

    * Reason #1 on why you should get a Cougar:
    Just look at the Monte!! The design is one that only a (blind) Mother could love

    *Reason #2 on why you should get a Cougar:
    The Monte is more of a luxury Coupe, and the Cougar is more of a touring car. The Cougar is much more nimble, and handles the twisties like a champ. It is truly a driver's car.

    * Reason #3 on why you should get a Cougar:
    The Cougar is available with a manual 5-speed transmission and the Monte is not. This transmission combined with the Duratech really make an excellent match. A true sports Coupe / Touring car should be available with a manual trans. (No offence to all you ATX owners!!!)

    * Reason #4 on why you should get a Cougar:
    An award wining interior. Compare the interior of the Monte with the interior of the Cougar. Yes the Monte does have much more room (prime example of why I call this car a luxury sport coupe and not a Sport Coupe), but the design is bland and not very appealing to the eye. The Cougar's interior design is fresh and exciting. It is very well done and not over stated. The unique air vents actually won a design award back in 1998/1999.

    * Reason #5 on why you should get the Cougar:
    The Cougar is available with side impact air bags and the Monte isn't. Cougar safety is excellent. One of our members got SMASHED by a Mustang. He was not injured at all because his car protected him properly. At first glance his Cougar looked totaled, but the dealership actually rebuilt the entire thing and it is back on the road today (the car was so badly damaged that every single panel had to be replaced. When the owner spoke to the dealership doing the work, the service department actually asked him if he wanted them to rebuild it in a different color).

    *Reason #6 on why you should get a Cougar:
    Do you see a "MCSG" (Monte Carlo Support Group)anywhere? I don't think so!!

  • malibumalibu Posts: 155
    Go with the Cougar!...if you have an explorer than you need something more economical, the Monte Carlo can't be as good as the cougar on mileage. I have a friend who has a brand new one, black and it's okay looking but put my cougar next to it and it just looks ordinary. It has to weigh quite a bit more since it's so big. He always wants to race my Cougar but I think he would beat me pretty bad so I just ignore him. I think you will enjoy the sportiness of the cougar and it rides just as smooth as the Monte carlo (at least the one I rode in) Besides we need more members and Cougar fanatics!

    Badulah: I was afraid that camaro was a V8...I just love when he drives by, he ususally looks at my Cat. He may go faster, but I look better getting there!
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