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  • dasaint1dasaint1 Posts: 230

    Forget the Cougar-S, how's about a Cougar with the Subaru all-wheel drive system powered by a 4.6L V8. Any takers?!?


    I once knew someone by the name of Gtiowutocsg. In Swahili, it means "he who stands on cow dung must soon wash feet."
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    Confuscious say, man who fart in church sit in lone pew.
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!!
  • burnsmr4burnsmr4 Posts: 318
    If a tree falls in the the other trees laugh?
  • Confucious also say:

    Person who go to bed with itchy backside wake up with stinky fingers.


    Oh, and I'm sure our contacts are LOooviNG this banter about rival automakers. Maybe comments like that is what will wake the suits at FMC up from the blue-oval dream they've been living in (and limiting themselves to). If they wanted to draw people into Mercury dealerships with the introduction of the Cougar, they succeeded. If they wanted to piss their current customer base off, and leave little or no room for repeat buyers, they succeeded there, too.

    I know my next car is going to be a BMW or V-dub, also. I've been looking at them since the announcement was released. I know it seems kinda shallow - after all we've been preaching about how the Cougar is the best car on the road for the money, but honestly, what happens to us when the last one rolls off the assembly line in leu of the new Mustang in 2003?

    Our loyalty should be rewarded, and I believe it has - from Mercury (thanks DC & MWS!!!), but as we all feel slighted by the suits at Ford World Headquarters, our brand loyalty just went down the wrong shoot.

    I think that I probably won't buy a Mercury ever again, sadly, because I just don't see another model in thier lineup that appeals to me now, or by any of the "new" shared vehicle platforms that are coming out. MWS, I know you're excited about the new Mountaineer, as is your counterpart, but I do know my wife will be replacing her 99 Explorer with a 2002 later this year. So what benefit did Mercury gain by introducing yet another bland - I take that back, the new Mountaineer looks pretty good - but the new Explorer looks even better. Maybe it's just that Detroit doesn't appreciate the CA mindset when it comes to design, or they knowingly approved a solid one-off of thier prized SUV by giving Mercury authorization to build a substandard looking SUV to make theirs look better? We may never know - until the axe falls on the Mercury brand.

    I'd like to say that I will be there to support the Mercury brand for years to come, as I have done with the Ford brand in years past, but until another Cougar or Cougar-like vehicle gets the Mercury badge I'll continue to bear the torch for our beloved new-edge Cats.

    Take care everyone, have a great weekend! (I get three days - thank you Mr. Presidents of the past!).

    Later, drive safely, and Happy Cougaring!
  • (I feel like a turncoat, but I really wanted an S. My wife even said yes, even though she initially told me I had to pay off the one I had first) Go figure. ;-/
  • I am looking for a wire wheel cover for an 86 Cougar and need 4 center caps for the same. Can anyone direct me to where I can find them?
  • I took Adelaide in for state inspection, oil service and 10K checkup yesterday. While I was there, I wandered into the showroom to take a look around. The manager recognized me and remembered my car, and came up and chatted a bit, which was nice.

    However, in the showroom were 1 Mountaineer, 1 minivan, 4 various Merc/Lincoln boatmobiles and ZERO Cougars. And in the lineup out in front, there was only one Cougar. Sad.
  • stxrx7stxrx7 Posts: 10
    I'm beating a dead cat, er, uh, horse here but here goes anyway...

    A few months ago, I attended the Auto Show at the Convention Center here in downtown San Antonio, TX. There was no Cougar on display. When I asked the dealer reps about the S, I was told that they are being produced and that I should check in again with them soon for a test drive.

    Fast forward to the 2001 Chicago Auto Show, where the Marauder pre-production concept made its debut. Of course, it's designed for the mature auto aficionado (affluent married consumers with children at home; aka aging baby boomers). There aren't many big performance cars left on the market, particularly at anything approaching affordable prices. There have been no Maurauders for decades. Ahhh...nostalgia.

    The bottom line: auto manufacturing is a business. Profits will always take priority over originality. Mercury has never taken a risk in its life. Even the Cougar was a facelife of an old nameplate. This is simply a re-make of the same car driven to victory in the Pike's Peak Hill Climb in 1963. God bless those aging baby boomers! And thanks, Mercury, for not letting us all forget an oh-so-legendary nameplate from over a decade before I was born.

    Sarcasm has a place in the world.
  • Let' s see if anybody else knows about this: When the AC on my 2000 Cougar is running, there is a noticeable jolt going through the car every 10 seconds or so, with it comes a soft whistle from the dashboard. Sounds ridiculous, but it tends to get pretty annoying over the time. Has anybody ever had that problem? What is it and how can it be addressed?

    The AC works otherwise fine. I had it checked at a dealer and they (of course) did not find anything. I wonder if they noticed something wrong with the car if it was on fire...

  • daexpertdaexpert Posts: 140
    Grin..., my car does the same thing when the A/C is on, it tends to give me a few jolts from time to time, but certainly not every 10 seconds, that's a bit too much. As far as the whistling goes, I don't know about that, maybe someone else here has experienced that, but I have not. I did not experienced the jolts with my ATX Cougar, but I have felt them with the MTX, who knows why, but at least the A/C works!
  • I am in the market for a 2001 Mercury Cougar C2 and I am finding it difficult to locate the exact car I am looking for, so I need some advice on compromises.

    I want the French Blue exterior and Midnight Black Leather interior, no ABS, and no Moonroof. Hard to find exactly that (really don't want to wait the 8-10 weeks for special order). Much better luck finding C2s without leather.

    How do people feel about leather seats? Are they a must? Are they an uneccessary expense? Do the cloth seats wear well over time?

    Any insight would be appreciated.
  • camelardcamelard Posts: 171
    It depends on where you live and personal preference. Here in Ottawa where we get stifling heat and humidity in the summer and bone chilling cold in the winter, you couldn't pay me to take leather seats. Cloth is far more forgiving of the vagaries of temperature.

    Plus I have a dog whose nails do from time to time get a bit long and I can only imagine what he would do to leather.
  • I bought my 99 with cloth seats and was very displeased with them. They are very hard and coarse. I bought Katzkin covers for a grand and couldn't be happier. I am from Houston, TX and I am familiar with hot and humid. Both my wife and I have leather in our cars, and given the choice, I won't have anything else.
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    Morning All:
    Unfortunately I'm not one of the lucky people who have off today.

    I'm really sorry, but I don't think we can help you with your question. This forum is devoted to the 1999 and newer Mercury Cougar. There is a news group that is devoted to all Cougars: You may find some direction from them.

    The only jolt my car experiences is when I turn on the AC. Once it is on and running there are no further jolts. I suggest you have your car checked by your local Service Department.

    I have the cloth seats in my Cat and I am very happy with them. I fully intended to get leather, but at the time (7/98) leather was only available if you ordered the power seat and side air bags. The total cost was way to high, so I settled for the cloth. It's really a matter of preference. Sit in both and take both for a test drive. That is the only sure way to tell.

  • malibumalibu Posts: 155
    I have had both: I had the sport cloth in my black cougar. They were nice, didn't get too hot and I didn't have it in the cold. I have very long hair though and the fabric would grab my hair. The red cougar I have now has leather, I think they pad the leather seats more, my husband thinks they are more comfortable also, I sit a little higher. They do get a little cold, I keep a towel over the bottom and they don't grab my hair! I will always have leather now that I have experienced it for the first time. Plus it smells so good!
    Also on the subject of seats: I would like to get seat covers for my seats but have the side air bags, does anyone know if that's a problem, I would think you couldn't cover them because of it, but maybe there so powerful they could rip through the seat cover?

  • dasaint1dasaint1 Posts: 230
    Never really had a car with leather seats, so I'm not sure what I'm missing. I agree with Camelard's reasons for getting cloth. Also I feel that cloth wears better over time. Have you ever seen cars with worn leather??? It looks awful. Of course, cars with worn cloth seats don't look so hot either, but at least you didn't pay $1,000 for it. With that said, my next car will have leather seats, so I'll know what I've been missing all this time.

    Malibu, not sure what you're trying to say there. You wanna put seat covers on your leather seats (and that's probably cloth seat covers)?? Why?? That kinda defeats the purpose of getting leather seats to begin with. And on top of that, you'll block the side airbags (a life saving device). That's two reasons not to get it. Better safe than sorry.
  • I just went car shopping today.

    The first sales rep I talked to said that they had already SOLD several Cougar S earlier this year though they were out now. However, upon further probing, I found that he had no idea what the Cougar S even was. He then pointed me to the Zn, saying that it was more or less the same thing.

    Both dealerships I visited had quite a few C2's and Zn's. I might consider a C2, though I think the Zn's hood scoop looks really silly. I do like the rear spoiler better than the normal 2001 spoiler. Also, a manual is available with the C2, but not with the Zn. However, the dealer would have to let me have the C2 at more or less or normal V6 price. I still don't see how tiny cosmetic tweaks could justify a $500+ price difference.

    BTW, I forget who asked this, but I think Subaru is owned by GM, at least partially.
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