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  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I also have the large model Cougar on my desk at work. I t very cool and gets lots of attention!!
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    I have heard numerous stories about the Cougar-S. From what I can gather, dealerships are the last to be informed, if they are even informed at all. I have had several phone conversations with my contacts at FMC about the "S". According to them, the "S" is officially dead. It was never released and was never mass produced. Several prototype/test platforms were built, but they are still in the hands of FMC and can not be sold to the public. They will actually have to crush these cars (a tear rolls down Badulah's cheek at the sad sad thought of this) once they are finished with them.

    Anyone who tells you they have an "S" or can order an "S" is either misinformed or is a flat out liar. It never existed, but it will be missed.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I'm not sure the salesman was lying, just uninformed. I am sure he would gladly substitute another if given the opportunity.
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    I never meant to imply that he was lying. I didn't mean to come off in a harsh manner. Sorry about that.

    Most of the time the dealerships are just misinformed. Although there are always a few exceptions to the rule.
  • benisembenisem Posts: 30
    While I was certainly looking forward to seeing an "S" and test driving an "S", it can not be done. While it is very sad that this will likely lead to the end of the new edge Cougar age, i am a bit sick of reading everyone's whining. If I were to come to this site trying to research a new Cougar, I can tell you now as an outsider looking in, I would pass. Perhaps a new topic could be created for "S" issues and mourning.

    Sorry just had to let that steam out.
  • burnsmr4burnsmr4 Posts: 318

    The S question: I have a story which will, quite obviously, paint my impression of competence of salespeople at Mercury dealerships.

    The morning I had come into the dealership to purchase a used Cougar at a discount, my salesperson let some other guy start selling it to a woman who came in before me. So...he offered to give me a brand new one (minus the ATX) at the same discounted price. We're talking less than $16,000 for a brand new car with 22 miles on it vs. a used one with an ATX and 6,000+ miles. I was sold. Then...the lady walked out on her deal.

    What did the salesperson do? Came right back to the table not 5 minutes after making me the offer on the new car and said, and I nearly quote, "Guess what! We're going to get you into that used car after all. Let me get the paperwork started." I laughed, gathered my umbrella, and walked out of the dealership. Later, when I told the sales manager of the "deal" I'd been offered on the new car, he shook his head and said, "I can't believe he did that. That was dumb, wasn't it? You can have the new car at the price he offered."

    They're just not bright at all, and they blame Ford for their misinformation as much as Ford blames them for not paying attention. I think both parties are at fault. That's why you have to know your stuff when you walk in the door and just demand test drive keys and/or your price on a new car.

    Did get my recall notice: Badulah and Fish8 -- I just got a recall notice in the mail yesterday for the battery cable problem. 'ppreciate your recommendations nonetheless.

    Sdmartin4: I would have to agree with the evaluation of the Cougar's reliability and Ford's commitment to the car as stated by lmigliore. The '99 model year was a terribly buggy vehicle, and I'm not convinced, after reading comments in this conference, that the new cars are too much improved. Everyone here, including myself, will tell you that the car is very stylish and a great value. However, you must decide on whether or not the time/cost investment you'll make at the dealership for silly build quality problems/recalls is worth it or not.

  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Well said Burns!!
  • stageleftstageleft Posts: 391
    Okay, okay ... 71 posts later and I'm all caught up! LOL!

    Yikes, that is scary though isn't it? Working too much to be able to visit even for a moment to post in perhaps the greatest community in the world! Shame on me ... tisk, tisk.

    So now that that's out of the way, I thought I'd post my replies to some of the questions that I've just read in the past 71 posts: (in case I miss one, just let me know)

    I've been averaging for almost two years now (July 10th) about 19.5 mpg. Not bad for a V6 and a lead foot. :-)

    Also, I think that the Cougar is getting better with age. I know I've gone back and forth on this one before (see many, many previous posts), but the darn-diggity-yarn Firestones are impressing me again. They've still got Lincoln's hair covered on the penny, and in the amount of rain we got today in Northern Virginia the traction control didn't even come on, and I thought I made some maneuvers that would have certainly engaged the system. That said, the Firestones are at ~31,someodd thousand miles and they are least holding up as good as they've been since 20K. Maybe they've gone through their break-in period and it just took a while. I've got about 35psi in each and it's really nice to feel the road through the pedals and wheel. It gives the car a sporty feel, and with the weight I know the Cat has, it still remains nimble and comfortable to ride in.

    I think I've mentioned this before, and that is the rattle that's developed on the plastic part behind the headlight switch. If I'm driving along and it starts to rattle, I can push on it to make it stop. Mind you, this is after almost two years of harsh, stop-and-go, and construction roads that I know the car should be able to go over fast (they test them this way, over railroad ties and stuff like that to make sure the suspension can hold up to extreme real-world condtions) and many, many other road conditions that would drive the nearest modern Chevy to the scrapyard (the Corvette's not a Chevy, silly! - it's a CORVETTE!)

    Anyway, I also failed to mention that I was involved in a collision in my beloved Cat. Not hard enough to do anything but bruise my soul, and not hard enough to knock the dog off the passenger seat. I was in dead-stop traffic, due to an accident, and was creeping and stopping in the right hand on the freeway (not a very appropriate name, if you ask me). And I heard a honk behind me. I instinctively looked to my rear-view and saw two headlights: of different vehicles! They were competing for the same physical space and began volleying the gas/brake combo to outdo one another. The next thing I know is THUD. I got rearended by one of the people who should have been hitting each other. This is a sad statement in society to my eyes, but if you think about it, it's been true for a while now. Two parties inadvertently involved a third into a brutal fore' into what I can only describe as "selfishness". Oh well. I'm fine and it's totally dude's fault, so I should get my deductable back soon. It's almost $400 worth of damage and all that's visible is the holes left from his license plate. The other person was in too much of a hurry in dead-stop traffic to even stop, and when I asked her to pull over her reply was, "I'm in a hurry, and besides, I wasn't involved." I told her she was a witness and a cause and she offered to give me her phone number and that's the best she could do. Sad, isn't it?

    So I've got to make an appointment with my dealer to have the work done to fix the bumper and whatever else may be damaged, and will keep you all informed of the progress.

    In response to all the questions about the car and whether or not you should buy one: Go get one! :-) We would love to have you as "official" members, and would love to have more representation on the road against the venerable "H"-badged wondercar.

    Whew! That was two handfulls of keyboard there, wasn't it? Oh well, until next time: Happy Cougaring!

    (P.S., the CSG chats are really fun to be in, and we do actually talk about some of the things mentioned before a certain percentage of the time. And we love (or try to love) our Cougars.
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    Sorry to hear about your accident, but I'm glad no one was hurt. Hopefully the dealership will do a good job repairing the damage.

    As far as Firestone tires go, I'm sorry, but I can't agree with you on this one. After using the Dunlops for several thousand miles, I would never go back to Firestones.
  • krnchkrnch Posts: 127
    Sorry to hear about the scuff on your cat. I would be really p.o'ed at the whole way it came about.

    Other than your accident, it was nice to read your post which, as usual, was very positive sounding. It's really been getting me down reading the CSG posts of late.

    Take care all and happy Cougaring!
  • stageleftstageleft Posts: 391
    Thanks guys, and I just got through checking Mercury's Owner Connection ( and my Cougar is NOT affected by any recalls. Funny that mine was built in June of 1998, too. I thought I'd be included in all of the early recalls, but honestly the only one I ever got was the replacement page for my owner's manual about not putting a live body in the trunk (and the subsequent years had a release in the hatch to prevent someone from getting stuck in there) - go figure! LOL!

    Take care everyone, and have a great weekend! Happy Cougaring!
  • jdbishopjdbishop Posts: 36

    My Owner Connection site doesn't list the new recall either; however, I got the letter from Lincoln Mercury. The MSN Car Point site shows that this recall as well as a recall for the Brake Light Switch affect the 99's. I don't trust the Owner Connection site.
  • burnsmr4burnsmr4 Posts: 318

    I have to agree with jdbishop -- the Owner Connection website is suspect. I received a notice in the mail for the battery recall. This would make either the second or third recall I've received for my '99 Cougar V-6 (manufactured in Fall 1998). I have yet to see a single recall applicable to my vehicle appear on the Owner Connection website.

    This is another sad example of the failed connection between a major pre-existing manufacturer and its online customer service strategies. There's more marketing of oil changes and loan incentives on the website than there is real, tangible, useful customer care information.

    If you're in business school, these sorts of e-commerce faux pas will appear regularly in your readings. If you haven't seen this one already in a business case, I'd suggest using the Owner Connection joke in your graduate theses.

    Why not? It'd be about the only thing the website's good for.

  • stageleftstageleft Posts: 391
    Dang. But other than that ... [sheepish grin]

    I got two recalls on Saturday. :-)

    I will have to get them checked out when I get the car into the shop for the bumper. Oh well, that's what I get I suppose for speaking before I know any better.

    On a positive note, the Cat's got to be in the shop for a day or so to get the bumper replaced, and I'll have them perform the recalls when it's in. Wierd correlation: I don't think I'm inconvenienced by the recall notices because I'm not going there specifically for that - I was inconvenienced by other people. Anyway, I'll probably forget about them after they're repaired because the car didn't burst into flames by now, and the taillamps haven't blown out of their sockets either.

    Take care everyone, and Happy Cougaring!
  • smc7smc7 Posts: 12
    I'm now a proud new owner of a bouncy baby Cougar. She's a 2001 V6, MTX, Sport and Convenience groups, with all the bells and whistles. She's a lovely dark grey metallic.

    Actually, she's on order so I'm not officially an owner yet. But 4 weeks and she's mine.

  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW PURCHASE AND WELCOME TO THE CSG!! You have come to the right place for Cougar information!!

    Hopefully the next 4 weeks will fly by and you will have your Cat before you know it!
  • lmigliorelmigliore Posts: 148
    Checked into the Cougar Support Group this evening as is my wont and didn't find anyone here. Is everybody out driving? Is interest in Cougars waning?

    The weasel has been well-behaved since the last time it wouldn't start; that may be because I threatened it that the next time would be the last.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    SMC7: Congrats on your new car purchase!!

    I got back from my trip to Florida yesterday(Sat) and all I can say is I'm not a happy camper!!!!
    My A/C gave out both on the way down and on the way back from Florida. This is about the 5th+/- time this has happened. The bad part about this is, the AC will slowly stop working after about 1-2 hours of operation while driving at highway speeds. The fan also starts to make a weird noise that comes from the passenger floor panel. The bad part is when I let the car cool down or stop for the evening and get back in the car the AC will work normal. The dealer has been unable to fix the problem(the last 2 times) because, they say "we are unable to duplicate the problem". Sound familiar??? The first 2 times the replaced the o-rings once and something else the second time( I can't remember).

    I will bring in my car tomorrow(Mon) and talk to the service manager to see what can be done to fix this problem once and for all. Along with the AC problem, I will have them look at a couple of new rattles that have popped up in my dash(surprise!!) and it appears that some of my clearcoat is peeling on my front hood. Lastly, I am hearing a chirping noise coming from somewhere in my car. Even my wife asked if I had a bird in the car!!!! I'M NOT LAUGHING!!!! It's a good thing I was bringing my car in for an oil change anyways!!! Any help on these issues would be greatly appreciated!!! I also hope they give me a loaner!!!

    I am starting to regret buying this car. I really love this cars styling, but it appears to me that they rushed the engineering on the '99 models just to get them into production!! Just my opinion!!

    Sorry for the rant!!
  • jdbishopjdbishop Posts: 36
    Sounds like the A/C is freezing up. The unit will freeze and not work and then after the unit is turned off and the ice melts/thaws out the A/C will work again. I don't know if this is possible on the new type air conditioners, but this used to be a fairly common problem.
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