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  • dgeminidgemini Posts: 161
    Oh well! Another CSG'er gets rid of their Cougar!

    Time will tell how long the rest of us will have ours!

    I will still have mine for a while. As far as I know it still runs well (I have less than 30 days left in Korea) I will find out when I get back to NC.

    I know as soon as I get their I need to clean my KKM, and get an oil change, as well as get new tires.

    take care all!
  • gustafscgustafsc Posts: 361
    Would you believe? Yesterday a little flyer arrived in the mail announcing the 35th anniversary version of the Cougar.

    2002 is the last model year for our cats, they're killing it, and they think I should buy one.

    Lets see, I've already got a Cougar that is paid for, has relatively low mileage, they didn't put an SVT engine in the anniversary edition, and they hope that I'll buy one.

    I don't think so!!!!!

    Skip G.
  • lmigliorelmigliore Posts: 148
    Well, of course. It's Mercury marketing. They'll probably put a whole ad blitz on TV after the car is cancelled.

    It coulda been a contender...
  • gustafscgustafsc Posts: 361
    Maybe they should have called it the "Memorial Edition" :-(

    Skip G.
  • dgeminidgemini Posts: 161
    Memorial edition...ha, ha, ha
  • harbachjharbachj Posts: 51
    Check out Based on customer satisfaction surveys, the Cougar was named the best sporty car for 2002. The Acura RSX was second. Sounds like just the time for Ford to kill it to me. I just love the beancounters.

    Jim H.
  • irish21irish21 Posts: 12
    I traded my 99 Cougar for a Saab 9-3. 3 out of 4 Mercury dealers stranded me or almost stranded me.

    Car book ratings:
    Complaints 1, Insurance 1, Theft rating 76
    Complaints 10, Insurance 10, Theft rating 67
    At one dealership during an appraisal to trade in for a NEW Cougar, the mirror housing mysteriously came loose and was hanging. The dealership said they would accept a trade minus the $600 to repair the mirror. Informed the dealer that the alternator light had been on constantly. Dealer told me, it was cold out. 2 A.M I found out differently when the Cougar died and didn't even have enough for the hazard lights.
    To make matters worse, when the part came in, the part was given to another customer who had NO problems with their alternator. I was informed.....LIED to....... that the part would be in next week. So my poor lil Cougar sits in the back of a dealership. There were NO RELIABLE Mercury dealers near me. When I reported this to Ford. Their answer was they are independent dealers.Soooo Ford's lousy, inefficient independent dealers lost them a customer. If these Independent dealers lose customers for Ford, who will buy those cars that Ford sends to those Independent dealers?
  • geb1geb1 Posts: 19
    My 89 Cougar is still going strong at 208,000 miles! Original engine and trans. Just replace the ball joints every 100k and it's fine! :-)

    Replacement parts are cheap, tires last 75K, and nobody bothers to steal it! You can't get any better than that.
  • lmigliorelmigliore Posts: 148
    What engine is that? I didn't think Ford made anything that would go 200,000. Chrysler 318's would do it and sometimes Cadillac 390's.
  • geb1geb1 Posts: 19
    It's the infamous 3.8L. The same engine in our Sable needed head gaskets at 120K, but maybe the Cougar's north/south layout makes a difference. Never even had a valve cover off!
  • jjp2jjp2 Posts: 10
    Hey, I heard that they were going to put the classic Mercury symbol on the Marauder instead of that stupid hockey stick one. I was hoping they would, so I could put one on my cougar. Every picture of the Marauder, though, shows that same old Mercury symbol. Can I assume that Mercury has decided to stick with the boring?
  • lmigliorelmigliore Posts: 148
    In general, you may assume that Mercury will take the most boring option.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    Live chat with Steve Babcock, Marauder Program Manager, behind the 2003 Mercury Marauder, Tuesday June 6th at 6:00 pm PST. Hear how this American muscle sedan was reborn. Ask your questions, get real-time answers and speak your mind. Steve will discuss Marauder's impressive performance capabilities and everything that went into creating this 302-horsepower menacing machine. So chat live and get the inside scoop on the new 2003 Mercury Marauder Tuesday, June 6th.

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  • burnsmr4burnsmr4 Posts: 318
    That line was classic, Karen. Sorry. It cracked me up.

    Other than looking like some sort of special police cruiser, the Marauder is still an old f*rt's car in wolf's clothing. That police cruiser look will be the only thing menacing about it, and folks will most likely use a word like annoying or aggravating to describe it rather than menacing. ;-p

    LOL! I can't wait to see what the badass Mercury Behemoth comes out -- a modded Mercury Mountaineer with evil red eyes and shark jaws painted on it. Menacing indeed! LOL!

  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    I didn't write the copy...just passing it along. ;-)

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  • stageleftstageleft Posts: 391
    Howdie folks, CSG'ers and X-CSG'ers! Sorry for not posting since ... let's see ... November of last year! Geez that was way too long. I do hear you though about being a little bitter toward Mercury for dissing all of us like that. I put the form letter from Mercury in my Cougar Wall of shame experiences! It's right next to all the reasons I will never buy another Mercury product. Let's see ... So many discussions since last year.

    To all the X-CSG'ers - Congratulations on your purchases, and I'm glad at least that you were able to get rid of your "not-the-top-of-the-class" Cats because I was thinking there were nothing but complaints about the car! I still love mine, but know that we've all had our different experiences, and can only imagine they began getting worse in late 99 before they got better in 2001-02.

    I'm really dissapointed that with all the assistance, recognition and the like we received from Mercury throughout the years, they totally disregarded the sport coupe market in this way. And although they treated us well when we visited Flat Rock, discussion groups, and other venues, I still feel a bit betrayed. I mean, didn't we sell a bunch of them through this web discussion? At least as many as they sold with their limited advertising!

    I do have to say though, that I really appreciated all the support from Dan Calhoun (who went to Mazda) and Mike Sprague. Thanks guys, you made the ownership experience that much more enjoyable. Thank you for both CougarFESTS (as well as Brad Lloyd for organizing) and all the positive support you provided.

    That said, there are simply no other Mercury vehicles that I would ever want to buy. If I want an Explorer, I will buy an Explorer (in fact, that's what the wife drives). I will not overspend for a Mountaneer. I will not flip for the Marauder - ever! If I want a Crown Vic, I will buy the one with the Police Package, and maybe get the search light thrown in so I can really intimidate people. Other than that, there really aren't many cars that intrigue me like the Cougar did. I've owned the Cat longer than any other car (almost 4 years!). It would take a special car to keep me in it for that long.

    Other than the constant search for a car that offers more or equal what the Cougar offered so many years ago, there is nothing on the road today that offers the value this Cat has brought. I love it, it drives real well, and handles better than I could believe (once I got rid of the FireRocks).

    So other than ranting, I should welcome the newest CSG memebers, and hope this discussion board will last a bit longer than the car (so far as I've heard, when they shut the plant down in July, that's when the last one rolls out before they bastardize the Mustang). I won't buy a Mustang built from there, so I guess I have to wait until they retool Detroit and purchase an '05 Cobra Convertible.

    So that's a bunch of Ranting, just wanted to let you know that I haven't dropped off the face of the planet and that I still care very much for our beloved Kitties. Thank you all (even the sellers) for hanging out here in the CSG for so long. I feel you are all part of family, and will try to correspond more often. It's amazing the personal changes one can undergo in just 4 years!

    I feel I've lost track of everyone, but will make the concious effort to check in more often. I'm not sure what direction the web site will take, as the Bad man and I need to discuss that option. We had so many plans and so little time! Who would've thunk it?

    Oh well, I'll be back shortly, I just wanted to say hey to everyone. I'll outline the last several months of Cougar ownership including vandalization (twice) and other more positive experiences.

    Take care everyone, and Happy Cougaring! (Subaru'ing/Chevy'ing/etc'ing).
  • lmigliorelmigliore Posts: 148
    It has been a weird ride. The New Edge Cougar appeared to be a fresh statement from Mercury but it was suffocated in the company culture. The car suffers from not performing as good as it looks, besides having stuff fall of of it. Both those problems could have been cured if Mercury cared.

    Anyway, my black Cat has been real good. The only thing that really annoyed me were two clutch interlock failures, and that seems to have been cured. It is a smooth, quick coupe with enough power to get out of its own way.

    It could have been a great car (it looks like a great car) but it's still not a bad car.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    I'm still very happy with my 1999 New Edge Cougar. I drive it every day and aside from a couple of early-on concerns, I've experience none of the supposed horror stories implied by the printed reliability articles.

    Clearly, due to Mercury's total lack of Cougar advertising, and therefore trashing of my future resale value, I am very displeased with Ford Motor Company and will quite probably never again purchase one of their products.

    We just sold my wife's 1996 Subaru Legacy GT and purchased a 2002 Subaru Legacy GT Limited. Great car.

    Hang in there folks. If it ain't broke, don't sell it.
  • duane4taduane4ta Posts: 1
    Hello to all - I am new to this Cougar - world. I bought a '99, just 2 months ago, and so far I really love her! I am trying to buy mudguards, for front & back. JC Whitney has them, and states they can be mounted front or rear. Anyone have any experience with these ?
    Also, if anyone has a better idea as to where, & price-wise, I'm all 'ears'. I am so happy to have found other Cougar lovers, sorta like a little family ! Thanx for your help, Duane
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    Please take a moment and read Letter from the Town Hall Manager.

    The Town Hall will be looking quite different soon, but we hope you will find the changes beneficial. Your subscriptions should not be affected by this change. I'm sure there will be a discussion in News & Views created to address your questions. Once it is available, I will let you know.

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