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  • gm did discontinue the oldsmobile i have a 97 delta 88 and im very pleased it's been a good car
  • does anyone know how many 1972 mercury couger convertables were made i have a friend who just purchased one he wanted me to find out and he is looking for parts also can anyone give me some information?
  • My 1999 2.5 Cougar is not starting. I checked the schematic and see that an anti-theft device is tied into the starter relay. I checked all contacts on the relay. when I short the starter relay contacts (3 & 5) the starter turns. I turn the ignition on and short the contacts, starter turns but engine doesn't start. I checked the switch on the automatic trans shifter and it check OK. When it is activated, there is a click somewhere in the instrument cluster. The only thing I can see at this point in the schematic is the anti-theft module. I have checked my Chiltons and there is no mention of it's location or what to do to check it out. DOES ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS? ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED.
  • you might have to go to the dealer and have them take care of the sounds like the ignition switch might be bad there is a rod on top of the column for the ignition it could have broke.
  • My Son has a 1995 Mercury cougar that will not start. We thought the fuel line froze up and he put seafoam in it. It is now above freezing and will still not start. Any suggestions? The battery is still good we had that tested. He filled up prior to the snowstorm so I am not sure how much that seafoam was able to get mixed in with the gas? Any suggestions or tips. It is turning over but not starting.
  • kim18kim18 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 cougar and I just found out I have transmission issues wnd I am told need a new one or used one. It is a v6 and only has 65,000 miles any thoughts on whether it is worth it to replace. :(
  • Hey if you find an answer please let me know,I'm going nuts. Thanks
  • Hi there;
    Has anyone come across a soloution to the flickering light show the new cougars produce?
    Besides selling it?
  • My first alternator failed at 60k and took out the engine controller. The second alternator at 85k (no other problems). The third failed at 99k. On way to shop the dash went blank. The shop says my dashboard module is going. Had them change alt and drove it home. I pulled dash apart, cleaned connections and reassembled. The car died on the way to work. Just before "shutting down", the odometer indicated I was going 140mph. I was unable to get the car into neutral for the tow home. After replacing battery cables I was able to put into neutral and move car. But it locked up again ater putting into park. I know battery is weak and recharged, everything appears good except 1) no stereo display - but it works. 2) occational strange characters in mileage 3) overly sensitive alarm. Has any been through this sort of thing? Does it sound like I have possibly "fried" thre dashboard module, stereo display unit, and antitheft unit. Is it possible I may have nothing more than a bad battery? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • The locking in park may be the 15 amp fuse in the panel below the steering wheel(check manual). I had that issue and it ended being an exposed wire in the trunk running to my signal light. If you reach under the passenger side of the console there is a lever that will unlock the shifter.
    I recently got my electrical fixed. It was to do with the routing of the battery cable from or to the alternator and the torque. Parts were cheap but the labour was like $500. The cable was getting so hot it was melting the battery housing. I had replaced the alternator first which had made the electrical issue worse. I had come across a recall for about 200,000 cougars with this routing problem but somehow mine wasn't one of them according to my VIN. I think this was also my problem though. If anyone is having issues like this though I recommend learning from my mistake. I went to a couple mechanics before Ford and paid diagnostic charges and they never found the problem. The Ford dealer had it figured out in an hour.
  • I just purchased a 99 cougar about 2 or so weeks ago.When I bought the car I noticed that when I hit the brakes it jerks to the right and left real bad.(mainly the right).I took it to a shop and they said it needed a caliper,rotar,ball joint,tie rod.I took it back to where I got it from and after some hassle they replaced the ball joint(drivers side) and rear wheel cylinders(they were leaking fluid).anyway after they fixed those problems I drove away and when I hit the brakes it still jerked to the right and then it would shudder real bad almost to the point it would bog the engine down!Well needless to say,I went out that day and bought a caliper.Took some of the shudder out but not all of it.then I bought the caliper for the other side,new rotars for both sides,the other caliper and new brake shoes.It still jerks to the right real bad and it still shudders when I hit the brakes.Can anyone help me with this problem?This is the first mercury Ive owned and I really like the car.Also,I have the 2.0 engine and I have some major hesitation when I take off.Ive put new plugs in and that has not helped.Im also consuming a huge amount of gas since Ive replaced the plugs.any help is greatly appreciated! :cry:
  • i have a 1997 mercury cougar with a 3.8 liter v6. it only has 92000 miles on it. the power on this car sucks. i was wondering what is the biggest engine i can squeeze into the engine bay. if anyone out there can help it would be greatly appreciated.
  • my 97 cougar has a 3.8 liter V6 with 90000 miles on it. i have had the shocks and struts, a tune up, a freeze plug, all of the O2 sensors, motor mounts, and the mass airflow sensor replaced. also i have had the engine, radiator, and transmission flushed. now when i sit at a red light for a couple of minutes my car gets really hot and dies. can anyone help me out?
  • How can I find leather car seats to replace mine?
  • I previously owned a 99 Cougar that was nothing but problems... but 2 years ago I bought a 02 Anniversary Edition and haven't had any problems until now. My moonroof motor has gone out, same as my last car, and its not covered by the warranty. Basically, it will $800 for a new motor for the moonroof if bought from the Ford dealership. Of course I don't want to do this, but don't have many options. Does anyone know of another place I could get one? Thanks!
  • shyguyhereshyguyhere Posts: 2
    well i dont know what the problem is but i just bought a 99 cougar for my daughter and it is doing the same thing if u find a way to fix it could u plz let me know what to do to fix it. thank u troy
  • shyguyhereshyguyhere Posts: 2
    well i got a 99 cougar for my kid and when u hit the brakes it pulls to the right.I have put new pads ,rotors,calipers,and brake lines in and it still pulls if anyone can help that would be great.
  • Hi , My daughter has the flickering problem. We have replaced 5 alternator , which is a six hour job because of where it's located. Usally the flickering stops for awhile but always returns.........Have you found out why it does this??? I would love to know. Right now her signal and hazzard lights only work sometimes. Gotta love the Cougar. :cry:
  • I have had to replace my alternator four times already on my 2000 Mercury Cougar. I typically get a year or 2 from each alternator. I took my car to the dealer several times and they just replaced the alternator. It wasn't until my last alternator that they realized that there was a recall on the battery wiring. I believe this is only on the 2.5L V6 model. Type in mercury cougar + recalls and you will see which recalls are on the car.
  • A few days ago I had to replace the battery on my Mercury Cougar 2000 after just under two years. Luckily it was under warranty and I got a free full replacement. The next night I started the car and pressed the brake pedal to put the car into reverse. As I did so the lights dimmed and the idling level dropped. I backed up and put into drive. All the lights came on including the brake light and the neddles on the odometer and speedometer went all the way up and came back down. The car stalled out and shut off. I was able to restart and it did it one more time. I started again and it was fine and I was able to drive home. At home I started again and the same problem. I had the repair shop disconnect and reconnect the battery cables to reset it. The last couple of days the car has been fine, but I am not sure when and if this problem will reoccur. According to the repair shop the battery and alternator tested good. Anyone experienced a similiar problem? Thanks.
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