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  • moore4leahmoore4leah Posts: 2
    I need to check my spark plugs in my 2001 mercury cougar. Its not running right and I wanna make sure the plugs are good.... does anyone know where i can find a diagram for the plugs? thanks.. PLEASE HELP ME!!! I have never rec'd an answer from this site.....please help me. If there is a mechanic (local) I NEED one desperately. Brooksville Cortez in Brookridge. Thank you and I appreciate any help with this. Leah :( :(
  • dscdad77dscdad77 Posts: 1
    I am having an apparent coolant problem with my wife's 2000 cougar and as I read the drivers handbook it really seems to emphacize that it needs some special coolant and to NOT mix the green anti freeze with it. is there anything but green anti freeze? Guess I am a little out of date?
  • pshortpshort Posts: 2
    My 2001 Cougar makes a whoo whoo whoo sound and will try and stall when I put in park. It's been doing this for quite some time. Just a strange noise. When I get up to about 65+, I don't usually hear the sound. I've had the injectors cleaned out, etc. Just wondering if anyone has the same problem.
  • Hello all,

    I am looking to buy a '99 Mercury Cougar V6 with about 80,000 kms on it. As Cougar owners, i expect you will best know the problems associated with the car. I just want to know what i should look out for when i go to test drive the car. For example i have been doing a lot of reading on other forums and i know the stereos are problematic, as are the sunroofs... Are there other things i should look for that will cause future problems?

  • 2000 cougar started making grinding noises when utilizing the remote trunk opener. Now the lid will close but keeps popping open. the small lever in the lock mechanism that seems to block the closer hook. Tried pulling the trunk release, clicking the remote, changing the remote battery, using the key. None will allow the lid to close completely . Any new approaches ?">
  • pshortpshort Posts: 2
    Sorry, no problem like that on my end. Car just makes a constant noise and tries to stall when I stop and sometimes cannot get any power for excelleration.
  • hello everyone i have purchased one of these beautiful machines and it has broken down on me. i took a look under the hood and found out the previous owner had put the wrong battery in the car... just my luck haha i would love to fix it however when i put the right battery in it wont start still it cranks but wont start. could the wrong battery have caused other problems?
  • Just bought a 99 Mercury 2.5 Liter Cougar. (Should've done my research first.) Half the time I'd go to start it and the starter would grind 2-3 times before it started. As of late, it would just die on me. I learned that all I had to do was wiggle the 2 connections on the positive battery terminal and it would start right up. Though the head lights, and dash lights would flicker. Well, last week the battery light came on, (for the first time.) I drove it till it wouldn't even turn over. It was obvious the terminals and positive cable needed replaced. I changed the positive battery cable, 175 amp fuse that sits between the solenoid and the Starter, and just bought a new battery. It started and ran, just the damn battery light was still on, and it wouldn't keep a charge. I went to PEP-BOYS for a voltage reading on the alternator, and battery. He did it twice, and both times he said that both were bueno. The only thing he says that popped up was something to do with my heater, or the heating. I thought about it a lil bit, & figured it was probably an electrical issue causing all this. Well I decided to trace ground wires to see if that what was killing my car. OMG, I don't see how the damn thing ran at all, looking underneath it. I found wires coming from my exhaust that were burnt in half, tied, and stuffed in the engine, (Later learned they were o2 sensors) Wires from the firewall, that were to the fog lights, side lights, head lights, etc. were just cut and taped. Only the high beams, blinkers, and running lights were connected. Quite a few ground wires looked old, and needed replaced, or moved to a cleaner spot. So I did just that. In the process I snapped what I believe to be a vacuum hose. I also noticed that the solenoid looks as if its in major oxidation mode. I also replaced fuse #13 (I believe is engine management,) and I took out the alarm fuse to replace the fried lighter fuse. I then rechecked all my connections, and hooked the battery back up. FML!!! Go figure, it wouldn't even turn over. All my interior lights, radio, & head lights were on, and my battery read 12.5 V. What is going on here?
    After researching it a lil bit I concluded that it could be a number of things. Not to mention the new Positive battery cable has a pigtail spliced with the terminal. Curious about that truth be told. Which reason out of the 10 could cause the car to die, and not even turn over.
    Please help...
  • garym1jgarym1j Posts: 46
    Dear Jeremy,

    That is one of they saddest car stories that I've ever read. I am not an electrical person so I feel your pain. I have a 2002 Cougar which has caused no trouble whatsoever. But it is a Florida car never in harsh weather extremes, i.e., salt and snow free roads.

    Besides being a hard working shade tree mechanic, you write very well. If your experiences with your Couger weren't so frustrating for you, your discription of the myriad of problems is actually kind of funny in perverted sort of way.

    Seriously, I can only offer on sympathy for your Cougar problems. Suggest you sell the car.

  • My 2001 Toyota Avalon was totaled earlier this week; I've had the car since I was 16 and am now 22. I had planned on keeping the Avalon for another year and then buying something new next winter after graduation but that changed this week. I found a 2006 A4 2.0T Quattro for $8,995 and it has 123,000 miles on it. Carfax shows only 1 owner and no accidents. Many things have been replaced within the past 50,00 miles including; timing belt, water pump, all four brakes, tensioner, idler, and tires. I think its beautiful and want it a lot and only plan on keeping it for about 2 years. My dad is saying no because he says the maintenance is pricey including $100 oil changes..thoughts? Also, how are they in the snow? I live in Cincinnati and our winters are never predictable.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Unless you have deep pockets, I would stay away from the Audi. In addition to the high repair costs, prior owners tend to drive these cars very hard. Good luck.
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