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Buick Regal Check Engine Light

My 96 Buick Regal's check engine light continues to stay on. I have reset it by disconnecting the battery and have filled up with new gas which worked for about 3 days. The engine seems to sputter once in a while either from a stop at a light or around highway speeds. I have noticed as well the gas gauge has started to float as well when turning corners. What would you say would be a good option at fixing this or the possible cause.


  • The sevice engine soon light was on when we bought this car. we were told to change the EGR valve by a buick dealer. after this fun change, the light still didn't go off. so we thought that we might have to just reset the light. so we brought it to a garage and got it reset. lucky us, a mile down the road, the light came back on. we tried resetting it again, and sure as anything, its back on. does anyone have an idea about this problem, or how we can fix it?
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    Take it back to the Buick dealer(not garage) and have them fix it at no charge.
  • ty for your suggestion, but the problem with this is we installed it ourselves, the dealer told us what it was, but they didn't do it, so they aren't obligated to do so for free.
  • fondofondo Posts: 2
    I own a 2002 Buick Regal. I am having some trouble with the car when driving it. I feel a stall or stumble that really jars the car. It is like the car shuts off. This lasted for a number of weeks and the dealer couldn't tell us what was wrong. There was no engine light for weeks while experiencing this problem. Finally the service engine soon light came on and the code we got was for the Mass Airflow sensor. I changed the sensor with a remanufactured unit and reset the code and the car ran fine for 6 to 7 weeks and now it is doing the same thing again but no service engine soon light has come on yet. I checked the sensor and the new one is connected up nicely, the battery cables are clean and not corroded in anyway. There are no codes in the computer at this time telling what it might be. It just has this stumble and it has stalled out a couple of times. Can you give me any advise as to what to do at this point.
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    Just a guess, but I would take the Mass airflow sensor off and clean off the connections. I was told that MAF's can be cleaned and reused. I had mine replaced (new) several years ago, no problem since. Or, maybe your remanufactured MAF is going bad??
  • fondofondo Posts: 2
    I will give that a try. The MAF sensor was pretty expensive but I wouldn't doubt it would go bad being a remanufactured unit. Do you think I should try to get a new unit and not one that is remanufactured?
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    Perhaps the place you bought your remanufactured unit would replace it for you if you told them it was not working. Did it come with any type of warranty?

    Hard to say about getting a new one. Funny though that's it's not putting out a code. It cost me around $350 at my Buick dealership for a new MAF sensor, I think that included $90 for diagnostics.
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    Get the code read for free at Autozone. Sounds a bit like a dirty mass airflow sensor.
  • So I received the codes for my 96 Buick Regal of P0102 which is Air Flow Sensor Condition. And Code P0420 Catalyst Efficiency Low bank 1. My question is what Vacuum hoses(location) are I to look at for a possible leak and how to I find a leak. And any simple trouble shooting ideas to narrow down the issue?
  • I had the MAF replaced but still providing the check engine code along with a low reading on the Catalytic converter of which the mechanic said he could not turn off. Would the code still appear if the new MAF was working properly after I disconnected the battery?

    The engine continues to studder which it seems the RPMs fluctuate when coasting and at idle. The RPMs will dip for a second, slowing the vehicle a little and then resume to where it was. And this will continue. At idle the RPMs will fluctuate from 1000 which is a little high to 500 and then back. Plugs and Fuel Filter have been changed, the plug wires seem to be in good condition by looking at the tubing themselves but I am confused as to what else it could be. Any other suggestions?
  • my moms 2000 mercury sable acted very similar when it blew a head gasket
  • When you find out what the problem is, let me know I am having the same problem on my 02 Buick Regal. I am being told that it is the mass air flow sensor.
  • abaillyabailly Posts: 1
    I'm having the same issue. We were driving my '98 Buick Regal and all the sudden the car just dies, no power steering nothing and couldn't get it running again. We had to rev the engine throw it into gear and keep the RPM's above 2 just to make sure we got it home. (We were in a no cell phone zone in the mountains!!) Once we got home the car ran just fine!!! HOW FRUSTRATING!!! Check engine light was on until I was almost to the mechanics and wouldn't you know the dang thing went off right before I got there. So he checked the codes and memory and there was a Mass Air Flow Sensor code in there (so he tells me). So I just picked my 1998 Buick Regal up yesterday from the mechanic who put in a new Mass Air Flow Sensor. I took my car up some hills to try and put a load on it to see if it would happen again. Nothing but a crackle noise when the car is in second, which I've heard before but not as much. And my Service Vehicle Soon light came on, not the Check Engine Light. Any ideas what this might be? I'm ready to drive it off a cliff! Any suggestions on the issue would be great!!!!
  • diy_daddiy_dad Posts: 2
    I found this site on cabelas forum, Punched in 2002 buick regal mass airflow replacement and it said, About this Repair: Mass Airflow Sensor Replacement for your 2002 Buick Regal
    What to watch out for

    Mass Airflow Sensors are often replaced when the only problem is a bad connector or the sensor wiring harness. The shop should check these items before replacing the sensor.
    "High-performance" wet foam air filters are not recommended because they will damage the mass airflow sensor and actually cause poor performance.


    The air filter should be replaced along with the Mass Airflow Sensor. Dirt and debris should be cleaned out of the system to prevent any damage to the new sensor.

    Why this happens

    A failing mass airflow sensor can cause the "Check Engine Light" to come on and due to high nitrous oxide, the vehicle may fail an emissions test.

    If the Mass Airflow Sensor is not functioning correctly, the vehicle may lack power when accelerating or going up hills
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    Mass Airflow Sensors are often replaced when the only problem is a bad connector or the sensor wiring harness. The shop should check these items before replacing the sensor.

    I had my MAS replaced a few years ago to the tune of $300. I'm sure the dealership checked for bad connections and only replaced it if necessary... not!
  • 04 regal service engine light stays on. car runs great, gets good gas milage. 5 codes say (paraphrasing) rich mixture bank 1 (2times) transmision shift solinoid (2times) and turbo malfunction (1time).
    Car has 59000mi. Is there a check to narrow down which components are bad. Car does not have a turbo and never has.
  • joe862joe862 Posts: 4
    I just got this 1996 regal 6 cylinder. When you idle the fans wont turn on. I bypassed the control switches and can get them on. My question is, is the coolant level sensor the same as the heat sensor that tells the control units to send power to the fans?
  • I have a 96 regal grand sport and i have several codes that pop up. The are codes 102, 107, 122, 300, 1107, 1122, and 629. I am not really sure what they mean and I need help fixing this car really fast! if any one know please give me a shout :)
  • i read on this site to check out if the CAT converter is plugged. apparently there is two lines running to it and they crack over time? check it out. also known for helping transmission.
  • my 98 buick regal has alot of problems need help!!!!!! my abs brake sensor light is on and brake light will go on and off. low coolant will stay on. assuming thats the thermostat. check engine light. ??? need a supercharger rebuilding kit. coupler in there is goin out. tranny is the most of my issues tho. i seem to have every problem people are talkin about. it shifts hard at about 40-50 and so on. also it willl shut off on me in the blue? wtf
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