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Nissan Murano Power Seat Problem



  • After 2-3 years driver’s side seat broke. You can drive but it would not pass inspection. Murano 2006. There was a time when Nissan was good for 100000 + miles, now after 60000 everything brakes.
  • Yes. It is hard to get used one.
  • I have a 2005 Murano. The driver's seat completely detached from the vehicle. Repair cost was $1000. I was advised by my local service manager to contact the NIssan Customer Service number. My call was handled courteously, promply and efficiently. Nissan split the repair cost with me 50/50. I still don't think a seat should separate from the vehicle, but I was willing to take the deal. The only other option was to trade the car and I didn't want to do that if I didn't have to.
  • I am having the same problem with the right side of the seat not moving. No broken bracket yet. From reading your previous post it sounds like the gear on my seat is stripped. Any suggestions since I have no way of making a metal gear? How difficult was it to get to the gear to replace it? I was told it would cost about $1,000 to fix since you can't buy parts - have to buy the entire assembly.
  • Hey navdocjon,

    I am in the Nissan repair center now after being told my car had the same thing and it would cost $800. I have an '05 Murano with 80k miles on it with the extended warranty and despite my speech about it being a safety issue and a known defect, I was shot down. Since my car is up for inspection in the next few weeks, I bit the bullet and told them to go ahead with the repairs. I was encouraged by your posting about Nissan willing to pay 50% of the repair cost when you went through Nissan Customer Service. What did you say to them to get what you did? Did you get reimbursed the money already paid for the repair or did you not get the repair and they credited you somehow? Any other information about your process would be appreciated.

    Thank you very much.
  • I am wondering if this description is what everyone has or seen ? My 03 MO seat travels straight only about 3" in the center of the track when you try to go back toward the end it starts to turn to the left and when you try to go all the way forward close to the end of travel it goes to the right ..I guess my question is this the start of a broken seat base ? or what ? I should mention that I did change out the gear on the seat about 30m ago but no one uses it but me so there is no need to keep adjusting the seat .
  • Just for the what it is worth department, I bought the seat frame from a supplier on line in Arizona and had the local body shop change out ($60). I think I had less than $500 in the whole matter.
    I would strongly encourage everyone faced with this problem to file a complaint with the National Transportation safety board. It is an issue and until enough people complain, they will not do a thing.
    I am out $500 for a design defect.
  • i am glad to find this forum and learn there is a problem with the seat. i have had this set welded one time and it lasted about one month and broke again. i can not find a replacement seat. has anyone had luck getting Nissan to cover part of the cost to get this replaced??

  • The seat on my Murano was not moving on the right side, but left side was twisting to the right and making a noise. Took it to Ken Ganley Nissan Dealer in Medina, OH, they charged a $99 plus tax for diagnosis, said the gear was broken and the seat motor unit needed to be replaced for $1520!! I told them to cancel the repair after reading this forum, had my son look at the seat - he had the "broken" gear out in 5 minutes! I'm ordering the part from Odometer Gear and replacing it for the cost of the gear - $65! What a rip-off the Dealer is, I will never go back to them again.
  • Hi i allso have a same problum. brocken driver seat base steel some thing. do any body know's where can i buy used or after market seat base.coz delare told me it's about $900 .
  • I replaced the nylon gear in my drivers seat last week. I will caution you to be careful when you put the gear back on so you don't break the metal sleeve that is used for the memory seat feature. It is awkward working on it in place, and while fightin to get the gear to slip in place I somehow broke the sleeve into 3 pieces. I think it slipped out of position, and when I tapped the gear it broke.

    I just used the plastic gear that came with it, so now the seat will not move forward or backwards when I press the memory seat button, but can still move it manually.
  • jcthomjcthom Posts: 2
    very good instuctions, used these yesterday and took me about 3 hours (including drinking a couple Corona) to do the entire project. took seat base to buddies house and he welded it up for me and it is as good as new. you are correct, this design is a very bad one.

    once again thanks for the details.
  • Hi,, The best way to deal with this seat issue is to take your seat out of the car today. And weld the necessary supports based on what all of us have seen as the weak spots. This will be far cheaper and less work and time than waiting for it to break. The repair is far easier and cheaper on an operating base and track that on a broken one.

    Time and energy spent at the dealer is a waste. you can go on a great weekend vacation for what you will save. We all know that Nissan is not going to come through for you . They have not for years. They will not change now.
    NTSB has closed the file so unless you can show death or serious injuries forget it.

    Be Smart!! :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :mad:
  • freedm2freedm2 Posts: 29
    I don't know if you guys are aware, but in 2009 Nissan released the individual parts needed to repair this issue. Parts will run around $300. They are suppose to be redesigned parts.

    Check out TSB #: NTB05-043d

    Here are the part numbers:

    Lifter Link Assembly FR-LH 87458-CA08A 1
    Lifter Link Assembly RR-LH 87473-CA00A 1
    Lift Motor-FR-LH (w/Memory System) 87454-CA61A 1
    Lift Motor-FR-LH (w/o Memory System) 87454-CA01A 1

    The 1st 2 parts are for the broken/cracked seat frame issue. I think they run about $300 combined online.

    The last 2 parts are if your gear is stripped. Its still better to buy just the metal gear from the 3rd parties than buy these parts.

    The TSB has great, step by step tear down and rebuild instructions with photos.
  • This thread provided the best advice on how to fix the power seat issue. steel and ManguM posts are extremely helpful, particularly #84 and #99. I went through a 'dry run' to see how hard it was prior to buying the $65 gear. it took me just over 90 minutes to get through it and understand the process . I can't tell you how exciting it was to hear the motor working.
    Once I received the gear removal was a breeze, 10 minutes, make sure you know about the magnetic collar. once the gear was in place, I tighten the nut to the mark I made. If seat goes beyond the mark while tighten, simply tighten it until snug then ‘ loosen' it until the mark it hit. it took another five minutes to complete the installation. Overall it took me two hours and $70(delivery) with the great help from this blog. Thanks everyone!
    My small additions to the steps are as follows
    Removing the nut. prior to removing the nut mark where the right side of the seat is on the rail. I removed the nut using a 10mm deep socket ratchet and kept loosening, the seat will move forward on the rail,, because you marked it don’t worry, eventually the seat will stop moving and the nut becomes loose. as denoted in other posts, keep track of all the washer and collar. I took a picture in case.
    Putting the new gear in place was a bit tricky because the screw and gear are not round. MAKE sure you have the flat sides of the gear lining up with the flat side of the screw. it may not go on as easy as the old one came off. I lightly, emphasis on lightly, tapped the gear into place with the back end of the ratchet and an open pair of pliers and the gear slide into place. if this doesn't not work for you, find the post where sandpaper is advised. it's important to emphasize to not bang the gear into place.
  • vansvstarvansvstar Posts: 2
    edited November 2010
    Are you having problems with your power seat going forward or backward. I have a replacement part and can help with the repair. this is for nissan and infinite.
  • Having same seat problem. Can you tell me where I might try to obtain the gear?
  • Can anyone tell me where to obtain a replacement gear that many people in this forum have also had to replace?
  • try they are also on ebay.
  • I am looking for the plastic gear that drives the seat forward/backward. Can you help?
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