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Nissan Murano Power Seat Problem



  • bigcorbigcor Posts: 1
    Had the same problem so many Nissan Murano owners had or will have. After reading on this site how much the dealer would charge, I just took it to a auto body shop. I had them weld the bracket back together for only $150.00. I was not going to give the dealer $1000.00 plus for an inferior product. Try the weld, it's a much stronger and cheaper fix.
  • jb2510 - How did you turn off the Easy Exit Feature on the Murano?
  • It may depend on the year of your Murano, but there are settings that you can change using the center dash display menus, and one of them is the option to turn the seat settings memory on and off. If you have an owners manual it should be explained in there otherwise do a Google search for the procedure for your year Murano.
  • whitallwhitall Posts: 189
    Wow, It's been a long time since I've needed to post....I just got thru the Murano visor problem last month, got a used one and it was 3 screws..Dealer wants over $300 from what I read, my cost...$50.

    Today I realized the little thunk I've been feeling on turns is the seat problem. I got out and pushed the seat towards the passenger side and the rear lifted right up. Clearly not connected to the track.

    I assume it is the broken area that can be welded as it works well otherwise. Will this problem get worse? I am tempted to just trade it in and be done with it, without even reporting it to Nissan. It's an 06 with 46000k miles. My extended gold preferrred warranty ran out mid July. They wouldn't cover the visor so I know they won't cover this (plus that's what I've read.)

    How do you locate a body shop to do this? I have a big one near me, but they do a lot of insurance work and this is probably to small for them. Seems like some of them just don't this type of job. Is it best to take the seat out and just take it to a welder, though I'd really rather have a shop remove the seat, fix it, and reinstall it. Does it need to be "reseated" into the track, or is it easy to put back in? Is is realistic to weld it while it's in the car?

    I really don't want to pay the dealer price because, after the visor issue, I'm starting to think that more things will fail....and don't want to invest in it, but I only have 46k miles...planned to keep it 2 more years.

    Guess I need to post on the trade in value thread to see what I could expect....
  • I bought a 2012 Murano new in March 2012 and have had constant issues with my driver seat moving upon breaking. The seat moves back to front. And at one point the seat even moved left to right upon turning. The movements are minimal, but very annoying and likely unsafe.

    Has anyone else noticed anything similar?

    Thank you, and safe driving
  • I have the same problem with a broken driver seat. I was told by the dealer that the seat frame track was broken. The left side does not go up. The seat is now at it's lowest point. The dealership wanted to charge $2000 to repair.
    What kind of shop do I need to take it to for the welding repair? Thanks for any response.
  • My friend took I to a body shop and they welded it back together.
  • I have the same problem on 2006 Murano. Bought an aftermarket part online for approx $100.

    Will use this video to help me with the replacement.

  • I have a 2004 SL AWD and this driver seat frame break has happened twice already. At, you can get the new bracket for around $80.00 that includes S&H. The repair will take about 2 hours (or so). Youtube has tutorials on how to do it.

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