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Nissan Murano Power Seat Problem



  • I have a 2003 Nissan Murano. I purchased it new, bought the original 5 year warranty and the extended drive train warranty, every one offered to me by Nissan. I have had the car serviced exactly as called for. It now has 86K. The FRAME of the drivers seat has broken, which allows the seat to rock back and forth, partially strangling the driver with the seatbelt. This is a break in the frame where there is a weld. I have discovered that others are having this problem as well, so many that there are YOU TUBE POSTINGS on how to repair this! Nissan wants $ 900 for the part, and two hours labor! I contacted Nissan and asked them to help with the repair, since this is clearly a manufacturing defect. Evidence of this is that the new seat frame is now made differently in this exact spot. William Crockette, a Regional Specialist for Nissan in the west (But he is in Tennessee???) refused to offer any assistance at all for the repair. Nissan is clearly showing a lack of desire to stand behind their product. I am left trying to find over $ 1500 to repair a car that can not be driven. Oh, it took several calls over two weeks to Nissan to even get this response. Meanwhile, I am stuck without a car that I have carefully maintained. If you are interested in forming a Class to pursue Nissan on this issue please reply to my email which I have made public on this site.
  • The federal gov. looked into this and Nissan redesigned the part that has
    a design flaw, but since there have been no deaths or serious accidents
    the fed. gov. did not fault Nissan. Frustrating!
  • It was previously posted several places in this thread that they now sell just the bracket that breaks and you don't have to buy the entire seat frame. If you can do it yourself it will cost about $120 and 2-3 hours.
  • diva42tudediva42tude Posts: 1
    I have just experienced the Driver side power seat malfunction yesterday. Unlike some of the others, I'm unable to fix this type of problem on my own. Cali22, please email me with the information you used to contact Nissan Consumer Affairs.
  • drewster62drewster62 Posts: 6
    Thanks again for your help! After much persistance, coupled with the information you provided, I was able to get Nissan to pay 50% of the cost to repair.
  • fetracyfetracy Posts: 1
    I am here in Houston and the seat just broke on me this morning. Funny thing was wow I knew I had gained a few pounds but I am not near my heaviest as I was with my Xtrerra....
    I see where you were able to get Nissan to pay 50%, please explain to me exactly what steps you took as I am a single mom and cant not afford the $1500-1900 I have been seeing on the internet for the repairs.
    Thank you for your help
  • Mine was for replacement of P/Ns 87351-CA00A and 87473-CA01A for a grand total of $844.30 (of which I paid $422.15). Basically, I filed a case with Nissan Consumer Affairs, was denied, provided the resolution info (i.e., Case #) that Cali shared above, and stayed on them like a mad dog for weeks until they finally offered to cover half. Feel free to use my case # as well (7134872) but Cali's may be better since I only got a 50% break. This is becoming a big problem and I think Nissan is starting to realize it. BTW, I ended up selling my Murano. Loved the vehicle but the issues were beginning to pile up. Good luck.
  • seattlescottseattlescott Posts: 3
    edited June 2011
    Just joined the broken seat club on my 2006 Murano 119,400 miles on it. Wow, talk about a major surprise. I filed my complaint with Nissan today and we will see what happens. Am I missing something or is Cali'case number not posted? Anyways, I have recently owned the Altima and Xterra before purchasing the Murano. I hope they value the customer because I will certainly drop Nissan if they do not sack up behind this garbage design.

    And drewster, thank you for posting your case number. I may have to use it !
  • I recall that Cali's post containing the Case # was removed because it contained personal contact information. My notes have it as Case # 7140374. Good luck.
  • lilcramlilcram Posts: 1
    edited June 2011
    Another addition to the seat nightmare of a 2005 Murano with 60k miles...

    I first brought mine into my local shop who suggested I contact Nissan (thought was nice).

    After I opened my file with corp I was told to go to a Nissan Service center for an estimate/diagnosis to escalate the case / start working with a regional specialist.

    The service center told me there is a $118 diagnosis fee which wasn't communicated to me when filing the case . I refused to pay and left with the car. This time when I called back corp I wasn't so nice esp when they talk to you like they are an automated system. I am currently waiting to hear back from a "supervisor" since they were "all in a meeting" when I called. I am supposed to hear back from one in 4-8 hours.

    Does anyone know the specific name of the bracket you can replace without getting an entire new track. I don't have much faith in Nissan customer service doing the right thing here.

    If anyone has the right "formula" to get Nissan to take responsibility for their hazardous fault I would appreciate it.
  • lisah0504lisah0504 Posts: 1
    Drivers side seat bracket broken! Wow, it broke a couple of weeks ago and I just thought to look on here and see if this was "common". Can't believe this is not on a recall!
  • Got Nissan to pay 50% of my bill too. Good luck to all. drewster, I am curious to what other problems you were starting to have. I love the car too but had B-1 catalytic converter fail me last fall and that was about $1,000.00 to fix ...thinking of dumping the car soon...
  • I refused to pay Nissan for the seat and they did not offer half either.
    I had it welded at my brothers roofing shop.

    As far as the Cat converter goes, My daughters VW Passat -2006 had that problem for which it broke off the turbo and melted the brake line. I called Volkswagen and emissions control warranty on the car is 8 years so they fixed and billed the manufacturer. I would hope Nissan had a similar warranty on emissions control items such as a Cat converter.
  • That's good news (i.e., 50%). Actually, my decision to sell was based on a number of factors: (1) I have never felt safe with what I would consider to be an overly rigid suspension (others have voiced a similar opinion on this forum) to the point where the vehicle "hopped" sideways when hitting an imperfection (such as bridge abutments) at highway speed, (2) the seat bracket issue to include a simultaneous beakdown of the seat cushion material that comprises the driver's left bolster (they fixed that for free), and (3) an apparent degrading A/C system that reared its head just days before I sold. These factors, couple with the current resale value (still had significant residual value), and the incentives offered on new vehicles drove me decision to trade-in the Murano.
  • jeffwilkijeffwilki Posts: 1
    Hey all, thanks for all the info on the design flaw on the Murano seat. I am currently going through the process and am at the Regional Specialist part. She (Dorothy) told me it would be reviewed in a case by case manner when I informed her I could help her out with some previous cases. I told her it was a safety issue and that my seat is currently broken so a long time to resolve this would not be feasible. She told me to get it fixed. Where is the motivation for them once I have paid and there is no threat of safety suit?? Can any of you help me out at to the process you went through? Any insight would be great. Thanks.
  • We brought car into Nissan dealer and were told seat adjuster is leaning/loose and that seat adjuster links are broken. No one mentioned bracket or a gear. I need to know what to buy in order to fix this problem. Have been reading this blog and it seems it is either a bracket that needs welding or a gear that needs to be replaced. The seat wobbles and moves around when brakes are applied which tends to scare me. Has anyone had a problem with "adjuster links?"
  • I had to pay out of pocket because I needed my car back for a trip. Just got my Nissan refund yesterday so about 2 weeks between complaint and check in the mailbox.

    Honestly, even though I was not happy with having to pay 50% on a known defect I guess this went as smooth as I could have hoped for. Good luck
  • My 2006 murano had about 30,000 miles on it when the motor that makes the driver's seat go forward and back broke, leaving the seat as far from the pedals as it can go.
    I found a lot of helpful info here, and just wanted to share, in case anyone is keeping track of this issue!
    I have tried for a year to get Nissan to pay for at least half the repair, since the estimate was $1200! I was denied in July of 2010, and reopened the case last month and was denied again. My last letter mentioned the safety concerns, and now that I have found this forum i feel I have more support for my claim since it appears to be a common issue.
    I called an independent shop and their response was - "oh yeah, that's a common issue with Muranos and Pathfinders. It will cost over $1000. "They had seen so many they knew immediately what I was talking about.
    After reading all the other posts about the car I am grateful that the whole seat hasn't come loose yet! Thinking about dumping it, or at least getting an extended warranty if anyone will sell me one!
  • goodengooden Posts: 2

    My seat on my 2005 Murano just broke this week. How did you get Nissan to pay 50%?
  • fr8guyfr8guy Posts: 1
    welcome to my world. I've had the seat bracket welded by a local weld shop and the bracket now holds

    now i'm online looking for a worm gear for the right side of the front of the seat.. it is plastic and notched out. now the seat moves on one side, not on the other.
    like the car other than 1 the crappy seat and the air bag light

    nissan should be ashamed. it is truly a poor design
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