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Nissan Murano Power Seat Problem



  • ncacctncacct Posts: 2
    Here is a link to the site for the gear. Make sure you buy the correct one. /91
  • pamcookspamcooks Posts: 5
    I had my drivers seat repaired for free. First they wanted $900 but the service manager said he would go to bat for me with the regional service manager. After I told him this was my 6th Nissan over 25 years, he really did. Nissan paid the entire bill. I live in Colorado, if that helps.
  • My car seat just broke on Murano 2005, could you please email me at and let me know how you got it fixed for free

  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,984
    Please don't ask for "personal" help via email. We all benefit when a problem is discussed on the open forum. Thanks.

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  • I pulled the schematics for the seat design from a parts ordering page or something, I don't recall.

    I took it to my brother who has basic tools and a welder and he and his friend pulled the seat out completely, unhooked all the wires and cables- There were only a few of them. For example my seat does not go up and down but the wire connections are there for it and plugged in.

    It was pretty basic, unhook 3-4 plastic cables, remove seat completely, set on the ground , turn upside down and weld broken seat track assembly frame back on to the seat.

    Be careful not to burn the cloth seat when the metal heats up, keep water spray bottle on hand.
    Wear welding goggles,
    Simply weld broken part, and then prepare to put seat back into the car, hook things up and its ready to go.

    The entire process took maybe an hour and 2 people.

    Hope this helps, some, I have not had any problems since then with the seat. It will last a very long time, Seems the guys said Nissan did it so cheaply that there was no way for it to hold and it broke, Now it is reinforced and better than original factory .
    Basic tools since he
  • Consider yourself lucky, I just got a quote from my local Nissan dealer for >>$2100 to replace the seat (mechanism) the bottom part , not the actual leather seat. The car is a 2003 with 131,000, and I will ride on a milk crate before I spend that !!!!
  • This is what I did: I went to a good welder. He removed the seat and welded the broken part and put the seat back in. Probably better than new. It was 165.00.....a whole lot better than 1500.00!! Now I am having problems with the power steering and an oil leak. I will never never buy another Nissan. The Nissan dealership has been absolutely no help at all....disgusted!!
  • Don't give up. Demand to speak to the regional service manager. Tellhim others got replacements free. Go for it!
  • My drive side seat broke a few months ago. Nissan offered $250 on the $1000 repair bill. This is a deal killer for me and i will never buy another nissan. They could of had a customer for life and instead I am telling everyone I know to stay away from nissan products. I understand some things will fail but a seat frame is not acceptable especially considering this happens to everyone.
  • I live in Colorado. Which dealer did you go to. Thanks
  • newowner10newowner10 Posts: 227
    My 2006 Murano just broke the seat. I removed the plastic parts on the door side and can clearly see the break if you raise the seat all the way. It appears the break is right at the bend of the bracket. It appears if the seat is all the way down in the back there is no load on the bracket. I lowered the back and unhooked the motor. The back of the seat can still be pulled up so I placed some heavy bailing wire to hold the seat down. You can still raise the front and move the seat forward and back. If you normally leave the rear part of the seat down you will not notice the difference. Actually if you normally leave the back down it probably will not beak the other side. If it is a little low maybe a pillow will help. It appeared if you just weld the two parts together it will probably break again unless you have the welder make a brace. I am a little worried if you arc weld is there any chance of the airbag deploying.
  • pamcookspamcooks Posts: 5
    Well, as I said, my dealer in Colorado Springs replced mine for free. I have a friend with the same model/year and she took hers to a mechanic who "welded the seat" back together. Don't know the details but it was cheap to do.
  • Just bought my LX used from a Lexus dealer in November with 18,000 miles on it. Not long after I noticed the driver's seat was "clicking" on turns. Took it in to Lexus, they take it to Nissan for warranty work... had to have a part replaced. Meanwhile I'm driving a Lexus loaner. Get it back and all is fine ... for about 2 months. It's back in the shop again. I'm back in a Lexus loaner waiting to hear what will happen this time and it's still under warranty. Maybe I should just turn it in and buy a Lexus. But I really love so much more on the Murano - except the seat, and the A/C, and the wind noise.... Ring bells with anyone else? :confuse:
  • Well I have a 2007 Murano and guess what the driver's seat broke again!! This is the second time this has happened. At least the first time it was under warranty. this is definitely an issue with Nissan. I called Nissan Canada after telling the dealership to shove it as this should not happen and they wanted ~$1600.00 to replace it. Still waiting to hear back from Nissan Canada. Poor design and/or quality control. Last Nissan I will ever purchase. But to be honest, are any of the other manufacturers any better? They keep coming out with crap and we keep buying it. :mad:
  • Hi. May I ask where you got that little nylon gear for the left front seat?
  • pamcookspamcooks Posts: 5
    edited September 2012
    I feel bad for you. I have a friend who had the same problem. She went to a body shop and they were able to weld the seat back together and the problem never happened again, that was 4 years ago. Good luck.
    Oops this message was meant for the guy who's seat broke twice. I don't know anything about a nylon part.
  • If you are looking for the plastic gear for the Nissan Murano seat, I have seen it listed on ebay for about $80. The gear is expensive but it's cheaper than replacing the whole part that Nissan sells when the gear breaks.
  • Can't find the sequence I wrote down for replacing the spring type washers that go with the nylon gear for the driver's seat. Anybody got a description of the sequence to reinstall the gear or pictures? Hate to screw up this $65 gear that's worth 2 cents.
  • My 05 Murano right rear seat Lifter Link bracket broke about a year ago. Dealer told me it was $1000 or more fix. Since I am the only driver I simply put a piece of wood under the broken Lifter Link bracket and drove on. I am very tall so my seat stays all the way back and down. I started reading posts and did some research and have replaced the broken Lifter Link Assembly with a new design Nissan #87473-CA01A that I purchased online from (NISSAN of McKinney TX) at a cost of $91.22 plus $9.95 freight. Replacement of the bracket took about two hours time. It is substantially beefier than the original. Go to and search for Nissan Seat Fix to see photo’s of the new Assembly.

    Before you start I recommend putting the seat all the way up and inspecting the front bracket to see if the front bracket is cracked but not full broken and carefully inspect the white gear on the end of the worm drive located inside the right side of the drivers seat bracket. This gear is also a problem and the subject of many posts. My seat moved fine with no one in the seat but when I removed the seat to repair the bracket I noted the gear was cracked. Nissan sells the complete drive assembly but not the gear itself. The gear is available from an injection molding company at for $69.00. They also have an excellent three page instruction manual on their website. This is easily done while the seat is out but I did manage to replace mine later with the seat reinstalled and all the way up.

    Nissan Service Bulletin NTB05-043d provides detailed instructions to replace the seat front lifter, rear lifter Assembly and the Lift motor assemblies. The Rear Lifter Assembly part number on the bulletin has been superseded by 87473-CA01A. The first nine pages of the bulletin are downloadable free online at These plus a little common sense will get you through the replacement of the right rear Lifter Link Assembly.

    For the complete 30 pages of the Bulletin Go to, select Service Bulletins then keyword filter = seat. This will bring up NISSAN Bulletin NTB05-043d. Join the service for $12.95 and you can down load the complete bulletin.
  • brentbbrentb Posts: 8
    What a great, and complete post! I downloaded the entire 30 page TSB, and watched the youtube videos for murano seat repair, and so was pretty comfortable with doing it myself. For anyone considering doing it themselves, here are my observations:
    1. I couldn't believe how easy the seat comes out...4 bolts and unhook two harnesses.
    2. the sheet metal parts are sharp...wear gloves as it will cut you.
    3. The TSB recommends remounting the brackets in the car and then tightening up the bolts to keep things aligned...I did this and it is probably a good idea to do so to avoid binding on the electric motors.
    4. It took me 6 hours start to finish, mainly because I was careful to document what I took loose and to be sure I could get it back together again! Next time I"m sure I could whip through it in 2-3 hours.
    I may post my own youtube video showing what I thought were some of the tricky parts that aren't shown of the videos already out there.
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