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Chevrolet Uplander Steering & Suspension Issues



  • bazzyboybazzyboy Posts: 1
    allenford, i just finished repairing my 2006 uplander ls this morning. i had the same problem (i think) at low speeds or uneven ground or anything that would make the car rock side to side i kept hearing a clicking noise coming from the front end. By yesterday i have had enough of that crap i crawled underneath while my wife rocked the car from side to side finally i found the problem it was the linkage that connects the anti sway bar to the strut (look for a single bar that runs par ell to the strut) to take that linkage off your going to need a allen wrench and a 15mm opened wrench and a lot of pb blaster if you live in the northern states i paid $36.00 kinda hard to take off easy to put on now the car goes down the road just fine no problems
  • thanks a lot Bazzyboy!

    I went to dealership yesterday, and they said the noise is normal!
  • skywalk27skywalk27 Posts: 12
    Both of those repairs were also done to my vehicle along with replacing the rack and pinion, the CV boots, and relubing the steering shaft twice. The problem would stop for about 3,000 to 4,000 miles and then return. This van has been a nightmare!
  • allenfordallenford Posts: 8
    can we share the link please? thanks alot >>>>
  • allenfordallenford Posts: 8
    exactly the same!!

    so did you bring it into dealership to check?
  • wzwomanwzwoman Posts: 1
    I bought a 2006 uplander rental van last year and now I have this clunking noise in the front on the drivers side . You can hear it best when you drive slow over bumps.
    I've been told that it is becoming an issue with 2006 uplanders and GMC is working on the problem. But frankly I'm a little scared to drive it out of town.I just want it fixed now and have been put off more than once. The uplander is still under warranty . It has gotten worse over time. I keep taking it back and they say there waiting for a solution from GMC. I'm losing my patience ,the noise is driving me crazy.
  • Most likely it is a sway bar link. I bought one myself from Chevy for $35 and installed it myselft, although it wasn't that easy. The point is that this is a common problem and an easy fix. I heard the noise on my van when I'd go over a speed bump.

    I don't think this is a safety issue, just an annoying noise.
  • Went through the same noise. My husband however is a mechanic. It is a tie rod ends..... the warrenty will cover it and they need to replace BOTH of them. :)
  • I wish I had seen this. I have a 2006 uplander and have the same problem.They changed Intermediate Shaft steering column , rack & pinion , and power steering pump. It cost a lot. I hope this will solve it for good.
  • Hi "genmtrfan" Have the same problem in Uplander 06, hard knocking noise in the rear right side over bumps, we already tried everything and no success... NOW, I am Mexican, live in Guadalajara and i would like to know with more details what did you exactly do to fix the problem, because here i ran out of resources... nobody knows what else to do... Van has 20k, PLEASE HELP. Will be very appreciated...kind regards
  • balbvarbalbvar Posts: 1
    OMG i have an 06 uplander it sounds like its 20yrs old.. Making an appt. at the shop this week ill let ya know. what they say

    ive had alot of electrical problems like
    radio controls on steering whell doing other functions grrrrr
    door coming driver side rear door comeing unlatched
    my headlights go dim ALL THE TIME annoying as heck
  • emmydog1emmydog1 Posts: 2
    i also have an 06 uplander that had a knocking noise from the rear. the problem i had was the parking brake cable that runs across the rear axle is not strapped to the axle. gm had put on a foam rap around the cable linkage to prevent noise the foam was like a pipe insulator that is used on pipes in a home.the seem hgad opened up allowing the link to bang against the axle.i rerapped the link and have not had another problem with it.
  • emmydog1emmydog1 Posts: 2
    i have a grinding/groaning noise that comes from the front left wheel when making a right first step was to change the bearing hub,but problem is still seems to appear after the van has been driven a while and has allowed the front end to heat up.any ideas?
  • lal3lal3 Posts: 1
    I to have experienced the noise in the front end (right in the steering column area). I have taken it back to the dealership at least 10 times with the same response they did not hear it. I finally met up with a Service Mechanic and took him to the places it always does it (especially cold) and little bumps and he heard it. So far they have replaced stab. bar links, steering shaft, steering rack, tie rods and the noise is still there. I hope GM fixes this soon because it can be extremely loud at times.

    My 2006 Uplander also had the issues with the power doors. First it was just the right side opening and closing, opening and closing, now the left side is doing it with no fix from the dealer.

    The brakes are serious issues with pulsating. They upgrated the backing plate up front to keep dirt out. Let hope this solves this issue.
  • When driving straight I get a roaring noise from front left. It sounds as its running dry ( grinding ). The noise goes away when turning left but comes back when driving straight.
    It has about 115K km's on it. I bought it used.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Sounds like a bad wheel bearing to me. Its likely on the left side since the sound goes away when you turn left.

    About $ 400.00 at the dealer- likely less by a private shop.
  • uplander1uplander1 Posts: 3
    Yes, the front left bearing was gone. Paid $300 at private shop to replace it. There was a wobble in front left tire that caused it. The front left tire was also worn out at the inside edge. Replaced front tires (with General Evertrek $125/tire) at Canadian Tire, also did wheel alignment ($80) there. I couldn't find good quality used tires for it at local shops.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    I've always been afraid of used tires so it sounds like you did well. How many miles do you have? I'm surprised that you needed a wheel alignment already.

    I'm new to the Uplander, just bought a 2008, just trying to gather as much info as I can. We had a Chevy Venture for the last 5 years - it was a great van. I really didn't do hardly anything to it other than the usual (brakes, tires, etc) I'm hoping the Uplander treats us as well.
  • uplander1uplander1 Posts: 3
    I bought mine used and found out about the wobble in wheel. Because the wobble damaged the bearing so I suspected that it might have affected wheel alignment too. Hence I asked Canadian Tire to do wheel alignment.
    It has about 115000kms on it.
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