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2008 Volkswagen Eos

I'm looking at a 2008 Eos. What are the differences between it and the 2007. Is it worth buying the 2008, when I may get a better price on a 2007?


  • bmw335xibmw335xi Posts: 11
    I don't think its thats much different. They may have fixes some of the seals or other leaking points. I would go ask the dealer but thats your choice. I'll try to see if there any differences and then get back to you.
  • micosilvermicosilver Posts: 212
    The configuration is different.
    No more sport package - no more paddle shifters and sport suspension.
    2008 Eos comes in Eos Turbo - base model, Eos Komfort and Eos Lux.
  • Hi guys,
    This may be a simple question but I was little worried about my 2008 Eos. window function.
    When we remove the keys from ignition the windows slide down a bit and then we open door - this doesnt damage the seal. My question was, if only the passenger wants to get down, how can he open the door without shutting down the car and damaging the seal? Each time my wife gets down, she just pushes the passenger door open which I think damages the seal !!!
    Any comments ?
  • When the door handle is used, inside or out, the window automatically comes down a little. This feature is great because it keeps a tight seal on the cabin of the vehicle when the roof is closed. I drove a Cabrio for years and it did the same thing. Sometimes it scares the crud out of me when they go back up when sitting in the car too long after pulling the key though!! :surprise:
  • Anyone know if u really have to use premium gas? Only have 24 month lease and wanted to get by on regular on 2008 Komfort with DSG. Does it really affect performance that much? And has anyone figured out how to make MP3 player play thru stereo? Bought a jack, hooked it up, looked at manual, stumped.
    Finally, when driving without heat or ac on, I feel a slight amount of heat coming from footwell/ center console area. Is this normal on VWs with this engine- 2.0T?
  • cb391cb391 Posts: 24
    Premium is highly recommended but depending where you live you may be able to use less. Again performance may be less using reular or mid grade depending on how or where you drive. As for mp3 i'm not sure but I believe you push the cd button twice. But don't expect much of an interface with the radio. It's better off using the display and controls on the player. And the heat you refer to is normal as I also get that in mine.
  • Thanks cb for the info. Is there really that much of a difference in gas in different parts of the country? I live in Southwest Florida- what do u think- can i use regular down here?
    I wonder why VW allows that much heat to enter the cabin- must be nippy in Frankfurt.
  • Has anyone had problems entering the EOS if it has ice on the windows from a storm? I am thinking about buying a 2008 model.
  • cb391cb391 Posts: 24
    We get gas here for cold temps and then another when it warms up. I stick with premium because VW wants it that way. I have read of people using regular and claiming not to see a difference and some who have. That is something you will have to consider for your own situation. You can experiment on your own. I just filled up my Eos the other day with premium and paid $3.33 a gallon. As for the heat, I don't even think about it. When the top is up, I set the climate control to 72. When the top is down, I do the same only if it is warm out and I'm sitting in traffic.
  • cb391cb391 Posts: 24
    I haven't personnally. I have read of others who have.But that shouldn't keep you from buying one as there are other convertibles that do that. If the weather is that bad, my Eos stays in the garage and I drive the SUV.
  • Thanks, If I can make a spot in my garage. I will buy one. I have a SUV also.
  • cagravescagraves Posts: 1
    My blade seems to be leaving a streak on the drivers side and I can't figure out why. I've had it replaced once and it's still doing the same thing in the same spot. Any ideas or suggestions for ridding me of this little annoyance? Thanks.
  • That is so strange, I have the same problem. I haven't change blades yet, thought I do it in the spring. So putting new blades on didn't help at all or did it help for a period of time, then the streak came back? If that's the case, there must be something that is causing a nick in the blade.
  • aw57aw57 Posts: 12
    I am interested in a 2008 Komfort and would like to get the upgraded sound system. When I price the car on edmunds, the Dynaudio system is listed as an available option for a Komfort. The dealer I went to also told me that I can get a Dynaudio system on a Komfort. However, neither the brochure for the Eos nor the VW website shows the Dynaudio system as being an available option for a Komfort. They show the Dynaudio system available for the Lux and the VR6 only. Who is correct?
  • aw57aw57 Posts: 12
    I am choosing between a black and a beige interior for a Komfort model. Does anyone have any experience with how hot the seats get in black V-tex material in the summer?
  • vwgrrrlvwgrrrl Posts: 19
    2008 EOS 6-speed manual: Anyone driven one?

    I test drove both the auto and manual '08 EOS recently.

    The auto seemed fine with smooth shifting. Of course, there's the turbo lag at first but once that turbo kicks in, you're hauling a**.

    I didn't care for the Tiptronic though. As a manual driver all my life, I could never understand the concept of a shifter without a clutch. Pushing the gear shifter up to go into 2nd, and up again to go into 3rd and so on feels odd to me. I didn't like the way the engine performed either while in Tippy mode.

    Amazingly enough, the 6-speed Manual was a big disappointment too. The shifting was so stiff and not an enjoyable experience compared to my '04 Passat. My Passat shifts like butter. I never expected a car costing this much more money to have such a terrible manual gearbox. The other thing I can't get used to is this 6th gear (my Passat has 5). I will probably never use the 6th gear unless I'm on the Autobahn! And the position of the reverse gear is ridiculous. It's right next to 1st gear. To get to it, you have to push the gearbox down from overhead and then shift left and up. What a nuisance. Wouldn't it make more sense to shift reverse gear by pulling toward you... in other words, in the direction you are going? Plus, I'm so afraid I'm going to go into 1st instead. Gosh, what will happen when they have 7 gears?!!

    This whole experience has me thinking I should get the auto instead? How boring though. Just wondering what anyone else's experience has been with the 6-speed manual.
  • skushnerskushner Posts: 1
    The smoothest automobile for the price. I bought my new eos a few weeks ago and find no turbo lag, and very smooth shifting. Reverse is where it is, and wishing certainly will not change anything. Enjoy your eos. I totally enjoy the 6 speed, but have not used the 6th gear yet.
  • dmargo2dmargo2 Posts: 17
    I am almost ready to lease a 2008 Lux. Before I pull the trigger, any final words of advice and can you tell me what type of mileage people are getting..I drive about 70% highway..30% city in Wisconsin. Thanks for your replies. Dave
  • mwppassatmwppassat Posts: 8

    I have a 2007 Eos, which I just love! I drive about about 90 miles a day for my commute with about 80% highway and 20% city. The combined mileage I'm getting is about 32 mpg.

    I just got back from a trip that was over 9 hours of driving, which I was getting 36.7 mpg 100 % highway driving.

    I highly recommend the car!

  • drwittedrwitte Posts: 3
    I'm getting 25.2 around town and 31 highway (top down) in my 2008 Eos Lux. I LOVE IT!
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